Bird of Paradise (極楽鳥, Gokurakuchō) is a character from the manga Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. He is a district general of the Hair Kingdom.


Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise is a young male who leads the 4th district of Hair Kingdom and is the leader at the "West Shampoo Tower". He has spikey hair, and wears a tanktop with black shorts.


The Hair Kingdom

He first appears with the other top 5 generals watching the rebels fight against Fine. After Fine and the South Rinse Tower have fallen, Bird of Paradise quickly captures Dengakuman, and plans to force Bo-bobo to fight him in the West Shampoo Tower (which also doubles as a local shopping mall). When Bo-bobo, Bebebe-be Be-bebe, and Don Patch arrive, Bird of Paradise makes them fight on his "Five-Thousand Elevator Field", where each button leads to a different trap. However, in the middle of his fight, Bibibi-bi Bi-bibi unexpectedly stabs him with one of his hair follicles, forcing Bird of Paradise to become possessed by his master and allowing him to use the abilities of "Kami no Ge Shinken" (Fist of Head Hair) under this state.

During the fight, Bi-bibi uses Bird of Paradise's body to lash out at the rebels using his hair abilities, unleashing major damage onto them, while taking hardly any damage at all. Bi-bibi then decides to end the fight once and for all, by unleashing his most powerful Kami no Ge Shinken technique, but nothing happens. It is then revealed that Bo-bobo and Be-bebe managed to sneak some of their hair into Bird of Paradise's hair, creating a hair peace and canceling out all of their hair techniques. Now desperate, Bi-bibi tries to kill Be-bebe, but Bo-bobo knocks his host unconscious with a giant globe.

When Bo-bobo, Be-bebe and Don Patch set him free, their opponent regains consciousness (but his opponents drew all over his face while he was still out cold). However, Bird of Paradise feels shamed at failing his master's mission, and promptly uses his Shinken ability to kill him self and turning him into his true form: a small hair follicle.


Although he was supposedly dead, Bird of Paradise reappeared alive once again a year later in Shinsetsu, just as Bi-bibi came back to life with the return of his Hair Ball. On top of this, he has also turned back into a human.

Abilities & Powers

His main fighting style is "Ansatsu Shinken" (暗殺真拳; "Fist of Assassination"), a Shinken used to kill his opponents lethally and swiftly. He can also use these abilities to trap his opponents while making a quick getaway.


Image Technique Type Name
US Name
Secret Technique Excess Interest in Grass
Chapter 204
Used Against:
Super Secret Technique The End of the Boy Within the Black Birdcage
Chapter 208
Used Against:


  • Manga Appearances: 200, 204-208, Shinsetsu 72



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