Oyaji (オヤジ) is a character from the manga of Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.




Oyaji is a minor character who first appears in Shinsetsu's tenth chapter. She is a 102-year old woman (who has the inside secrets on the preservation of youth making her look like a little girl, though she dresses and acts like a middle-aged man) who is also known as The Legendary Informant. She lives in a secret home hidden behind a strange vending machine and is assisted in her work by an octopus.

It doesn't take much to realize that Oyaji is a slob; when she is first seen, there is a pile of old food and newspapers littered near her feet, which obviously all belong to her. Oyaji is also an alcoholic; among the pile, there are quite a few empty beer bottles and she is first seen drinking sake. She has some bad habits, including scratching herself in public, and drinking so much that she vomits. She is almost never seen without a drunken look on her face and pee stained pants.


Her main ability is to use the power of SCOOP Shinken (SCOOP真拳, "Fist of SCOOP") to research any and all information in the world through her camera (including deep, dark secrets), which she subsequently video-tapes and sells at a price of two-hundred million yen.


  • Prowling Spirit Photography:


Oyaji is first seen when Bo-bobo asks her to find out where Heppokomaru is. Oyaji then reveals his SCOOP Shinken abilities. She then finds out that Heppokomaru is stationed at Holy Spaghetti Academy with Babuu. Bo-bobo and the gang leave to rescue Heppokomaru, and Oyaji is never seen again.


  • Manga appearances: 10


  • Her camera has "catch the secret" written on it.

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