Giga (ギガ) is a character from the manga and anime series, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. He is the main antagonist of the Cyber City arc.

"My brain can calculate any move you might make."
The Battle of Brains Begins!

(ギガ, Giga)
Debut (Manga): Chapter
Debut (Anime): Episode 43
Appears in: Anime and Manga
Seiyū (Japanese): Tomokazu Seki
Voice actor:

David Lodge (English)
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Nickname(s): None
Aliases: None
Species: Human
Affiliation Maruhage Empire
Cyber City
Classification: Emperor of Cyber City
Birthdate: 6M9H[1]
Gender: Male
Blood Type: HD[2]
Eye Color: Red
Hair Color: Purple
Fist Skill: Obuje Shinken



Giga is the leader of the most powerful district of the Maruhage Empire: Cyber City, and is allegedly Tsuru Tsurulina IV's equal. In appearance, Giga is a large muscular man with spiked purple hair. His armor is very abstract, with strange patterns on some parts, and green rings hanging around his arms. Giga's personality is not a pleasant one. He is extremely cruel to the inhabitants of Cyber City, he disturbingly enjoys toying with his opponents, and the only thing he seems to care about is his ever-growing art collection, which consists of the fist masters that he turned into abstract sculptures!

Giga is not alone in ruling Cyber City. He has six powerful subordinates known as the "Six Electric Brain Warriors" who help him keep the cities inhabitants in line and defeat any intruders. He also has two women who are obsessed with him and cling to him constantly. While the Electric Brain Warriors deal with problems below, Giga prefers to stay in his tower and oversee things.



Tsuru Tsurulina IV



Cyber City

Giga Zarr

Giga looming over Cyber City

Giga is made Bo-bobo's personal enemy after Wan Ronga, one of The Electric Brain Warriors, kidnap Heppokomaru as part of Giga's hunting of the "Fist Masters." Once Bo-bobo arrives and sees how terribly Giga treats the citizens, he decides to take down Giga personally. This vow only becomes stronger after Giga, out of cruelty and his obsession with his artwork, decides to turn Heppokomaru into one of his abstract sculptures. This only provokes Bo-bobo's wrath even more, and Bo-bobo vows to finish him off, after he goes through Giga's subordinates.

The fight with Giga starts after J's defeat. Giga drops an empty coffin (the coffin acts as an elevator) down to J's level so that the rebels can challenge him on the top floor of the tower. Once up there, Giga ambushes them with a huge string of knives! At first, nothing they do works on Giga, until Bo-bobo crashes through the building in a dinosaur costume and smashes Giga. He then demands that Giga let Heppokomaru go, only to see Giga's entire collection which expands across the entire room. Giga tries to squash Bo-bobo, Don Patch, and Tokoro Tennosuke in every way he can think of, but he is countered by Bo-bobo at all turns.

Giga finally gains the advantage again with his "Ultimate King" ability, where he can predict his enemies movements! He is successful at first, the rebels fail to hit him and wind up hitting each other! Luckily for them,Dengakuman secretly latches onto his arm and messes up his counterattack! The abstract master then decides to turn the rebels into statues, but even this blows up in his face, as Bo-bobo turns back to normal and smashes him with noodles! He gains another advantage when he activates his evil stereos, which paralyze his enemies in place with the music that leaks out! It works, but Giga takes too much time to gloat, and gets smashed in the face by Torpedo Girl. After she destroys his stereos, she and the hajikelist trio attack Giga all at once.

Giga still refuses to give up. He creates a massive staircase, with himself at the top and the rebels at the bottom. Despite the large number of traps, Bo-bobo and the rebels ride a walking elevator to the top, and Bo-bobo pile drives Giga's head into the floor. Giga is finally knocked unconscious, or so it would seem.

With Giga out cold, the rebels are free to search for Heppokomaru, until they notice that some of the statues are crumbling to pieces and fusing with Giga's unconscious body. Giga then gets up, completely transformed into "Super Giga"! He takes the fight to the roof of the tower, and activates his special dimension, making all of the rebels attacks useless! Though dominate at first, Beauty finds a weakness in Giga's technique; another form of art may be able to hurt him. Bo-bobo takes her advice and activates "Family Portrait", where he, Don Patch, Tennosuke, Torpedo Girl, and even Dengakuman take a shot at Giga. After the onslaught, Bo-bobo criticizes Giga for only treasuring abstract art whilst ignoring heart-felt art. Bo-bobo then draws power by breaking his "Nosehair Soul" seal, unleashing several large dragons, which then blast him and drastically increases the afro-warrior's strength! With this new power, Bo-bobo easily harms Giga with powerful punches (but it costs him his limbs every time he uses them). Despite his determination to win, Giga is clearly outclassed by Bo-bobo, who then launches himself into the air and brings the sun crashing down on Giga's head (before he punches through it, into Giga), defeating him once and for all!

The Playoff and the Reverse Maruhage Empire

Life doesn't get any easier for Giga after his defeat. He becomes a participant in the new emperor playoffs and tries to ambush Bo-bobo with the help of Shibito, Halekulani, Haou, and Lambada, but winds up getting punched in the face by his former subordinate, Despair-Kun! He is later crushed off-screen by Crimson. He somehow recovers and makes his way to the New Emperor Playoff's finals, only to get beaten by Crimson again, and then used as a sacrifice! He regains his power and original form after Bo-bobo destroys the Yamiking. Giga then returns to Cyber City and continues to rule over it (though probably not as horribly cruel as before).

Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

In Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Cyber City gets invaded by the IXEX. Most of Giga's henchmen fall victim to the invading forces, but Giga manages to restrain most of them. However, he misses hajikelist Hiragi and gets beaten by him with a clothespin hajike attack. Later on, he is dragged to a prison of the Neo Maruhage Empire, where he is to be punished for his failures towards the empire. He revolts with Gunkan, Suzu, and Dengakuman, but they are all beaten by IXEX member, GURA-san the Punisher. He is also seen in the last chapter of Shinsetsu, where he attends Tennosuke's Hair Hunter Reunion.

Video Games

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Escape!! Hajike Royale

Abilities & Powers

Super Giga

Giga in his super form

Giga's main ability is the power of Objet Shinken (オブジェ真拳, Obuje Shinken), also known as Fist of Objet D' Art in the English dub, which allows for the creation of pieces of art that he uses to attack. This ability also allows him to transform enemies, particularly those with Shinken abilities, into art both for his collection and to assist him in powering up upon breaking them. He first displays this ability on a user of Carrot Shinken, who had easily lost to him. He is so powerful, that during the first half of the battle, he has Bo-bobo cornered with relying on any of his secret techniques. However, for Giga to use any secret techniques, he has to absorb energy from any shinken users he has transformed into objet d'art. Because of this, Giga considers secret techniques a pain to use.

After absorbing many of his creations, he is able to transform into "Super Giga", which has more powerful armor and long twintails. His attacks increase ten-fold, and can create a dimension where he is completely in charge of everything.In this form he is basically the concept of art itself. And he will remain intangible if he is not attacked with an art concept that surpasses his own . However, weaker art attacks will not work on him, and he has the power to rate them in price.

Based on the reactions of his subordinates, Giga's second form is completely unknown to them, hinting towards how great his immense power truly is.


Image Technique Type Name
US Name
Giga Technique - Clay Hands
Clay Hands
(クレイ・ハンド, Kurei・Hando)
Hands of Clay Attack Chapter 120
Episode 49
Giga summons hands of clay to pull the opponent into the ground. Used Against:
Giga Technique - Homing Objet
Homing Objet
(ホーミング・オブジェ, Hōmingu・Obuje)
Chapter 120
Episode 49
Giga fires a series of homing objet d'art projectiles. Used Against:
Giga Technique - Emperor Sense
Emperor Sense
(帝王感覚, Teiou Kankaku)
Ultimate King Chapter 120
Episode 49
Giga creates a formula chart to calculate the opponent's thoughts. Used Against:
Giga Technique - Mega Chandelier
Mega Chandelier (メガ・シャンデリア, Mega・Shanderia) Chapter 121
Episode 50
Giga fuses two of his Obuje Shinken creatures into a chandelier that fires energy spike balls. Used Against:
Giga Technique - Unnamed Attack 1
Giga Technique - Unnamed Attack 2
Fist of Unchanging Art Episode 45
Giga summons a doll of the opponent, while his Obuje Shinken creatures transform them into an objet d'art. Used Against:
Carrot Shinken User
Don Patch
Obuje Shinken - Giga Sound
Secret Technique Giga Sound
(ギガサウンド, Giga Saundo)
Chapter 121
Episode 50
Giga summons giant speakers to immobilize the opponent. Used Against:
Death Rondo
Art Secret Technique Death Rondo!!!
(デス・ロンド!!!, Desu・Rondo!!!)
Spiral Staircase of Death!!!
(死の螺旋階段!!!, Shi no Rasen Kaidan!!!)
Staircase of Doom Chapter 122
Episode 50
Giga summons a staircase that he can alternate and summon a monster to consume. Used Against:
Obuje Shinken - Mega Objet Eggs
Secret Technique Mega Objet Eggs
(メガオブジェ・エッグ, Mega Obuje・Eggu)
Mega Objet D'art Eggs Chapter 122
Episode 50
Giga summons demonic eggs to attack the opponent. Used Against:
Obuje Shinken - Killer Pole 1
Obuje Shinken - Killer Pole 2
Super Secret Technique Killer Pole!!!
(キラー・ポール!!!, Kirā・Pōru!!!)
Evil Eyes Rock Face Statue
(邪眼顔面像, Yokoshima Me Ganmen-zō)
Perilous Pole Chapter 122
Episode 50
Evil Face Rock Face Statue
Giga summons a pillar in the middle of the Death Rondo staircase, whose faces fire lasers from their mouths. Used Against:
Obuje Shinken - Thousand Trace
Secret Technique Thousand Trace
(サウザンド・トレース, Sausando Toresu)
Cheap Replication Chapter 122
Episode 50
Giga summons clones of himself to attack the opponent. Used Against:
Obuje Shinken - It's Art
It's Art
(イッツ芸術, Ittsu Geijutsu)
Same Game New Frame Chapter 123
Episode 51
Giga disables the opponent's attacks and transports them to another dimension where only artistic attacks may be used. Used Against:
Don Patch
Power of Art - The Neoplasticism of Suprematism
Power of Art
The Neoplasticism of Suprematism
(シュプレマティズムの新造形主義, Shupurematizumu no Shinzōkeishugi)
Neoplastic Attack Chapter 123
Episode 51
Giga counters opponents' attacks with a shock wave. Used Against:
Don Patch
Torpedo Girl
Ultimate Sculpture - Gold Fish
Ultimate Sculpture
Gold Fish
Golden Fish Chapter 123
Episode 51
The Gold Fish
Giga summons a giant golden fish statue to charge at the opponent. Used Against:
Don Patch
Secret Technique Giga-nate Art
(ギガネイト・アート, Giganeito・Āto)
Shinsetsu Chapter 40
Used Against:
Super Secret Technique Art Light Elec-Thunder
(アート・ライト・エレクサンダー, Āto Raito Erekusandā)
Shinsetsu Chapter 51
Used Against:

Video Game Attacks

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Escape!! Hajike Royale

  • King of Boss (キング・オブ・ボス, Kingu Obu Bosu): OVER, Halekulani, and Giga launch different attacks at the opponent.



  • Despite losing to Bo-bobo and his failure in the New Emporer Playoff's, the two girls from Cyber City still hang out with him.
  • Giga came in 19th place in the last popularity contest.
  • In the anime, the music that comes out of the Giga's stereos is the 4th movement of Dvorak's New World Symphony. This is also more commonly known as the theme music of the fight between Luffy and Crocodile in the anime "One Piece".
  • Giga's favorite art is destruction.[3]
  • Giga's favorite movie is Blade Runner.[4]
  • Giga's favorite foods are "clay and plaster" (粘土と石膏)[5]


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