Master JOY (JOY名人; JOY Meijin) is a character from the manga Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.

Status Edit

Master JOY

Master JOY with Chappy

Master JOY is a man wearing sunglasses, with a large lump of hair on the right side of his head. He is the first of the Tokyo Ward bosses, and guards the Nerima Ward. He gets into a 3-on-3 fight with Don Patch,Hatenko, and Tokoro Tennosuke on top of a giant rotisserie grill. Despite the tremendous aura he gave off during his first appearance, JOY proves to be no match whatsoever for the trio, and is finished off with a parody of Yusuke Urameshi's Rei-gun! However, rather than be knocked out, JOY gets right back up and calls in back-up in the form of thousands of Hair Hunter troops (who also prove no match for the rebels)!

He is assisted by fellow guards Cardoss 50 and Tsurugi Mai, as well as his pet dog Chappy.

He is seen later in chapter 55, being crushed by an unidentified opponent.

Powers Edit

JOY weilds the power of Natsukashi Omocha Shinken (なつかしTOY真拳; "Fist of Desired Toys"). Using various classic toys and hobbies of the past, he transforms them into destructive attacks that rain down upon his opponent. Likewise, he can use the same Shinken to challenge an opponent in various toy-and-hobbies as combat.



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Appearances Edit

  • Manga appearances: Shinsetsu 42-44, 55

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