"I don't care who wins, and really don't care who loses. I'm just bored"
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Hatenko (破天荒, Hatenkō) is a character from the manga and anime series Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.

(破天荒, Hatenkō)
Debut (Manga): Chapter 49
Debut (Anime): Episode 21
Appears in: Anime and Manga
Seiyū (Japanese): Daisuke Kishio
Voice actor:

Jason Palmer (English)
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Nickname(s): None
Aliases: None
Species: Human
Affiliation: The Rebels
Maruhage Empire (Former)
J-Block (Former)
Hajikegumi (Former)
Classification: Rebel
Member of J-Block (Former)
Member of Hajikegumi (Former)
Birthdate: July 3
Age: Part I: 24[1]

Part II: 25

Height: 189cm[2] (6'3)
Weight: 65kg[3] (142 lbs)
Gender: Male
Blood type: O[4]
Eye Color: Orange
Hair Color: Blonde
Fist Skill: Kagi Shinken


Hatenko is a man with yellow hair and orange eyes. He wears black pants, a red shirt (with "Hajikegumi" (ハジケ組) written on the back of it), and constantly wears a scarf regardless of the weather. He has a rather laid-back and smug back personality. Hatenko never seems to think of his opponents as much of a challenge, unless he is completely sure that they are a threat.

Hatenko is one of the most enigmatic characters in Bo-bobo, whose alliance is found with nearly every force that gets in contact with him. His true alliance is with his home in the Hair Kingdom, as emissary of Hair Child (and Bo-bobo's older sister) Bububu-bu Bu-bubu in bringing her little brother to save their collective home. Likewise, Hatenko is also associated with the Hajikegumi, where his obsession with Don Patch makes him blind to his true mission even when he knows what exactly he has to do. There are even moments where the Maruhage Empire manipulates him into working alongside them, including forcing him to lure Bo-bobo into Evil Blood Mansion as a means to eliminate him, using OVER's Kill Seal against him to make him do what was told of him at the risk of his own life. Ultimately, Hatenko's mysterious nature defines who he his, his aloofness preventing anyone from knowing his true meaning or purpose, at least whenever Don Patch isn't involved.


At first, he seems to be one of the few level-headed characters of the series, but his obsession with Don Patch would prove otherwise. Whenever Don Patch is around, Hatenko immediately goes into a fanboy state, where he is under the impression that Don Patch is invincible and that everything he does is something to be admired. The only exception for this behavior is when Hatenko is in a serious fight.


Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Don Patch


Tokoro Tennosuke


Torpedo Girl

Bububu-bu Bu-bubu



Young Hatenko, age 3

Hatenko grew up in the Hair Kingdom, where he befriended Bo-bobo, Be-bebe and Gunkan. While little is known about how Hatenko survived the Maruhage invasion, he did ally early on with Bububu-bu Bu-bubu in protecting the Hair Kingdom from the now ruling Bi-bibi. Eventually seeing her youngest brother as the key to bringing Bi-bibi down, Bu-bubu sends Hatenko into the Maruhage Empire to search for him and bring him back to save the Hair Kingdom.

Once in the Maruhage Empire, Hatenko spends his time taking part in the rebellion, initially fighting on his own taking down various Hair Hunt blocks with ease, which includes destroying the base (J-Block) that he pretended to work with. Sometime during this period, the key warrior first meets with Torpedo Girl who becomes infatuated with him as her latest love affair. During her obsessive period, Torpedo Girl gives him a little "present" of a mark to declare her love for him (in actuality the "Kill Seal" for her other form as OVER). Hatenko retaliated by trying to fight back, but was easily blasted off into the horizon by Torpedo Girl (who had now lost interest in him). Hatenko wound up landing in a desert, where he passed out.

Hatenko was found in the desert by some KoPatches and was brought back to Don Patch, who was frying on a pan at the time. He was immediately inspired by how calm Don Patch was in the frying pan and became a member of the 'Hajikegumi' gang.

Fateful meeting with Bo-bobo

Hatenko was first seen in the series at Tokoro Tennosuke's abandoned A-Block. He had already frozen the remaining henchmen with his "fist of Key" abilities, and was searching for Bo-bobo. He finds him on the outskirts of Iguana Town, where he helps them to defeat Hisashi-kun. He is delighted when he sees that Don Patch is with them. After a short meeting with Purupu, he joins Bo-bobo's group, but does little for the team. In fact, he behaves more like a double-agent, luring Bo-bobo, Beauty, and Don Patch into the Evil Blood Mansion, despite knowing that it is a death trap! Heppokomaru confronts him, but all Hatenko has to say is that he does not care whether the rebels or the Maruhage Empire wins.

After the destruction of Z-Block, Hatenko leaves to migrate with his "family" to find food at baseball stadiums, but he really left so he could find someone to cure the curse mark Torpedo Girl gave him. This could have been the reason that he acted as a double agent. After Bo-bobo defeats OVER, Hatenko's curse mark disappears.

The Former Maruhage Empire

Hatenko then continues his rebellion against the empire. He later reappears in Cyber City, where he was apparently captured by Wan Ronga, one of Cyber City's top enforcers. He makes short work of him and leaves. He reappears a bit later and rejoins Bo-bobo's group just in time to fight the Former Maruhage Empire. He assissts Bo-bobo and Tokoro Tennosuke in defeating Ujikin TOKIO, and gets into a minor fight with former O-Block leader, Three-Thousand Years and his henchmen, but other than that, he does not get to fight any other major opponents.

The Playoffs and the Reverse Maruhage Empire

With the third era defeated, Tsuru Tsurulina IV starts the New Emperor Playoffs, hoping that Bo-bobo will get killed trying to win it. During the playoffs, Hatenko lunges headfirst into the contest, hoping to find a way to destroy the evil empire once and for all! He gets very far in the competition, and becomes one of the twelve finalists. However, the Reverse Maruhage Empire sends two of it's strongest henchemen, LOVE and Crimson, to attack the finalists and use them to power up their vessel, the Yamiking. Hatenko and the other finalists are beaten effortlessly, but luckily the empire gains enough power, and leaves Hatenko (alongside Gunkan, OVER, and Halekulani) behind. Recognizing them as a potential threat, Bo-bobo, Hatenko, and the other rebels, decide to destroy the Reverse Empire before they can start their evil reign of terror!

While raiding the enemy vessel, the rebels eventually find LOVE, who picks Don Patch, OVER, and Hatenko to fight her. At first her abilities are too much for them, and once OVER turns into Torpedo Girl, LOVE turns herself into a gigantic bird creature to destroy them! It is thanks to Hatenko's potential unlocking abilities, that the rebels are able to defeat her. Later on, the rebels defeat the other members, and destroy the empire before it could begin!

The Hair Kingdom

Towards the climax of the series, Hatenko finally confronts Bo-bobo towards his true mission: returning to the Hair Kingdom to put a stop to Bo-bobo's own evil brothers: Bababa-ba Ba-baba and Bibibi-bi Bi-bibi. While both he and Bo-bobo's brother Bebebe-be Be-bebe are seemingly killed during the final showdown with Bi-bibi, both of them are seen as ghosts assisting Bo-bobo as he partakes in his final showdown. Revived after the last battle, he decides to go into outer space at the end of Part I, choosing to continue searching for Ba-baba.


Hatenko returns in Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, arriving just before Bo-bobo as Torpedo Girl's student. His powers have increased, as has his obsession for Don Patch, which now frequently has him shrink into a hyper SD-character when praising his "Oyabin". Though Tennosuke does at one point claim Hatenko is a "space prince", nothing is said about anything that happened in space during his search for Ba-baba. He now wears a white coat over his shirt. Despite Hatenko's obvious increase in power, his only real fight in the series was against Master JOY.

Video Games

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Gag Fusion of the Nine Ultimate Warriors

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Explosive Battle Hajike Wars


  • Vs. Bo-bobo:
  • Vs. Heppokomaru:
  • Vs. Softon:
  • Vs. Tokoro Tennosuke:
  • Vs. Dengakuman:
  • Vs. Serviceman:
  • Vs. Torpedo Girl:
  • Vs. Gunkan:
  • Vs. Halekulani:
  • Vs. OVER:
  • Vs. Denbo:
  • Vs. Don Patch:
  • Epilogue:

Battle Data:

Section Name Power Level
Small Skill: Expected Oyabin Punch E
Big Skill: Oyabin Best Kick D
Hajike Skill: Lock Thunder D
Auto Lock D
LOCK Surfing E
Secret Technique: LOCK A
Eternal Lock A
MIX: Super Spinning Nosehair Lock C
Key Serve D+D+S
Hidden Combo: B B B A C
Speed: Walk: S
Dash: A
Jump: B
Throw Rate: Easiness: B
Difficulty: B

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Escape!! Hajike Royale

Abilities & Powers

Hatenko in his powered-up form

Hatenko wields the "Kagi Shinken" (カギ真拳; "Fist of the Key"). These abilities are mainly used to LOCK his opponents body, freezing them in place. Later he reveals that he can do much more; During his fight with LOVE, he unlocks "Hatenko World" where everyone's true potential is stored. By unlocking the locks that belong to his comrades, he can make them even more powerful, but for a limited time of 2 seconds. He can even unlock his own true potential, giving him a form with spikey hair and a massive Key-Sword.

In Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, his abilities have improved thanks to his training with Torpedo Girl; he now carries numerous keys, which are all connected by a ring. He can make locking his opponents limbs much more painful by adding a burning effect, and he can now control the bodies of his "locked" victims! He also uses a special key to unlock his true potential without having to visit Hatenko World.


Image Technique Type Name
US Name
Kagi Shinken - LOCK.png
LOCK Episode 22
Hatenko inserts a small key into the opponent's chest and then "locks" it, paralyzing for a limited time. Used Against:
Kagi Shinken - Eternal Lock.png
Secret Technique Eternal Lock
Episode 51
Hatenko inserts a key into his chest, which unlock his full power. The moment Hatenko comes in close contact with the opponent, in a blinding flash of light, he inserts many keys from multiple directions at high speed into the their body, which locks them forever. Used Against:
Wan Ronga
Kagi Shinken - Key Guillotine.png
Secret Technique Key Guillotine
Hatenko summons a giant key from above and slams it onto the opponent's neck, binding them. Used Against:
Guy Bo
Hatenko World.png
Ultimate Secret Technique Hatenko World
Holy Lock Domain
Chapter 183
Hatenko creates a world where he can release the hidden power of anyone. Used Against:
Kagi Shinken - Infinite Lock.png
Infinite Lock
Chapter 183
Hatenko rapidly attacks the opponent with a key sword. Used Against:
Green Key Sparking
Shinsetsu Chapter 41
Used Against:
Red Key Magma
Shinsetsu Chapter 43
Used Against:
  • Time Lock:
  • Exploding Key Eternity: Hatenko "locks" his opponents body then "locks" many other "bomb" keys on his opponent's body which constantly explode. Only effective for a short amount of time.

Allied Attacks

Image Technique Type Name
US Name
Hatenko & Tennosuke - Arrow of Atonement 1.png
Hatenko & Tennosuke - Arrow of Atonement 2.png
Arrow of Atonement
Fist of the Arrow of Atonement Chapter 132
Episode 55
Hatenko fires Tennosuke (who is stretched out in the shape of a pole) from a bow at the opponent. Used Against:
Hatenko & Tennosuke - I Can't Use This, Dang It 1.png
Hatenko & Tennosuke - I Can't Use This, Dang It 2.png
Cooperative Secret Technique I Can't Use This, Dang It
The Fist of the Super Nevermind Chapter 133
Episode 56
After Bo-bobo inflates and hardens a key-shaped Tennosuke, he throws him to Hatenko. However, Hatenko can't use him like he would a regular key due to his immense size and weight, so he just throws him at the opponent. Used Against:
Ujikin TOKIO
Star Saber
Hatenko & Tennosuke - Gelatin Hard Attack.png
Gelatin Hard Attack
Super Jelly Key Attack Chapter 133
Episode 56
Tennosuke transforms into a key onto Hatenko's arm. After Bo-bobo hardens Tennosuke, Hatenko uses him as a key to "lock" the opponent. Used Against:
Ujikin TOKIO
Hatenko & Torpedo Girl - Super Low Altitude LOCK ON.png
Super Low Altitude LOCK ON
Triple LOCK Shocker Episode 59
Hatenko and Torpedo Girl. Used Against:
Don Patch & Hatenko - LOCK Surfing.png
Hajike Secret Technique LOCK Surfing
Surfing Skeleton Key Episode 66
Hatenko and Don Patch ride on a giant key and charge at the opponent. Used Against:
Don Patch & Hatenko - Mischief BOYS.png
Hajike Secret Technique Mischief BOYS
Hot Mustard While Tickling The Boys Feet Attack Episode 66
Don Patch pours hot sauce into the opponent's mouth, while Hatenko tickles their feet. Used Against:
Guy Bo
Bo-bobo & Hatenko - Twin Hajike Shoot.png
Cooperative Secret Technique Twin Hajike Shoot
Chapter 179
Hatenko and Bo-bobo. Used Against:
Don Patch & Hatenko - Love DJ Patch's Breakdance.png
Love DJ Patch's Breakdance
Chapter 182
Used Against:
Softon & Hatenko - BabyLOCK.png
Cooperative Secret Technique BabyLOCK
Chapter 187
Hatenko and Softon attack the opponent. Used Against:
Enforced Cooperative Secret Technique Processed Foodstuff Sliding on Sausage
Shinsetsu Chapter 43
Hatenko and Tennosuke. Used Against:
Combined Super Secret Technique Flying Lightning Gun
Shinsetsu Chapter 43
Hatenko, Don Patch, and Tennosuke. Used Against:
Combined Super Secret Technique #1 Boy in the Middle of Shoplifting Triangle Array
Shinsetsu Chapter 44
Hatenko, Don Patch, and Tennosuke. Used Against:
Combined Super Secret Technique #2 Greedy-for-Money Betting Mah-jong! Fraudulent Tactic: Junki
Shinsetsu Chapter 44
Hatenko, Don Patch, and Tennosuke. Used Against:

Video Game Attacks

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Gag Fusion of the Nine Ultimate Warriors

Regular Attacks:

Technique Name Target Effect Action
I don't even have to use Kagi Shinken
Single enemy Weak attack Strike
カギの子守も楽じゃないぜ Single enemy Weak attack Kick
Kagi Shinken "LOCK" Single enemy Weak Attack

Hajike Techniques:

Technique Name Level Attack Power Effect Range Description
Dead Bolt / Super Steel Bar
(デッドボルト / 超鋼閂)
1 Medium Single enemy Attack by hitting the A button.
Eternal Lock
35 Strong From one to all enemies

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Explosive Battle Hajike Wars

Image Technique Name Default Input Description
Expected Oyabin Punch
Oyabin Best Kick
Hatenko attacks the opponent with a horizontal kick.
Lock Thunder
(錠雷, Jōrai)
A + B
(A A A)
Hatenko thrusts forward into the opponent while using his key.
Auto Lock
→ + A + B
(B A A)
Hatenko plants his key into the ground, which causes shock wave explosions.
LOCK Surfing
↓ + A + B
(B B A)
Hatenko rides on top of a huge key like a surfboard and into the opponent.
↓ ↘ → A
Eternal Lock
↓ ↘ → B
Key Serve
A MIX attack with Dengakuman.
Super-Rotation Nosehair Lock
A MIX attack with Bo-bobo.

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Escape!! Hajike Royale



  • Besides Underboss, he is the only human in Don Patch's Hajikegumi.
  • Hatenko was voted 5th place in the last Bo-bobo popularity contest
  • Hatenko's name means "unprecedented".
  • A common mistranslation lists Hatenko as Don Patch's godson.
  • In the Viz manga translation, the words, "Team Wig Out" are imprinted on the back of his shirt. Later in the manga, "Poppa Clan" is printed on his back.


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