Katsu (カツ) is a character from the manga and anime Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.



Katsu is a bald hair hunter wearing a red shirt and shorts. He is a serious individual, who enjoys taking a "trophy" from his fallen victims. He seems to think highly of himself, as he considered himself to be superior to his goofy boss Tokoro Tennosuke.


While not a shinken ability, Katsu holds the power of a technique called "Playback-Vac". This interesting ability allows Katsu to produce living similey faces on his body, which absorb (or rather eat) any shinken ability coming at them. These smiley faces call anything that they devour "yummy" (even Heppokomaru's horrid farts couldn't change their expressions!).



Katsu is introduced as the vice-leader of A-Block and was guardian of the haunted house of the amusement park. Here, he has already defeated Heppokomaru easily, and has decided to take his collar as a trophy. Afterward, he sets his sights on Beauty's earrings, but Bo-bobo interupted him and challenged him to a fight. Deciding that he wants Bo-bobo's shades more than the earrings, Katsu accepts Bo-bobo's challenge and proves to be a tough match even for Bo-bobo's "Hanage Shinken". But Katsu's obsession with accessories ultimately leads to his defeat as Heppokomaru's collar was the only thing restraining his power, turning him into... a baby (mentally, not literally). Though seemingly innocent and harmless, Baby Heppokomaru's "Onara Shinken" abilities have increased ten-fold, and he releases so much gas, that not even Katsu's Playback-vack ability can contain it all! The haunted house blows up, and Katsu is defeated!

Katsu is later seen at an abandoned A-Block, frozen by a wandering Hatenko's "LOCK" abilities.

New Emporer Playoffs

Later in the series, the "New Emporer Playoffs" are started to determine the next ruler of the Maruhage Empire. Katsu sides with Dark Yasha in the "New Emperor Playoff", and uses it as a means to not only get revenge on Bo-bobo, but attack his former boss Tennosuke as well! But Tennosuke handles him easily, and tells him "That's why you were vice-leader"!

Other Status

  • Episode appearances: 14-15, 21, 70, 73
  • Manga appearances: 196.5
  • Seiyuu: Kihachirou Uemura (anime), Hikaru Midorikawa (PS2 game)
  • Voice Actor: Richard Cansino


  • He is not to be confused with Katsu from C-Block.
  • His birthday is March 19th, and his blood type is AB.

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