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L is a character from the video game, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Escape!! Hajike Royale. With the assistance of J, L is able to fuse with him into his true form: Jail.


L art

L is a small man with a tuft of green hair, wearing a red cape, and a shirt with a red cross on it. Though he serves as the final boss character, he isn't very intimidating, until he is fuses with J.

中央の島には「破天荒」が倒れていた。彼を倒したのは、封印を解かれたLという男。でもLはちんちくりんでいかにも弱そう...。なお、Lに勝つとフィギュアのL No. 1とNo. 2が入手できるのだ。

Voiced by Chigusa Ikeda.

Forms & Transformations


Jeil art

(ジェイル, Jeiru): An evil fusion between L and J, who is the true boss of the video game. Jail has green spiky hair spread all over his head, the cross on L's shirt is now a massive necklace, and L's cape has become a red vest. Jail also wears a grey shirt, with grey jeans (the jeans have cages built into his right leg. Jail also has chains strapped his body, even his earrings are small chains with large iron balls on the ends of them.

L と J が融合した時に現れる真の姿。 ブラックチェーン真拳の使い手。 マルハーゲ帝国の中であまりに強すぎたために、皇帝によって監獄島に封印されていた。

L が J を呼ぶと・・・

ジェイル登場!! 監獄島最後のボスだ!


凶悪で強力な鎖を使ってボーボボたちをしばったり、 鉄球を振り回して攻撃してくるぞ!!

Voiced by Yasunori Masutani.



Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Escape!! Hajike Royale

Abilities & Powers

L's main method of attack is by riding his motorcycle into opponents.

As Jail, he is a user of "Black Chain Shinken" (ブラックチェーン真拳, Burakku Tixeen Shinken)/Fist of the Black Chain. This technique puts the numerous chains on his body to use, as he attacks his enemies with them.



  • Wheelie (ウィリー, U~irī): ウィリー!! これはかなり痛々しい! まともにくらうとしばらく動けない!!
  • L Storm (エルストーム, Eru Sutōmu): L transforms his motorcycle into a rocket. これが“L”の最強技, バイクで竜巻をおこす, “エルストーム”!! 全員大ダメージをくらってしまう!


  • Random Tornado (ランダムチェーン, Randamu Chēn): JeiL sends chains flying in different directions.
  • Chain Tornado (チェーントルネード, Chēn Torunēdo):
  • Metal Dragon (メタルドラゴン, Metaru Doragon): 奥義の中でも、鎖を龍に変える“メタルドラゴン”が超強力なので気を付けよう!!



  • Jail's name doubles as a portmanteau of J and L's names.
  • Jail's hair is similar to Bibibi-bi Bi-bibi


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