Icen (アイセン), or Yuko (ゆうこ, the alias that Icen went by) is a villian from Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. She is a general of the Hair Kingdom.

Backround Edit

Icen is the leader of the 5th District of Hair Kingdom and one of the co-guardians of "North Conditioner Tower". She originally appears as "Yuko", a cute girl with thin braids in front, wearing a small tank top and skirt, with a jacket tied around her waist. She mostly watches the actions of Bububu-bu Bu-bubu for her boss Bibibi-bi Bi-bibi.


Icen in Bablyon form

Powers Edit

Like Softon, Icen is a powerful user of "Fist of Goddess Babylon". Her fighting style is exactly like Softon's, but at the time, Icen's power was even greater than his, explaining why his seal faded away while hers didn't.

History Edit

When Bo-bobo's team begins to face her in her "Club Stage" arena, Softon knows there is something different as he feels his "Babylon Seal" slipping away from him. Her attack style would suggest otherwise, simply letting the lesser district leaders fight agianst Bo-bobo and the others. However, when these soldiers are easily overpowered, she quickly lunges at Softon. It is when Bo-bobo and the others try to protect him that truth is revealed: this general reveals herself as Icen, a warrior from Babylon and another master of "Babylon Shinken" (バビロン真拳)! Because of the rules of "two Babylon warriors never existing at the same time", Icen remains in her mask (a scoop of vanilla ice cream with a cone on top) while Softon's mask fades away, revealing his real face. He reveals himself as Beauty's long-lost brother before Icen traps him inside a giant toilet, where he is in danger of being sucked down the pipes!


Yuko, Icen's human form

Throughout the fight against Bo-bobo, Icen takes numerous attacks from the hajikelist trio, yet reamins nowhere near defeated. Eventually, she finally falls when Bo-bobo forces her into a "summer-theme game zone", an arena where she and her henchmen are thrown into a volcano, attacked by a giant goldfish, and blown up by a vengeful Torpedo Girl! Bo-bobo finally beats her with an attack from "Fist of Nosehair", causing her Babylon powers to weaken (which also rids her of her mask), defeating her and restoring Softon to his poop-headed self. She is never seen again, and it can be assumed that she remained at the Hair Kingdom like the other generals, even after Bi-bibi's death.

Appearances Edit

  • Manga appearances: 200, 209-212


Image Technique Type Name
US Name
Used Against:
Used Against:
Used Against:
Used Against:
Used Against:
Used Against:
Used Against:
  • Lost Babylon Rashomon (バビロンの失われし羅生門)
  • Burial Dance Transferred From Kamchatka Peninsula (カムチャッカ半島のうつろなる埋葬舞踊)

Trivia Edit

  • Before her appearance, it was thought that Softon was the last of the Babylon warriors after Byakkyō killed them all. How Icen escaped or if she simply wasn't there at the time of the slaughter is unknown.

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