Jobus (ジョブス Jyobusu) is a character from the manga Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.



Jobus is a tall, muscular man with flattop styled black hair. He has very serious looking eyes, and two thick eyebrows above them. He first appears alongside Porusutoroi when the duo try to escort Yononaka Namero to the Neo Maruhage Empire. Unlike his barbaric partner, Jobus does not use unnecessary violence, and is serious and calm personality wise. He also acts as a restraint to Porusutoroi whenever he gets out of line.

At one point, Jobus was the leader of Neo B-Block, but he was later promoted to a member of the IXEX.


Jobus is first seen trying to escort Yononaka Namero back to the Neo Maruhage Empire, but he finds some difficulty from Bo-bobo. Jobus underestimates Bo-bobo's stength and tells Porusutoroi to finish him quickly. Instead, Porusutoroi get defeated by Bo-bobo with one powerful attack. Jobus, now in a cold sweat, quickly teleports himself, Namero, and Porusutoroi out of the room, and into Tsuru Tsurulina III's base.

Jobus and the others arrive just in time to hear Tsurulina's orders. The third wants all IXEX members to hunt down and enslave anyone from the third, fourth, and Reverse eras of the Maruhage Empire. Jobus and his squad are sent to Cyber City, where they make short work of all former Maruhage soldiers. He and his squad are then seen standing over the unconcious bodies of the Reverse Maruhage Empire's soldiers.

Afterwards, Jobus does not appear much throughout the rest of the series, making him one of the few villains to never be defeated by Bo-bobo, and throughout the rest of the series, he oversees Namero's training.


Jobus has power over the pages of books. This ability is called "Nō Dentatsu Kairo Shinken" (脳伝達回路真拳; "Fist of Brain Circuit Transmission:); it works slightly similar to the way Halekulani can control his money. He often uses it to teleport (he allows the blank pages to circle him, and then winds up in his desired destination). He is also very strong physically, able to easily pierce his fingers through Porusutoroi's neck (his method of restraint).


  • Book of Spatial Recognition:


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