The Narrator (ナレーター, Narētā) is a character from the anime series, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.

(ナレーター, Narētā)
Debut: Episode 1
Recap Special (Physical Appearance)
Appears in: Anime
Seiyū (Japanese): Shinichiro Ohta
Voice actor:

Michael McConnohie (English)
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Affiliation None
Classification: Narrator
Gender: Male
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black


An offscreen character who narrates the plot of the Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo anime. In the dub, he, like almost everyone else, is crazy and sometimes talks during the show and mostly has the last line at the end of the episodes. He is also given many more lines in the English dub, and he often times gets off track and begins to talk about how pitiful his life is (Poor living quarters, a fear of getting fired, etc.). Occasionally, he also belittles some of the characters on the show.

He made a physical appearance in the recap Japanese only episode, "Thanks for Waiting! Remodelled Grand Opening!! It's Finally Come, the Patchmi Era ♥" (お待たせ!新装開店!!遂に来たのね、パチ美の時代が♥). Here he is shown in the physical form of a man in a business suit with the head of a giant letter "N" with a thin strand of hair with a ribbon coming from it.



Recap Special


  • The strand of hair from Narrator's physical form is similar to another character his seiyuu performs, Serviceman.

English Dub Trivia

While these facts are non-canon, they are part of the Narrator's extended personality in the English dub.

  • He has a cat named Rocky.
  • He is constantly threatened by the producer (another voice character)
  • He had a pet rock as a kid.
  • He once tried to set a record by making the recap of Episode 60, the longest recap ever.
  • He is also a teenage preschool dropout.
  • He has a wife [1]
  • He has a grandmother [2]


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