Neo-Maruhage Three Great Kings (ネオマルハゲ三大王, Neo Maruhage Sandaiō): Although slightly similar to the Four Heavenly Kings of the original Maruhage Empire, the Three Great Kings are the closest guardians and protectors of Tsuru Tsurulina III and the leaders of the Nine Experts. These three conduct the most important and crucial actions within the empire, whether it is researching and developing the empire's weapons or delivering the justice against the empire. Unlike the Four Heavenly Kings, all of them have immense loyalty towards the emperor and will do what is needed in order to defend him and the empire. Initially the kings are composed of Babuu, Shiryūen Kamara, and Black Bo-bobo. However, after Kamara's defeat, he is succeeded by the enigmatic hajikelist Hīragi while he coordinates a full hajike squad with his associate Jati defeating Babuu for the third position. The three of them are all in control of a different squadren of the IXEX (9 Experts).



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Shiryūen Kamara

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Black Bo-bobo

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