After the fall of Babuu, the gang takes Heppokomaru to the hospital to recover. After hearing how his little sister was abducted by the Neo Maruhage Empire, Bo-bobo decides to rescue her from the Nagoya Brothers, who currently reside in the city of Nagoya. During this saga, the team meets up with Tokoro Tennosuke again, they also gain a new partner, but lose one later.


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The Nagoya Brothers


Kakouzan Nagoya


Sakae Nagoya

(名古屋兄弟 Nagoya Kyōdai): Introduced as the guardians of Neo F-Block, the leaders are brothers who's name and location is the city of Nagoya: Kakuōzan Nagoya (名古屋カクオウザン), the elder brother and Neo F-Block leader, and Sakae Nagoya (名古屋サカエ), younger brother and vice-leader. Under direct order of Babuu, the duo fight together and stand against anyone who chooses to face against the empire. Together they both wield the power of the "Fist of Shachihoko", allowing them to manipulate powers that are connected to massive carp statues in and around their territory.

After their abduction of Heppokomaru's sister Pokomi, the rebels head to Nagoya to rescue her from them. Unfortunately, Tokoro Tennosuke gets there first, attempting to prove his battle ability after being out of the manga for so long. But after he fails and Bo-bobo's team arrives, they join together and stop the brothers with ease.

  • Attacks:
    • Golden Castle Tower:
    • Shining Inner Citadel Palace:
    • Owari's Uniformed Haliberds of Ultimate-Hardness Kinshach:

Nagoya's Four A-Class Gourmets

(名古屋A級グルメ4人衆 Nagoya A-Kyū Gurume Ninshū): Guards of the Nagoya castle where the Nagoya Brothers are headquartered, they are left to take care of Tennosuke after they easily defeat him, upon which they promptly prepare him for their own cooking pleasure. However, Bo-bobo's team arrives in time to stop them in a team effort: Bo-bobo using Tennosuke's head as a diversion before Namerō and Gaoh crush them. The individual members from left to right are:



(手羽先): The leader of the group, who appears to have a piece of chicken over his shoulder.



(ひつまぶし): The main acting warrior of the group, begins an attack to turn Tennosuke into their meal. He is the largest member and has a pickling bucket on his head.

  • Attacks:
    • Deadly Nagoya Famous Product Clutch:



(天娘): The female of the team, has fried shrimp on her uniform and a couple swords.



(ミソカツ): The child of the group, who dumps miso seasoning on Tennosuke as the team prepares to eat him.



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