Byakkyo (白狂, Byakkyō), also known as Shirokyo (白凶, Shirokyō) in the anime, and White Curse in the English dub, is a character from the manga and anime series, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. He is Hydrate's right-hand man, and a member of the Reverse Maruhage Empire.

(白狂, Byakkyō)
Debut (Manga): Chapter 175
Debut (Anime): Episode 75
Appears in: Anime and Manga
Seiyū (Japanese): Hidehiko Kaneko
Voice actor:

Jeff Nimoy (English)
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Nickname(s): None
Aliases: None
Species: Human
Affiliation Reverse Maruhage Empire
Classification: Hydrate's Right Hand
Gender: Male
Blood Type:
Eye Color:
Hair Color:
Fist Skill: Teope Shinken


Byakkyo is a man with red hair and a seemingly emotionless face. He wears a white surgeons outfit with three orbs aligned vertically down his coat.


Under a first impression, Byakkyo behaves like an emotionless sadist, whose loyalties lie with Hydrate. However, this personality is just a ruse. He lives solely to cut people open, and his face goes from calm and serious, to insanely excited with his tongue hanging out.



Young Byakkyo

Young Byakkyo

15 years ago prior to the plot, Byakkyo earned the nickname "Byakkyō the Catharsis Slaughterer", a title given to him for the annihilation of the warriors of the Holy Land of Babylon when he was a young child. However, he did not go unpunished, and was thrown into the "Dark World" for his crimes.

In the current time-line, Byakkyo is Hydrate's right-hand man. He is first seen when Hydrate announces his plan to raise the Yamiking, so that they can conquer the Maruhage Empire. Byakkyo later challenges Bo-bobo to come and get them when the Yamiking is finally in the air.

The Playoffs and the Reverse Maruhage Empire

Once inside the fortress, Byakkyo acts as the guardian of the third-floor "Operating Room" of his fortress. A demonstration of his "Fist of Surgery" abilities are shown when he punishes his partners The Three Sacks for losing to Bo-bobo. When the rebels come face to face with him, Softon recognizes him, and, after revealing him as the Catharsis Slaughterer, angrily challenges him to a fight. However, the rebels underestimate his abilities, and he slices up his opponents from afar. He then attaches four of his dolls to Dengakuman, Softon, Don Patch, and Tokoro Tennosuke's chests (though in Tennosuke's case, the doll fused with his butt), increasing the damage he can do to his opponents. Realizing just how dangerous their opponent is, Bo-bobo quickly fuses with Don Patch to create PatchBobo.

After his henchmen are quickly dispatched, Byakkyo attaches one of his dolls to Patchbobo, doing critical damage to him. Patchbobo retaliates quickly, by smashing a mango, followed up by a pineapple into the mad surgeons face. When the fusion's minute is up, Patchbobo wears off, Byakkyo tries to slice up his opponents again, only to find that his attack no longer works. While he wasn't looking, Patchbobo fused Byakkyo's doll to Yakkun, making the dolls useless! But the surgeon isn't beaten yet, and he still has an arsenal of surgical tools at his disposal. Bo-bobo decides to finish the fight, and Byakkyo winds up being defeated by a team effort by every member of Bo-bobo's group (excluding Don Patch, despite making many attempts to attack him).

Abilities & Powers


Byakkyo's main ability is through his "Teope Shinken" (手術(オペ)真拳; "Fist of Surgery"), allowing him to physically open his opponents. The main means is through several cursed dolls implanted through his body, allowing Byakkyo to harm anyone by merely stabbing or cutting one of these dolls. The fist also allows him to use surgical equipment as weaponry, particularly scalpels. Another of his attacks implants the cursed dolls into his opponent's body. He then unravels the strings of the dolls, slicing open his opponent at the same time.

  • White Madness (白狂気): White smoke comes out of Byakkyo's body while he enters the "Slaughter Mode", in which he kills every single thing that moves.


Image Technique Type Name
US Name
Secret Technique Zarudeia Autopsy
Chapter 184
Byakkyo tears apart the opponent's stomach. Used Against:
The Three Sacks
Secret Technique Book Dismantling
Chapter 184
Byakkyo stabs himself with pointy bones, making several wounds in the opponent's body. Used Against:
Super Secret Technique Baby Grafting
Doll Transplant Surgery
Chapter 185
Byakkyo removes dolls from his body and implants them in the opponent's body, where they suck out the opponent's blood, causing them pain. Used Against:
Secret Technique Death by Suture Removal
Chapter 185
Byakkyo pulls out the suture on the doll in the opponent's body harming them in process. Used Against:
Secret Technique Poison Surgery
Blood Killer
Chapter 186
Byakkyo charges at the opponent and rips their heart out. Used Against:
Super Secret Technique Desperado Surgery
Intensive Care Team
Chapter 186
Byakkyo throws many scalpels at the opponent. Used Against:


  • Episode Appearances: 75-76
  • Manga Appearances: 175, 178, 184-187


  • He is one of the few characters to do major damage to a fusion character.
  • Although his English dub name is never mentioned, it is shown in the closed captions during the initial U.S. airings of the two episodes he appears in.


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