Plain Bread-chan (食パンちゃん, Shoku Pan-chan) is a character from Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. He was one of the top students at Holy Spagetti Accademy.

Plain Bread-chan

Plain Bread-chan


Bread-chan is the leader and final member of the B3. This bread-headed student appears to be the most charismatic and popular of the trio, showing off his skills both in the classroom and on the basketball court. He is almost never surprised by anything, not even being pelted in the face with Bo-bobo's boogers! The only exception to these personality traits, are situations where he is being physically harmed.


Bread-chan possesses the powers of"Pan Shinken" (パン真拳; "Fist of Bread"), which allows him to manipulate bread related attacks such as firing crumb projectiles. Like almost all food-based people in Bo-bobo (such as Hanpen and Tokoro Tennosuke, having bits, or entire pieces of his head removed is not a problem for him. Bread-chan can regenerate any sort of damage done to his head.


  • Pigeon Food Attack:
  • Plain Bread's Shock Ban:


Initially, Bread-chan appeared on top of the school, feeding some birds with pieces of his head (up to now, his status as one of the B3 remains unknown.) Later, after the other two B3 members have been defeated, Bread-chan is confronted Bo-bobo's group, but he tries to his way out of fighting Bo-bobo's group. Their determination to find Heppokomaru forces him to fight and reveal the abilities of his "Fist of Bread". Eventually, the ware of battle reveals Bread-chan as a poor boy without money, faking his way through school with the impression of being rich. After his defeat, Plain Bread finally decides to tell them about where Heppokomaru (and Babuu) were.

Eventually, Bread-chan makes his way up the school tower, only to see his former master Babuu fighting with Yononaka Namero. Namero eventually notices the Bread-man's presence, and grabs him with his tongue in order to shield himself from one of Babuu's attacks.The attack turns Bread-chan into a small rag doll that the baby master rips to shreds.

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