The plot of the first part of the anime and manga series Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, is focused around the activities and adventures of Bo-bobo and his friends as they stand against the Maruhage Empire.

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Maruhage Empire (Introduction Arc)

Episodes: 1-5

Introduction Saga

Bo-bobo makes his stand against the empire

In the year 300X, the Earth has become overrun by the almighty power of the Maruhage Empire. Commanded by Tsuru Tsurulina IV, his Hair Hunter forces have one objective: to shave everyone and make the people of the world bald. However, there is one man who stands alone in fighting the empire and to protect hair everywhere. That man is Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. Born in the mysterious Hair Kingdom and trained in the style of the Fist of the Nosehair and an ability to "hear hair", he was sent to the Maruhage Empire as a sacrifice by his father TUYOSHI (a small hair follicle) to the Hair Hunters. But years later, the man of the golden afro has become a rebel in the empire, fighting the bald forces both with his well as the mysterious and extremely unpredictable style of the Hajikelist, upon which he can and will do anything in order to drive his opponents completely insane.

At the start of the series, Bo-bobo arrives in time to save the hair of a cute teen female named Beauty as she was under attack by Hair Hunters. Both completely relieved by how her hair had been saved...and freaked out by her savior, she decides to go under his protection after he defeats the local G-Block leader Hagen with his abilities. (a second character, Pickles, was also saved by Bo-bobo, but he was rejected by Bo-bobo soon after joining them) The two are approached soon after by a second Hair Hunter assassin and dispense him quickly, while being immediately pursued by a mysterious boy who notices Bo-bobo's action.

Bo-bobo and Beauty soon approach a town filled with Hajikelists, upon which Bo-bobo tries to get along with fellow weirdoes in various Hajike battles. Eventually, the two are approached by the local Hajikegumi, who believes that Bo-bobo is in association with the local Hajikegumi and force him to take on their leader: the powerful Don Patch. While the star-shaped creature doesn't seem too much of a menace at first (and more likely to be Bo-bobo's hat), he soon proves himself as powerful both as a warrior and his abilities as a hajikelist. Unfortunately, in the midst of their battle, a member of the real Wig Bros (who turns out to be Hair Hunters wearing wigs) kidnaps Beauty to hold her hostage. Putting aside their differences, the two of them rush to the rescue at H-Block headquarters, where they menace the leader until he falls to defeat. Unfortunately, in the midst of their battle, Beauty was nowhere to be found. But at that same time, the teen girl was saved by the mysterious boy watching them prior.

Returning to the Hajike Festival, Don Patch ends up finishing one more day of schooling before deciding to join Bo-bobo and Beauty on their journey to stop the Hair Hunters. Now a team of three, the group begins to journey again, with Bo-bobo and Don Patch doing weird things while Beauty tried to keep them in line. Coming across another Hair Hunter, the two of them try futilely to defeat him.But at that very moment, unknown to anyone, the great King Nosehair decides to reawaken after three thousand years to help Bo-bobo. Unfortunately, Bo-bobo pulls him out before King Nosehair is able to help him...but he still defeats the Hunter anyway.

As they continued to travel, Bo-bobo and Don Patch decide to throw a play in the middle of the woods as another one of their weird antics.But in the midst of things, Bo-bobo realize they are in the territory of a dangerous alien who makes one addicted to ochazuke. Sure enough, the alien approaches Bo-bobo's team, but he turns out to be searching for the mysterious boy that helped Beauty. After another strange and confusing battle, Bo-bobo is able to elude the alien and defeat him...but without knowing that he was an agent for a mysterious "Gunkan"...

C-Block's Aitsuhage Tower

  • Episodes: 6-10
C-Block Saga

The rebels head for C-Block

Traveling forward to De Mode City, Bo-bobo and Don Patch continue their crazy business while Beauty continues to freak out and keep the two of them in line. But suddenly, things take a turn for the worst: a strange assassin spots the trio and fires a beam towards Bo-bobo. Beauty steps in the way and ends up getting hit by it, leaving a marking on her forehead. The assassin, a C-Block Hair Hunter named Gechappi, reveals that she was hit by a "Hair Loss Beam", which will make her locks fall out within ten hours...unless they get the antidote from his headquarters at C-Block's Aitsuhage Tower. Taking a train towards their ultimate destination, our heroes discover Gechappi taking the same one back to headquarters. Using the ability of his "Don Patch Sword" (a green onion) and the "Don Patch Hammer" (another green onion), the hajikelist defeats his opponent before Bo-bobo instructs them off the train prior to a fiery explosion.

Following a wild chase between Bo-bobo and Don Patch, the duo arrive at C-Block, where they easily dispense of the first floor guardian. But to get the antidote, the team has to go through the entire tower floor by floor. After getting through the second floor (a video store) with ease, Bo-bobo and Don Patch approach the dangers of the third floor: another video store. But while Don Patch wanders around this floor, he discovers a strange man with a head made of "poop". Bo-bobo doesn't believe him at first, but the trio continue forward (while Beauty shuts up the guardian there: a stuffed rabbit)

On the fourth floor of the tower, the guardian is revealed to be Softon, the same "poophead" that Don Patch saw below. Amazingly, he ends up giving Beauty the antidote to the Hair Loss Beam, claiming that she has the same scent as him. But even with his kindness, he still must fight Bo-bobo regardless. Unfortunately, Bo-bobo's "Fist of the Nosehair" is useless against the strange abilities of the Fist of Babylon, the original fist skill. Though the nosehair master appears stumped in attacking at first, he unleashes a trump card: Bo-bobo World, a bizarre world where hajikelists thrive and anyone else goes crazy. Softon eventually succumbs to the madness as Bo-bobo puts him down.

Finally at the top floor of the tower, Bo-bobo and Don Patch try to season their enemy: the powerful Geha the Gale.Using powerful wind attacks, he traps the duo inside where they subsequently continue their nonsense. With the two of them gone, Geha believes he can finally cut Beauty's hair...until someone throws a projectile fart towards him. That someone is the mysterious boy from before, who uses his Fist of the Back Wind to overwhelm the senses of his enemy and stop him in his tracks. But while his attack was merely meant for the enemy, Bo-bobo ends up turning into a leopard because of it, leading to Don Patch's anger.But he does impress the duo with his name of Heppokomaru.

But before Heppokomaru could talk to Beauty some more, a giant wall-like demon appears in the tower, going after him. After instantly absorbing Geha the Gale for his ability collection, he goes after the Fart fighter desiring to eat him as well. In the midst of all this, Bo-bobo and Don Patch continue their nonsense, joking on how Heppokomaru's ability can destroy the world and even making fun of it all. The madness of it all makes the assassin realize who he was facing and desire to report back to his boss. Though Don Patch first takes him by taxi away, he merely takes him around in circles as the other trio leaves the tower. Suddenly, the taxi flies away into a nearby cul-de-sac, taking out the enemy while destroying property. As our heroes leave, Softon looks on at the departing team, seeing Heppokomaru now in good hands with Bo-bobo.

Several days later, Heppokomaru explains to Beauty that he joined Bo-bobo believing that he would help him achieve the power needed to become stronger. While Beauty commiserates with him, Bo-bobo and Don Patch continue to do nonsense regardless of what he wants. Suddenly, a powerful Hair Hunter appears, which Bo-bobo asks Heppokomaru to fight...without his fist skill. As much as he tries, the boy can not succeed, but Bo-bobo ends up stopping him by showing off other fist skills such as his mastery of "Fist of Tissues". To further assist Heppokomaru in his task, he sends him for training at the Nosehair Dojo, where he undertakes various exercises (many of which involve beating up fish) to become stronger...all the while Bo-bobo and Don Patch continue their craziness.

A-Block Amusement Park

  • Episodes: 12-16
A-Block Saga

The assault on A-Block

As Heppokomaru continues training and Bo-bobo and Don Patch continue doing their own thing, the team travels onward until they reach the Fairy Tale Amusement Park. While her two companions seem occupied, Beauty is forced to watch the introduction by the strange leader of the park: gelatinous A-Block Leader Tokoro Tennosuke. After a rather enthusiastic introduction (since hardly anyone comes to the park), Tokoro Tennosuke shows the real reason for his contact: the abduction of a man named Tomohiro whom he was trying to make eat spaghetti over curry. Finally getting Bo-bobo's attention with a hostage, Tennosuke instructs him that he'll give him back if he can find him in the park. Bo-bobo and the others enter in search of Tomohiro, with Heppokomaru choosing to continue his training as he assists his allies.

Within moments of entering the park, Bo-bobo's team finds out that each of the attractions has a hair hunter assigned to guard it. After entering the ferris wheel, Bo-bobo makes easy work of the first guard (while guiding him through his own personal problems). Choosing to split up to cover more ground, Bo-bobo ends up on the train ride being conducted by a second Hair Hunter. After a wild ride, he makes quick work of this one as well.

Meanwhile, Don Patch takes in some time on the coffee cup ride, spending some time with his "child" Ya-kun. On the ride, he remembers a former lover: a letter "U" who was heading off into the world. The "U" subsequently returns to reunite with Don Patch..but has turned both into a Hair Hunter and a number "6". The number nearly succeeds in hypnotizing Don Patch, but the love of his toy doll prevents him from completely being taken over. Bo-bobo returns to help Don Patch, but only defeats 6 just to prove that "3 + 3 = 7". While this is going on, Heppokomaru continues to train and Beauty takes in a bit more of the park.

After a rather strange ride on a roller coaster (involving a rap about turtles), Bo-bobo and Don Patch reunite with Beauty to continue their search. But as they enter the haunted house, they find a strange man stepping on Heppokomaru. It turns out that this man is Katsu, A-Block vice-leader and collector who had defeated the gas warrior with his absorption abilities and stolen his neck belt as a prize. The two hajikelists try to fight without getting too much done to Katsu. But suddenly, Heppokomaru appears once again, mysteriously revived...yet mentally reverted into a baby. Yet in this baby form, his Fist of Farts abilities appear to peak, overpowering Katsu and ultimately taking him down.It is eventually explained by his neck belt that Heppokomaru's fart abilities are so powerful that his mind reverts whenever it is used to its fullest extent. It is so that he must wear his neck belt at all time to restrain himself and keep him sane.

With another enemy defeated and the team reunited, Don Patch decides to take a bathroom break....and finds the missing Tomohiro. But though he is found, Tokoro Tennosuke is still out there. Joined in their search by a mysterious blue wobbly man (who looks exactly like the guy who taunted them earlier), the search continued...until Heppokomaru pointed out the obvious: that guy is Tokoro Tennosuke. Charging right into battle, Tokoro Tennosuke powers himself up with soy sauce to combat Bo-bobo. But what he doesn't realize is that Bo-bobo chooses to fight eating him. After finally realizing that, the jelly man runs off and tries a different approach, both by capturing Beauty and using various abilities of his Fist of the Wobble-Wobble. But what starts off as a fight turns into a chaotic hajike free-for-all, as Tokoro Tennosuke joins in with the weirdness of his enemy he's supposed to be fighting.

Finally realizing the true extent of the Hair Hunter's power, Bo-bobo realizes his only option is to use a "fusion" for victory.After Don Patch turns into an edible candy, Bo-bobo and him transforms into the unstoppable BoboPatch. Nothing Tokoro Tennosuke does at this point, from wobbly fists to hajike tricks, appear to work against this seriously powerful green-haired warrior.Recalling his traumatic days when he failed to be sold at a supermarket, the wobbly warrior continued to stand firm...until a nosehair attack by BoboPatch smashes him into a ferris wheel, putting him out of commission. But though victory was achieved at the park, Bo-bobo somehow thinks that someday he may return a promise to Tokoro Tennosuke...

Gunkan and Pomade Ring

Episodes: 17-21

Wasting time and trying to find something to do after the fall of A-Block, Don Patch ends up finding the perfect opportunity: becoming a Hair Hunter to stop Bo-bobo. After a simulated situation (regarding running away from home from a golden-afro wife) and constant torment, Don Patch makes his way to the interview for the position. But the conference turned into an embarrassment as he ended up facing both Bo-bobo and a rival with a bird head and a car for a body. Making matters worse was the lack of credible qualities on his part (not to mention Bo-bobo threatening everyone with yakitori). As the interview neared its end, Don Patch became more interested in a door nearby that was off limits to him. As he opened it, he discovered a platoon of defeated Hair Hunters...and a ducktailed-haired man who stopped them all sitting near them.

The assaulter of the Hair Hunters turns out to be none other than Gunkan, sworn enemy of Bo-bobo and fellow master of Hanage Shinken. Although he had a long and turbulent history against Bo-bobo, he had been mysteriously attacking his own soldiers. Further complicating things is that Heppokomaru's own connection, recalling him as the leader of forces that destroyed his hometown, Pupuu City and abducted his senpai Fundoshitarou. Angered by this, Heppokomaru tries to attack Gunkan (who for some reason had turned into an octopus at this point), but is interrupted by the arrival of Gunkan's assistant Suzu mentioning more progress on his attack on the Hair Hunters. Seeing the teen's boy obsession with protecting Beauty, Gunkan soon instructs another of his warriors to turn her into a doll, allowing him to take her away back to his headquarters: the Pomade Ring. Although Heppokomaru wanted to go alone, the final words of the small servant Doll Man mentions Gunkan's own Ninshu, upon which inspires Bo-bobo to go forth and assist once again.

Pomade Ring Saga

Bo-bobo's new rebel team gets ready to invade Pomade Ring

Seeing how Gunkan's side had five warriors...and Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Heppokomaru make three, Bo-bobo goes on a recruiting mission to equal the sides. He first recruits Softon, luring him away from a part-time job with Beauty's dangerous situation.Then, he buys Tokoro Tennosuke from his supermarket, where he returned after his failure as a Hair Hunter. With his team together, Bo-bobo's side headed forth to , where they immediately find resistance from Gunkan's minions running amuck on the ground.Making matters worse was the Pomade Ring, which no one could find too easily without assistance. The team finally finds the headquarters, floating right above them just as Bo-bobo crash lands inside of it.

Once inside the Pomade Ring, Bo-bobo immediately finds resistance in Gunkan's assistant Suzu, but is able to take her out rather easily while discovering she isn't as evil as she looks.Meanwhile, the remainder of the team use a little positive thinking (courtesy of Don Patch) to become lighter than air and fly upwards to their destination. After a turbulent flight avoiding Gunkan's warriors (and a strange cloaked weirdo named Serviceman), the squad finally makes their way inside and try (and fail miserably) in various spy tactics to avoid contact. (though Bo-bobo is better than them in blending in and making a fellow co-worker jealous)

Eventually, Bo-bobo's quintet reunites in a room with five warp panels, where Gunkan states that they will now be holding one-on-one fights against his masks Battleship Five Quartet (who for some reason have six members). Heppokomaru decides to go first, warping himself into a strange school setting where everyone is wearing masks similar to his possible enemy. After wandering around for a while, he runs into his real opponent: his old friend Fundoshintarou, now a servant of Gunkan. Being whipped around by his former friend, Heppokomaru realizes that he has to unleash one of his most powerful attacks if he is to win. Unfortunately, his neck belt ends up screwing up the unleashing, making him ultimately lose.

With one match down, Bo-bobo fights next, going up against a cowardly calendar.But after a seemingly easy battle, he discovers his real opponent isn't the calendar, but the more powerful calendar page for "June 7". Bo-bobo is forced to take the match into Bo-bobo World, where the page goes insane from the weirdness.But though victory was reached, Bo-bobo reappeared as if he had lost. Both Don Patch and Tennosuke don't fair any better against Gunkan's warriors, the former losing in two minutes to a tough guy, the latter to a stick of gum.

Meanwhile, Gunkan continues to watch the matches of Bo-bobo's team, joyfully getting drunk, while accidentally hitting the self-destruct button on his Pomade Ring. The flying fortress crashes into the ground, taking out Tennosuke for the rest of the fight, but somehow getting Beauty back in Bo-bobo's hands. Softon, who witnesses all that has happened, realizes that while Bo-bobo is extremely powerful on his own, his weakness is still exposed for Gunkan to exploit.To remedy that, he summons a doorway (actually, a bathroom stall) into the mysterious Babylon World where he can train. But in the midst of the summoning, the last of the Battleship Five Quartet runs inside needing to use a bathroom. With three of their team gone, Softon and Heppokomaru choose to take on Gunkan on their own.

Inside Babylon World, Bo-bobo continues his weird ways alongside Don Patch. However, they are soon joined by the local Babylon Guidance Corp: a bunch of chicken headed warriors that somehow get along with Bo-bobo rather easily.Beauty keeps trying to get him to go after his weakness, but slowly gets disturbed by how many chicken heads appear in this world. Eventually, the last of Gunkan's warriors catches up with them, where he finds himself part of the insanity when all he wants to do is fight Bo-bobo.Eventually, he finally reveals himself as a powerful warrior, with a cat head. As Bo-bobo fights him, he finally realizes his weakness: his lack of super-techniques. To remedy that, he defeats the cat headed guy with his new super technique: a weak arm chop. With his weaknesses defeated and his plans set up, the team finally leaves Babylon World to finish off Gunkan.

Bo-bobo's team returns to the real world, where they discover Softon and Heppokomaru help Gunkan build a new headquarters(in reality, they have been tricked by him). Within moments, the two nosehair warriors finally faced off, fighting in an ultimate battle that combined nosehair techniques with powerful hajike abilities. In the midst of the battle, Gunkan finally reveals the source of his anger: while he and Bo-bobo fought together and learned their skills at the same time, Bo-bobo was chosen as the 7th Master of the Fist of the Nosehair because he was from the Hair Kingdom (which Guunkan was not), as well as Bo-bobo disrespecting their teacher (a juice can) subsequently by pouring out his contents and kicking him away. It was this anger that made Gunkan go forth and fight against his former friend, going to the extent of calling the Earth Special Defense Forces to blow him to smithereens and even preventing Bo-bobo from fusing while doing a confusing fusion of his own.

At the climax of the battle, Bo-bobo dons special armor (a set of orange crates) to block all of Gunkan's attacks. The armor both worked physically and mentally against the ducktail warrior, making him hallucinate his own obsessions while being knocked out.With his opponent weak, Bo-bobo unleashes his most powerful technique yet: an alliance of nosehairs that lash out every which way towards his opponent. In the midst of being whipped, Gunkan finally realized his own weakness: his obsession with power and glory was merely a mask to impress Bo-bobo and show him that he was the better man.Suddenly, Bo-bobo's nosehair onslaught stops, as the afro warrior realizes that the battle is over and that, even with all the hostilities, the two were still ultimately friends. Crying out loud for his joy, Gunkan runs out towards his friend...where he is hit by more nosehairs from Bo-bobo. While the two could still be friends, Bo-bobo didn't think that they should show any niceties towards each other. And with that, the battle with Gunkan finally came to a close.

Hatenko, Purupu, and the Evil Blood Mansion

Episodes: 22-23

As Bo-bobo finishes Captain Battleship off, a mysterious man appears at where he subsequently freezes all of the remaining staff in search of the afro-haired warrior. Meanwhile, the team (back down to Bo-bobo, Don Patch, Beauty and Heppokomaru) are still up to their own strange travels. Don Patch decides to read some fan letters, where he complains about the silver-haired boy remaining on the team before flying off to do some business elsewhere.As soon as Don Patch leaves, the mysterious gold-hair man from before arrives in the same area, in search of Bo-bobo. Introducing himself as from the , he tries to speak with Bo-bobo, but is interrupted both by Bo-bobo's ignorance as well as by another hair hunter who realizes Bo-bobo is in the area.Sick of the constant interruptions, the blonde pulls out a key and "locks" the hunter, making him freeze in place. The warrior, finally introducing himself as Fist of Key fighter Hatenko, finally prepares to discuss his important matter with the hair warrior...until Don Patch suddenly returns, making him cry praise for his beloved oyabin. In flashback, it is revealed that Hatenko had been searching for Bo-bobo, but ended up joining the Hajikegumi after being found by the orange hajikelist and his followers.

Before the group could get any further with discussion, they were interrupted once again by three powerful warriors flying overhead. Seeing them heading towards nearby Iguana Town, Hatenko chooses to go after them. However the trio, lead by the maniacal Purupu of the Four Heavenly Kings of the Maruhage Emipre Empire, ends up massacring a good portion of the village prior to his and Bo-bobo's team's arrival. Hatenko continues to admire the "sun-like" nature of his oyabin before a hajike incident makes Don Patch turn into a tennis ball..that hits Purupu in the face. When inquiring about who hit him, Don Patch reveals himself as the infamous Panty Hunter L, yet seems to be easily taken out by Bo-bobo's own precaution.

With the Don Patch situation under control (for the moment), Purupu begins to taunt Bo-bobo, claiming that although Battleship was a member of the Four Heavenly Kings, he was the weakest the point that his own assistants (a cute female and a box of chocolates) are stronger than the defeated opponent. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, the cat-creature decides to send his assistants after Bo-bobo...but amazingly, Don Patch (still Panty Hunter L) rises again, using amazing power and ability to easily knock out first the assistants, then Purupu himself. Hatenko continues to praise his boss while the rest of the team are shocked that Don Patch has that much power in him.

After the easy defeat of another of the Four Heavenly Kings, Hatenko reveals one of the main reasons he was there: to inform of the wedding between Tsurulina IV and his new wife (a monster who is sucking out his brain with her tail). Though they missed the wedding, they were still invited to a party at the nearby Blood Mansion in celebration.After a bit of preparation (involving more weirdness), Bo-bobo's team sets out once again. But in reality, the leader of the Maruhage Empire wanted Bo-bobo to go there as a trap to capture him.

Arriving at the mansion, the team discovers that its on fire. After several attempts to put it out, Bo-bobo yells at it and it stops burning. But as they make their way inside, they discover the first person they meet is Killalino, the duck-underwear-wearing Hair Hunter that approached Beauty after she first teamed up with Bo-bobo. Wary at first about going in (especially with him here), Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Beauty end up going inside, where they instantly find themselves locked in. But after another attempt, Killalino falls into his own traps, once again failing to defeat Bo-bobo's team.Unfortunately, the duck underwear he wears warn them that they are now under the watchful eye of assassins sent by Tsurulina IV to get rid of them. The duo, a pair of cell phones, end up crashing in to the mansion, but end up breaking apart or exploding as they arrive, removing their threat rather instantly.Meanwhile, the locked out Heppokomaru approaches Hatenko outside, asking him why he keeps leading them towards these various traps, but Hatenko merely gives a vague answer regarding whose side he's on.

Traveling further into the mansion, Don Patch finds himself under attack from an army of umbrellas. The umbrellas are easily defeated by a kappa, who rather wear a raincoat as opposed to use an umbrella.While Don Patch makes fast friends with him, Beauty rather he go away instead of join them. But the trio had little time to say anything more before they discover Bo-bobo has been captured by MAX Kyokawa, a lizard mad scientist of the Hair Hunt who was bathing the nosehair fighter in a strange liquid to brainwash him.After finally releasing him, Bo-bobo does exactly what he is commanded, throwing aside Beauty with his nosehairs and then partaking in various battles against Don Patch and the kappa, defeating them each and every time! Even with Heppokomaru finally breaking in to protect Beauty from Kyokawa, the group appeared at its lowest point.

Hatenko Saga

Bo-bobo's group as they leave the Blood Mansion

As he continued to face the threat of fighting his best friend, Don Patch ends up wishing for a shonen-style power-up to assist him.His wish is granted as he appears that he gains a buff human body for battle, but Bo-bobo also "powers up" into a hairy beast. However, the duo turn out to be useless in battle to the point that, in reality, Bo-bobo and Don Patch did not transform and the other two were useless. The battle between the real friends continued on, until Hatenko reappears once again. Using his key skills to lock Bo-bobo's heart, he was finally able to restore the nosehair warrior to normal.However, MAX Kyokawa goes crazy now that Bo-bobo is no longer under his control, to the point of being locked away after a quick trial. With their ordeals at over, the group finally resume their journey, only to see the mansion turn into a pig head.

Robo Block and Z-Block

Episodes: 24-26

Continuing their journey, the team decides to take a break at an resort. While Bo-bobo takes up surfing and Heppokomaru digs for ancient artifacts, Don Patch decides to merely sunbathe, particularly after a robot offers to oil him up. Unfortunately, Hatenko sees his boss with the robot, attacking it out of anger and declaring a watermelon-splitting contest against it. But instead, he and Bo-bobo end up facing the machine and its friend in a game of beach volleyball, where the robots dominate...yet Bo-bobo's team gains advantage due to their referee (a seagull with a bad history with robots). Even with the robots using two other mechanical cohorts to hold Don Patch hostage, Hatenko would not back down against their menace. This leads to the four machines coming together, revealing themselves as the guardian team of the Maruhage Robo Block.

After another confusing match against the robot team (a baseball game gone awry), Hatenko tries to shut down one of the robots to defeat them, though he ends up learning that its merely run by a mouse on a running wheel. After Bo-bobo gets rid of the mouse, the lead tries to find out what makes Bo-bobo run...but when he finds out that its three guys running on hamster wheels, the whole team gets even further confused. But suddenly, Don Patch comes to a realization: the lead robot of the team was actually Roscal, a small robot that he himself raised at one point before being forced to return it to his family (well according to his hajike tale). Feeling sorry over all the harm they caused, Robo Team choose to forgive, fusing into the powerful Forgiveness Mask to partake in pleasantries. Bo-bobo and Don Patch also transform into Forgiveness Mask...but it turns out Bo-bobo still had not forgiven #3 of the team. When the other robots find this out, they too get knocked away into defeat by nosehairs.

After their rest at the beach, Bo-bobo's team continued their journey, next arriving at the seemingly bizarre Z-Block Base.After getting past security (a chihuahua), the group finds themselves the set of the hit game show Quiz Kegari de Pon!. Bo-bobo and Don Patch both voluntarily join the show, where the emcee makes them and another contestant answer seeming impossible questions and bizarre challenges in order to win.By the final question, the host asks the contestants to depict "a trip", upon which Bo-bobo turns into a train and Don Patch and the other contestant travel on him to points unknown. The Hair Hunter host reveals that the last question was merely a means to get rid of Bo-bobo, but does not expect him to instantly return and easily kick his butt. But as the game occurs, no one on the team knows that they were being watched by the mysterious block leader Dengakuman, a small white creature who wants his enemies to eat dengaku.

After their first block victory, an immense TV (named Radioman) suddenly pops up from the ground and steals Don Patch. Hatenko dives in after him...while Bo-bobo joins as well because he wants to be on television. Within moments of going inside, Bo-bobo and Don Patch take over a news program while Hatenko...ends up a ghost in one of their articles. But at the end of their broadcast, the duo are confronted by Shou Mei, a light-wearing freak who controls Radioman from the inside.The Hair Hunter immediately reveals a dirty little secret about their situation: Z-Block is actually the strongest of the Hair Hunting blocks, where even the grunt soldiers are as powerful as Tokoro Tennosuke, a fact that Beauty and Heppokomaru are forced to reckon with as they face off against the true nature of these grunts: an army of first-class chefs who end up crowding themselves in with them!

Back inside the TV, Shou Mei uses his light abilities against Bo-bobo and Don Patch. But while it doesn't seem to work, Bo-bobo reveals a horrible secret: he's a vampire and the light is killing him! As the hajike warrior is forced to watch, Bo-bobo dissolves under the force of the enemy light. But within moments of disappearing, a new ally appears: a man who looks just like Bo-bobo, but with black hair, a different set of shades, and fishcake in his head. Revealing himself as 'Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Double Twin Mark II Second, the warrior ends up fusing with an oden-cart to fight against Shou Mei, while Don Patch ends up fusing with Suzuki who originally shows up as part of the new Bo-bobo's armor. After a confusing battle, the Parallel Universe Bo-bobo burns Shou Mei with his "Hand of Hellfire" attack, but the duo remained stuck inside Radioman!But the black-haired Bo-bobo knew of a way to escape, using all of his nosehair fist abilities to transform into a giant dragon that both destroys Radioman and crushes the chef army!

Immediately after escaping, the "dragon" Bo-bobo lays an egg for victory...hatching into Z-Block vice leader Kibahage, who claimed he had waited five years for this moment! After restoring himself to a normal state, Bo-bobo faces the new fighter down in a bizarre game that made little sense even by hajike standards! After psyching Kibahage out by turning glasses into Ganeme (which merely were glasses turned on their side), Bo-bobo piledrived his opponent into the ground. But even with another enemy down, he immediately found himself face-to-face with a giant tank..with Dengakuman controlling it!Although the block leader's objectives were easy (blast them, then make them eat dengaku), he ends up firing honey butter instead out of his turret, upon which he shares with his enemies! The battle continued subsequently, with the enemy doing strange actions alongside Bo-bobo and Don Patch, whom eventually realizes that this opponent was actually a hajike from how he acted.After passing the revelation on, Dengakuman challenges the two of them to a food-based hajike story contest, which all three act out weird tales regarding edibles.

As the hajike battle take its toll on him, Dengakuman reveals the truth regarding his life: how he was an abandoned puppy turned away from his family and even working for a team that couldn't stand him. With the right pushing, he coaxes Bo-bobo to introduce him to some friends, which the afro warrior obliges by showing him several strange companions in a friend-meeting show, including a talking head with tentacles sticking out and a girl who had a bit of an obsession with raisins.But even after his help, Dengakuman still found himself friendless, which is where Bo-bobo makes his point: the main reason he wasn't making any friends was that he was whimpering about his failures without doing something about it, choosing to find friends that care with their heart. Running after Bo-bobo hoping he would be his friend, Dengakuman ultimately gets smashed by the combined teamwork of the heroic team, saying that one can not win in battles alone.And with another enemy defeated, Bo-bobo and friends leave as they blow up another Hair Hunt block.

Hajike Block and the King of Hajikelists

Episodes: 27-29

After the fall of yet another Hair Hunt block, Tsurulina IV realizes his battle resources running low. It is on that he has no choice but to reopen the legendary Hajike Block, where powerful hajike warriors recruited by the Maruhage Empire reside. Meanwhile, Bo-bobo and Don Patch are still doing hajike antics of their own causing chaos to anyone they meet. In the midst of this, Hatenko announces that he has to leave their group behind to "rejoin his flock". As a group of "bird-like Hatenkos" fly by, the key warrior rejoins them as he goes off with his flock. (in reality, Hatenko left to prevent Bo-bobo and the others from noticing a strange seal placed on his body that was weakening him) But amidst these blond, scarf-wearing clones, a weird man with sunglasses and horn hair appears with them! After Bo-bobo shoots him down, he plays a hajike game between him and Don Patch over ice cream.After Don Patch wins the game, Bo-bobo discovers that the strange Hatenko-clone was from the Hajike Block, which he himself wanted to check out.

In order to enter Hajike Block, Bo-bobo's team have to act like the native hajikelists to get in, particularly if it means dressing up in dolphin costumes and hopping their way inside. While the group nearly fail the first time and are almost abducted by dolphin trainers, they are suddenly saved by N&Ns, an incompetent "space traveler" who decides to allow the group free passage into the block.But before he could help them, Bo-bobo and Don Patch decide to do the dolphin show after all and even "assist" a line-drawing device in his dreams of swimming alongside them. But once they find their way inside the block, the group are immediately confronted by an army of hajikelist, all of them desiring to taking our group on! But, with the assistance of another transporter (not N&Ns this time), Bo-bobo and the team escape into the heart of the block.

As they reach the first floor of the block, Don Patch, Beauty and Heppokomaru enter the chamber of the "tea-ceremony hajike battles", where they find an abusive teacup already doing its work. Within moments, the orange hajikelist finds himself in battle with the cup, throwing around loud entrances and serving both bottled tea and ramen towards each other.Eventually, Don Patch merely blows his opponent away with a cannon to get rid of him. Going up to the next floor, Bo-bobo guides the group through a pet shop filled with bizarre and interesting animals.In the midst of these weird things, a familiar gelatinous figure slides back into the picture. But while Tokoro Tennosuke is happy to live in Hajike Block with the other weird things, he is practically a captive after being bought by a corrupt space cop claiming he was running amuck on Mars!It was because of his sadness of his situation that Tennosuke was now using a special handkerchief...with the Japanese character Nu () written all over it!After Bo-bobo teaches the policeman a lesson, he offers the jelly man to come along with them once again, which he happily accepts.

With Tokoro Tennosuke now alongside, the team heads upstairs to the next floor, where they are attacked by a mysterious, quick moving swordsman. The swordsman reveals itself as honorable mouse samurai Chuunosuke, whom Bo-bobo immediately realizes must be stopped by "a cat". In a weird hajike cat and mouse chase, Bo-bobo and Don Patch go after the varmit, but only stop him first with a real cat...then by Bo-bobo beating up on both when the mouse looked cornered!

Ultimately making their way to the top floor of the block, the team discovers that the block leader has been captured in a bowl of rice! Furthermore, they are approached by a strange boy who had previously been watching them as they made their way up Hajike Block (particularly Don Patch, whom he had interest in) and decides to serve all of them rice as well. (even if some of it is a bit tainted)The boy ultimately introduces himself as Rice, much to the chagrin of other starch-based characters (like Tennosuke) as well as saying that he holds the title of King of Hajikelists. After an introductory battle where he shows off his Fist of Rice abilities, he ends up capturing Beauty in a giant rice bowl with an ultimatum: if they don't defeat him within an hour, she's going to turn into a panda!

With their female accomplice captured, Bo-bobo's team tries their hardest to break through Rice's attacks, but are consistently thrown into the grain attacks of their opponents.But eventually, Bo-bobo realizes that as powerful as his fist attacks are, the enemy has yet to use any hajike attacks. But it is this weakness which Rice immediately responds: he only does hajike attacks for a special dinner performance at 6 PM...which was merely minutes away at that point.Seeing their enemy about to awaken to full power, Bo-bobo and Don Patch knock Rice around, while Tennosuke merely gives him special party goods celebrating jelly. But it was not enough to prevent the six o'clock start, where Rice immediately powers up...and squeezes Heppokomaru and Tokoro Tennosuke's chests in perverted pleasure, taking them out instantly and throwing them with Beauty in the rice bowl.

With the battle reduced to the three hajike warriors, Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Rice continue to throw weird, confusing attacks towards one another, from Rice dressing up in strange outfits (like a ballerina tutu and the word "KING") to throwing out a poison apple that immediately goes under investigation and power-ups that...don't go the way they should. Eventually even Don Patch fails to defeat the "King of Hajikelists", but Bo-bobo slowly discovers Rice's own carelessness, making him believe that perhaps he could win....and become "King of Hajikelist" himself. But while all of this is happening, everyone forgets that an hour has passed..and that Beauty finds herself humiliatingly dressing up in a panda costume.

With the battles becoming dire, Bo-bobo goes on the hajike offensive by showing him weird x-rays of his opponent and even using a Tetris tactic to put a finish to Rice.When he fails, Rice once again proclaims himself the "King of Hajikelists". But at that very moment, his performance time was up and his hajike abilities went away!Yet even with his abilities drained away and none of his new attempts working, Bo-bobo continued to throw weird hajike attacks his way. Ultimately, with a super-powerful attack combination of his nosehairs and hajike skills, the afro fighter finally puts the finishing blow on Rice, freeing his allies and putting an end to the battle.Upon victory, Rice passes a special "H" necklace to him, declaring Bo-bobo once and for all as the "King of Hajikelist". (and reducing him to...a Tokoro Tennosuke spokesperson)

OVER and the Legendary Idiot Killer

Episodes: 30-35

Introduction and Arrival at OVER's Castle

Within moments after Rice's defeat, a new voice is heard within the Hajike Block room. Ochoboguchi-kun, a huge mouth servant of OVER (one of the Four Heavenly Kings) appears, giving offer to Bo-bobo to take on his master.As added insurance, he reveals that Rice has a mark similar to the one seen on Hatenko: a "Kill Seal" that slowly saps away the power of its target to its death. In order to remove the mark, Bo-bobo's team would have to defeat OVER in combat.But first, he decides to test them out, using his ninja tactics against the Hajike Trio. While his abilities were just as incompetent as Bo-bobo or Don Patch, the afro warrior was able to make easy work of Ochoboguchi-kun. As reward, the ninja uses his mouth as a portal for Bo-bobo's team, instantly transporting them to OVER's castle while he remains. (with N&Ns, who looks after Rice)

Within moments of arriving near the castle, Bo-bobo's team fly over into the main courtyard, where they have another close encounter with Serviceman. While passing by a duck pond, they discover their next guardian swimming alongside the waterfowl. After a quick battle and an aerial attack strategy, Bo-bobo's whole team pummel the guard into the ground. But as they get closer to the castle entrance, they see that OVER is no mere enemy, seeing how many had been attacked for their hair moments after arriving. But as they draw closer, no one suspects that Five Hidden Killers, ninja warriors working for OVER, were watching them come closer to their domain.

Entering into the castle, Bo-bobo's team discover their first opponent: a hyperactive, playful little girl named Ruby. But while they want to just go past her immediately, they discover that the only known exit (a pig butt) is locked. Ruby states that while she was assigned to kill them, she rather just play with them for a while before allowing them to the next floor. Though most of the team doesn't see the point of playing with a little girl, Tennosuke actually takes pride in trying to make sure she is not disturbed by anything they pull. However, after an hour of fun and games, Ruby's true nature is revealed: the play was merely a form of brainwashing, meant to make Bo-bobo and the other oblivious to reality allowing for an easy kill. But amazingly, Don Patch is immune to her mental manipulation as well as any regard on beating up on little girls. But although she ultimately loses, Tennosuke leaves her with words of confidence to break through her plight, while Beauty nearly gets disturbed in what's really inside the pig butt.

On the second floor, the warriors come across a soccer-player boy who doesn't even use his soccer ball as a weapon. In actuality, Infinite Kicker has the ability to turn his jungle lair into a lava-filled battleground where most of the team clings to dear life except for Heppokomaru. Forced to fight against this opponent, the teen boy throws out his fart attacks while being slashed by the soccer boy's chain and sickle and consistently getting tormented by the hajikelists hanging for dear life. But when Infinite Kicker rips off Heppokomaru's neck belt, the advantage goes to Heppokomaru as his baby form overwhelms the enemy and assists in another victory.

The Three Civilizations

The next floor of the castle is a strange room filled with dangerous traps set up by one of the three members of the remaining ninja-like trio. While Bo-bobo and the others get smashed and skewered multiple times to no avail, they soon become trapped in a room of a seemingly combustible liquid which turns out to be non-combustible cola, then thrown into a cage while blasted by giant fans and flying feathers. With everyone trapped, Beauty ends up wishing for Hatenko's assistance to get out of this. And within moments, who should appear but Dengakuman wearing a Hatenko mask. Dengakuman smashes the cage, trapping the hajikelist on the condition that he is their friend and that he can now join them.

Climbing up another flight, the team approaches a new battle arena: the top of a giant toilet. With the last three assassins waiting for them along the rim, the entire team throw themselves right into battle, frantically throwing all sorts of crazy attacks at one another. At one point, Tennosuke and Heppokomaru team up for a high-powered slippery attack pattern, yet one of their opponents ends up tripping them inside the giant bowl, the penalty of which being that anyone who falls insides absorbs the water and inflates to the point of explosion. Knowing of what they now face, Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Dengakuman continue their match, throwing out hajike skills and matching the battle capabilities of the main human member of the team, while consistently forced to watch the yellow, long nose member throw out more failing traps their way. Eventually, the whole team outside Bo-bobo ends up in the toilet, upon which the afro warrior uses embarrassing means to get back Tokoro Tennosuke and Don Patch to return to a three-on-three showdown.

With the match even once again, both sides continue their battle as teamwork (or lack thereof) became the key to victory. Bo-bobo consistently uses Don Patch and Tennosuke as weapons to throw at his enemies while facing scorn from the duo. Meanwhile, the assassins begin to use strange ninja techniques, such as freezing sweat and duplication (using hot dogs) to confuse their enemies. The teams even take part in a curling match, where the enemies use a bomb as their stone (that still explodes on them) and Bo-bobo's side uses Dengakuman. fBut as the situation grows more dire with Heppokomaru swelling up and a lack of time remaining, Bo-bobo realizes he has no other option but to use fusion to end it. But after eating the Don Patch candy and keeping his mouth agape, Tokoro Tennosuke slips his gelatinous body down Bo-bobo's mouth, leading to the three coming together to form Bobopatchnosuke.

The moment after his creation, the new warrior immediately takes control of the fight, slapping the ninja squad around with his powerful sword with a head at the end.But even with his power and ability, Bobopatchnosuke realizes his lack of time, forcing him to release his ultimate technique: Majide Time, a strange, space-like dimension where time has no meaning, yet the power of Majide controls all. In accordance to the attack, Bobopatchnosuke throw the ninja squad through one bizarre circumstance after another, with each one forcing them to say "Majide!?" after every one, making the effects more powerful and confusing than the last. Ultimately, after enough Majide power collected, the warrior smashes the trio with the power of his Fist of the Eyelash, smashing them into utter defeat.

The Angry Warrior and the Joke Killer

Over Saga

The rebels as they face against OVER

Finally reaching the top of the castle, Bo-bobo's team immediately see Captain Battleship, beaten and shaved also thanks to OVER. Seeing him once again as a threat that must be stopped, the team find the man behind the madness nearby: maniacal and wielding a giant pair of scissors, OVER showed his immediate displeasure with the intruders and his desire to kill them all (particularly Tokoro Tennosuke, whom he shows obvious hatred for after he throws him into soup and knocks down his room). In order to better challenge them, OVER transports them to his special arena: a battleground where warriors fly out of cannons to attack each other while trying to avoid being skewered by daggers on the ground. The main Hajike Trio fly into battle, consistently throwing themselves high in the sky before either being stabbed on the ground or slashed by OVER's Fist of Horrible Bloody Murder'. Using various tactics in battle, each attempt to attack by Bo-bobo, Don Patch or Tennosuke either does nothing against their opponent or appears to keep him as angry as ever. Even throwing away his scissors does nothing to help as OVER creates more cutting weapons for his disposal.

As the battle grew more desperate, OVER continued to show his hatred and his desire to kill everyone, especially Tokoro Tennosuke (mostly because it was the only name he knew). However, Bo-bobo finally put a plan into motion that affected the Heavenly King: an army of creatures hidden in the cannons with an army of ringing telephones. The plan actually seemed to work, driving OVER berserk as Bo-bobo finally was able to get some hits in. Unfortunately, the battle was taking its toll on OVER in an even worse way: with each time he became angry from the attacks and craziness of the hajikelists, one of six balls on his stomach lit up, giving him the potential anger power to turn back into his "true form". Tennosuke and Bo-bobo make quick work of lighting up the remaining anger balls, as OVER finally unleashed his true power and transformed into Torpedo Girl.

Although it immediately seemed confusing to see a male human change into a female torpedo, her true power was immediately realized as she was revealed to be a legendary Joke Killer, a being who attacks their opponent for even the slightest joke or bit of craziness.And with Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Tennosuke still acting like the joking goof-offs they were, she had plenty of targets to attack, consistently smashing into them over and over. Although she appeared strange herself with her "torpedo" laugh and quick temper, she immediately demonstrated her powers by even deflecting Bo-bobo's nosehair attacks.Seeing how fighting alone would not work, the hajikelists chose to attack in various group formations, but even this was bashed over and over by the force of the torpedo.

Seeing his options getting smaller, Bo-bobo is forced to take Torpedo Girl into Bo-bobo World. Yet even with the craziness and randomness here, Torpedo Girl quickly adapted, surviving a full minute until the hair power ran out and remained standing after it was over. However, the slow turmoil of the weird battles were starting to take its toll on her, as she slowly began to reveal OVER's personality once again. Seeing the true evil within, Bo-bobo chooses to unleash his ultimate trump card: Planetary Judgement, an attack where the enemy (and anyone else for that matter) would be given the judgment of the nine planets of the Solar System. One attack after another, Torpedo Girl is drowned, smashed, fried, skewered, thrown into a "Nu" universe, and even crushed before facing the power of the sun, as personified as "the whole universe" (every character introduced up until the battle with OVER). With the end of the attack, Torpedo Girl finally fell while turning back to OVER, and those infected by his "Kill Seal" were finally free.

With Torpedo Girl finally stopped, the battle arena began to fall apart with Bo-bobo's team plunging rapidly until Suzu appeared and saved everyone through a teleportation. But as well intentioned as she was, she ended up saving OVER as well as the heroes. After several more crazy and frantic attacks (mostly by using Don Patch and Tennosuke as weapons, then claiming it was the enemy that harmed them), Bo-bobo tied his opponent with his nosehair and pile-drives him into a school classroom, hoping that education will finally teach him a lesson. But although OVER was finally stopped, Suzu mentioned the real reason she had come: to tell Bo-bobo that the "Black Governor" has returned to the Hair Hunters.

Hallelujah Land

Episodes: 36-43

Departure to Hallelujah Land

The "Black Governor" that Suzu was speaking of is Halekulani, the last and strongest of the Four Heavenly Kings. While Bo-bobo is not interested in taking him on at first, she also reveals that his headquarters is Hallelujah Land, the world's greatest amusement park, immediately giving the team a reason to go there. However, while the team immediately books the next train out to the park, the logistics show seven teammates and six tickets, meaning Tennosuke has to go the hard way (dragged on the back of the train by a rope). But being on the outside wasn't too bad for the gelatinous warrior: Bo-bobo still hung out with him, and the two were able to spot a pole-wielding assassin the night of their journey. But Kanemaru was no mere warrior, having the ability to hold fast on top of the train while his two opponents consistently fall off and keep up with their transportation. Even as Don Patch joined them, the hajikelists kept feeling the affects of the moving battleground..and the obstacles they hit like tunnels and trees.But somehow, they were able to keep fighting all the way to itself, where they smashed through an alien attraction before finally coming to a stop. Finally at their destination, Bo-bobo and Don Patch ultimately make easy work of Kanemaru...and get only a sash from him as a reward.

With their feet planted on the ground again, Bo-bobo's team find out the danger of going to: Halekulani is so greedy that he blows up any attractions that stop making profits. After experiencing two losing sites, they end up in a safe attraction: the "Little Kids Area", where everyone inside experiences a second childhood. (even if the childhood for Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Tennosuke were...strange) But with the initial problems the kids have towards each other, the real trouble came from Nightmare, the adult who ran the room as a means to defeat enemies through age advantage.But Bo-bobo and the others show themselves as no mere tykes, having lots of fun while beating up on the older bully. Eventually, Nightmare unleashes his ultimate attack: making your worst nightmare come true...though in Bo-bobo and Don Patch's case, their nightmares didn't even make sense even as children. Ultimately, those two choose to fuse together in their kid forms, allowing them to turn into BoboPatch (albeit a badly drawn version) and defeat the older threat.

The Hell Killers

After escaping the kid zone, Suzu states that even with all the attractions in the park, the ultimate goal was to make their way to Money Castle, where they could face Halekulani personally. But outside of him lays the problem of The Hell Killers, three powerful warriors lurking inside the park.When Bo-bobo and Tennosuke choose to go inside the nearby Candy House attraction, they end up instantly meeting one: a powerful warrior who controls his nails like snakes. After a battle where the duo get stabbed and assisted by Suzu (in a Don Patch costume), they end up painting his weapons before taking him out in a team attack.Meanwhile, Don Patch runs off with Heppokomaru and transforms a hero show into an extravaganza on milk. But his actions are interrupted by a cyborg assassin/second of A Few Dangerous Thugs who tries to take him out, yet faces the power and wrath of the egotistical hajikelist as he is confused and pummeled out.

From their previous battle, Bo-bobo and Tennosuke (with Suzu and Beauty) continue on to the castle.But the team are stopped at the attraction by Three Prison-Murderer Brothers who, together, were the final member of the Hell Killers Although they easily take Beauty and Suzu hostage by forcing them to become stuck by smelly killer gum, Bo-bobo's side rose as Softon came to the aid of the heroes. With the combined power of and Bo-bobo's hajike attack (and Tennosuke's failed attempt at a technique), the team was able to hold off the trio long enough for Don Patch to arrive and make a four-on-three showdown. Further enhanced by Bo-bobo activating the spinning capabilities of the tower, the battle became a matter of teamwork as the brothers worked together to throw out gum, lasers and cuteness while the heroes bashed around, hung "Nu" hankerchiefs to dry and threw oranges at the trio.

As the battle became more desperate, the three brothers unleashed their ultimate attack: the transfer of power from the two younger brothers into the eldest (the one with the demon head and curly hair), giving him tremendous strength.Yet Bo-bobo had a special technique to counter their power: a special roulette game where he was the spinner and he chose who got attacked (ally or enemy) and with what! Even though Don Patch and Tennosuke remained targets, most of the punishments were directed towards the brothers, who found themselves squashed, smushed, attacked by ninjas and even turned into shoujo characters...before finally graduating into Bo-bobo's nosehair attack.

The Master of Money

With all obstacles finally defeated, Bo-bobo's team make their way into to meet Halekulani.But while they do see him out in the open, he is surrounded by a field of floating dollar bills. Outside exposing the greed of whomever sees this currency, the money defense was also used to transform anyone he chose into their true value! (as is done to Suzu)Cautious but still showing their greed, Bo-bobo's allies try to make their way past Halekulani's money field, with nearly every attempt failing. Eventually, Bo-bobo uses a gondola to fly above the field and finally make first impact with his opponent, smashing him right in the head!Halekulani is instantly impressed by Bo-bobo, but decides to finally take the stage to show his true power. It is here that Halekulani reveals the true power of his Fist of Gorgeous: the ability not only to defend himself with his money but to use it as his main weapon!Using techniques like turning paper bills into a phoenix, coins into knights and launching jewels at Bo-bobo, he demonstrates his greedy power towards the Hajike Trio. But each and every time, Bo-bobo's team ends up deflecting the attack or turning it towards their own advantage. (outside whenever they get turned into coins themselves or into rich snobs)

Becoming further pleased with his battle, the gorgeous warrior takes the battle to another level, teleporting Bo-bobo's team to a strange board-game world!With the role of a die (er, rhino), Bo-bobo's team got to move closer to their goal of reaching the enemy. But each space is also worth a particular monetary value, forcing it away from the "pieces" while slowly crystalizing the allies into diamond.With each roll, Bo-bobo and the others loss more of their worth as Halekulani extended his riches. Eventually, even as they reached the end of the game, their master continued to torment them by extending the game even further.It was at this point, Bo-bobo became so angry that he...summoned a giant phoenix(Yugi Mutou in the manga) to put a stop to Halekulani's scheme!

Although Halekulani was knocked from being the game master, he was not out of the game.In fact, with the board still set up, Bo-bobo decides to take over at this point, turning the board game into one of his own! Within his game, Halekulani got a taste of his own medicine, being pushed around by the afro warrior while experiencing weird attractions like a haunted house, bath-house and a bit of Serviceman's service.But ultimately, Bo-bobo uses this opportunity to show the true power of the game, literally closing the board and ending it on his own terms before bashing the opponent with a nosehair.

Just as the battle finally seemed over and Halekulani was stopped, the powerful green-haired warrior slowly rose, completely becoming more money-obsessed! Using the full extent of the Fist of Gorgeousness, he summons all the money of , fusing it to show the true power of his value!In his upgraded form, Halekulani now summons his bills by the trillions, blasting it out and sending it out in torrents. Yet even with his new power, the Hajike Trio continue to get in hits while getting completely beat down by each other and their opponent.Eventually, as Halekulani's resolve began to weaken, Bo-bobo reveals that he possesses something that is even more powerful than money itself: boring, normal life! And to demonstrate, he forces his enemy through the weirdest week ever, complete with canned crab, samurai warfare and scary ghost stories (none of which are boring or normal) before combining his entire week into one ultimate smashdown!In the end, Bo-bobo believed it was his own greed that brought Halekulani to his defeat..even if he and his partners still wanted his money.

Cyber City

Episodes: 43-51

Cyber City Saga

Cyber City Arc

While Bo-bobo and the others were fighting Halekulani, Heppokomaru decided to help some others working slave labor in. But it was his heroic effort that brought him to the attention of a squadron of cybernetic warriors, who immediately captured him and fly away! Although Beauty instantly gets upset at this revelation, she has to divert Bo-bobo's attention (from rebuilding in his own image) to get the group to do something. But Softon reveals that the men that captured Heppokomaru aren't ordinary warriors but from Cyber City, the most dangerous place in the entire Maruhage Empire under the direct order of their leader, Giga. After Suzu takes them as far as she can go (before she stays behind) and making their arrangements to get there (using Softon's interesting boat), the group sets out for the dangerous island. Yet within moments of arriving in 's waters, they are attacked by the local patrol.After goofing off over what to do, the soldiers are blown away by Torpedo Girl, who flies out to attack Bo-bobo's squad for making another joke! But amazingly, she is immediately smitten with Softon the moment she lays eyes on him, making her do anything for the team...including bulldozing them straight into Cyber City.

Once arriving on the island, Bo-bobo's team takes a quick lay of the land, where they discover the shaved populace watching others being forced to fight in various jails as punishment.Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Tennosuke fly up to one of the jails thinking they'll find Heppokomaru instantly, but instead find themselves fighting against Pana, a jailer with a wheel on his head to spin and slash his way through a spherical arena. As hard as they try to keep up with his spinning, circular motion, Bo-bobo's team find themselves attacking him from afar to take him down. Pana throws out a psychokinetic ball that takes out Tennosuke, but Bo-bobo is finally able to get rid of him using a combination of a nosehair web and...bad piano lessons to Don Patch.

Although Bo-bobo's team tried to get back to finding Heppokomaru, the defeat of Pana got the attention of the other members of the 6 Electric Brain Warriors, who instruct Bo-bobo on the Fist Hunts they were undertaking on behalf of their master Giga. Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Tennosuke find themselves immediately captured by a second jailer: the bungee master Sonic fighting alongside two incompetent assistants (a rabbit and a suicidal man with a bag over his head).Flying through the air on an elastic band, the heroes bounce along to attack their opponents while watching out for their dangerous techniques. (and even letting The Unknown Sad Sack join in on their snacking) Eventually, Bo-bobo takes the match into his own hands, summoning a magical mystery box with various unknown contents for heroes and villains alike!Although Don Patch and Tokoro Tennosuke get trapped inside the boxes, the two of them end up with the means to stop Sonic and his team: the former with a spiky strike, the latter with a "Lucky" exorcism!

Though two of the Electrc Brain Warriors were now out, a special television broadcast show the unthinkable occurring: Giga uses his Fist of Obujé de Art to transform Heppokomaru into a statue! Bo-bobo becomes angry at the sight of witnessing his partner transform, but is further angered when Softon explains that Giga's power puts him on the same level as Tsuru Tsurulina IV! But the duo can't say too much more before Torpedo Girl smashes them into another Knight due to a dumb joke by Don Patch. Furthermore, she decides to take him and Tennosuke under her wing as they travel into a second Knight at the same time.Torpedo Girl's team ends up in the lair of Shibito, controller of the Fist of Gothic which makes his words come to life. But outside the hajikelists complaints that they can't read, the duo were under the direct tutelage of Torpedo Girl, who ends up using her torpedo powers to knock aside the word attacks over and over with full force. Ultimately, Shibito is forced to use a mind wiping technique, seeming to erase the memories of all of his opponents, but overlooks that Don Patch has no mind to wipe. It is through his actions that he finally is able to free Torpedo Girl, who is able to use Tennosuke to knock out another Cyber Knight.

Meanwhile, Bo-bobo and Softon (and Dengakuman) end up with the car-headed Carman as their opponent. Transported to a bizarre driving course where inanimate objects (even cars and traffic signs) come to life that not even the instructor can control, the fighting duo easily discover his weakness: he hates getting his car head dented! After taking out all his subjects and bashing his head for a while, the trio finally are able to put him down for the moment.But when Giga shows himself again on a nearby monitor, checking out the nosehair warrior he had heard of, Bo-bobo makes a quick introduction by bashing the monitor with Carman's head, taking it and him out as the leader continues to taunt and the afro warrior continues to anger about Heppokomaru.

After his quick conversation with Giga, Bo-bobo and Softon teleport (along with everyone else) to the control center of Cyber City, brought there by a mysterious warrior who uses the Fist of the Black Sun...and with an onion head. Calling himself J, the warrior states that he uses his abilities as the core power of the city. Although Softon easily sees his honorable mentality, he decides to challenge him in battle...but J immediately reveals the mysterious power of his fist, flipping and throwing out black flames. Even with the full powers of Blabs-a-Lot, Softon could not stop the full power that the onion-head controlled.Even as Bo-bobo tries to challenge J, he too continues to miss with his attacks while the opponent gets in hits. But although Softon was down, he had discovered the secret to the Fist of the Black Sun: five black suns used to create illusions of their opponent! After Bo-bobo takes out the fake suns, he decides once again to fuse with Don Patch to take him down. But J immediately sees that Bo-bobo's tactic must not be done, using his teleporting block the Don Patch candy with Dengakuman, who ends up flying inside the afro warrior's body!With everyone on edge over what would happen with Dengakuman inside, the duo end up fusing into....a girl!?!?

The new female fusion, who calls herself Denbo, states that her ultimate attack sing. But while Don Patch immediately hates her, J doesn't seem to care and attacks her regardless. However, Denbo does receive attack strength when her "father in heaven" gives her a pair of nunchucks that she easily uses to bash the onion head...and also seem to make her more aggressive and able to speak Korean! But with her ultimate desire to sing, she chooses to unleash her ultimate technique: One Song Museum, a magical stage show where the songs come to life and attack her intended opponent! Through the weird lyrics of Denbo, along with her collaboration with Don Patch and Tokoro Tennosuke, J finds himself living through one musical nightmare after another until a nosehair attack by the female fusion finishes the job! But although J's defeat seemed to take away Cyber City's power source, Softon creates a makeshift replacement just as Giga finally sends down a coffin to finally allow Bo-bobo and the others to face him personally.

When they finally arrive at the top floor, Giga gives the team a dangerous welcome by throwing knives at them, but Bo-bobo and the others either avoided the attacks or, in Torpedo Girl's case, just deflected them.While some team-mates tried to sweet talk their way around the opponent, Don Patch and Bo-bobo tried to attack, only to find themselves attacking statues or, in Bo-bobo's case, replacing himself with a statue to be attacked. As the afro-headed warrior kept avoiding and attacking Giga, he continued to demand him to turn Heppokomaru back to normal. But Giga chose to bring his full game to the battle, unleashing his ability to precisely calculate and determine the hajikelists attack patterns. But while this seemed to work for the enemy, Bo-bobo was able to defy logic by simplifying his mind to make it become unpredictable to prevent Giga's predictions! (that and using Dengakuman to throw him off)

Although Bo-bobo's team thought they had finally defeated the fist abilities of the opponent, Giga revealed that all of the previous attacks were not his true fist!Finally unleashing the true abilities of "Obujé de Art", he first tries to mold Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Tennosuke into his own masterpieces, but Bo-bobo defies that by becoming an art molder himself. After charging himself with his Obujé statues, he then unleashes a powerful stereo attack that makes anyone who listens to the music bow down to him...but Torpedo Girl shows her immunity to this attack by knocking Giga down, beating Bo-bobo and the others out of their weakness and knocking down the stereo speakers before she and the hajikelists throw a team attack! Giga then goes one step further by creating a never-ending flight of steps, forcing the quartet to go upwards while throwing out one artistic attack after the other to stop them. But after getting past many of the obstacles, Bo-bobo just creates an elevator that gets him up to Giga before teaming with Don Patch in a spinning backdrop to take the art master out!

Just when it seemed like Giga was finally defeated and the team could start looking for Heppokomaru, all of the Obujé statues break apart giving their energy to Giga, making him transform to an even more powerful "Super" form!After revealing Heppokomaru locked away in crystal as his greatest masterpiece, Giga unleashes his ultimate ability: the "Power of Art", allowing him to avoid all attacks using his own abilities! Seeing difficulty in breaking through Giga's ultimate defense, Bo-bobo and the others find their way around it: by combining art with attacks from within the art, they were able to break through and attack the master with their own artistic interpretations!But even after they seemed to finally get through to Giga, he still had one final trump card: using his abilities, he begins to destroy Heppokomaru within his crystal prison! With little time left before Giga's ultimate art was accomplished, Bo-bobo had no choice but to unseal the full power of the Fist of the Nosehair. Using all of his nosehair strengths, he summons the power of seven dragons that...immediately attack the Hajike Trio! But this powerful fire activated the ultimate attack: Blazing Romantic Men, a combination fist attack of all three hajikelists through Bo-bobo that allowed him to smash the full power of "men" into Super Giga!After several powerful smashing attacks by Bo-bobo (as well as Don Patch and Tennosuke), Bo-bobo uses the full extent of the power to summon the sun itself, upon which he punches into and through Giga with the ultimate burning fist, finally taking him out once and for all! With Giga defeated (as well as the last of the Cyber Knights, defeated unknown to the hajikelists by Hatenko), the battles were over and Heppokomaru was restored to normal.The team was able to get Softon back by replacing 's power source with a plum seed while Torpedo Girl parted ways with the hajike squad and Heppokomaru returned to train to prevent this from happening again.

The Former Maruhage Empire

Episodes: 52-70

Return of the Third Era

As Tsuru Tsurulina IV receives word of Giga's fall, he gets even worse news at the same time: the seal on the chamber holding warriors from the era of Tsuru Tsurulina III had broken, making their cold storage chamber rise to the surface once again! Although initially shocked, Tsurulina IV decides to let them emerge if they want, since all they desire is to take out the remains of the Hair Kingdom. Meanwhile, Bo-bobo's team was traveling once again after their adventure, restored to their silly selves after saving Heppokomaru. While on a bridge heading to the mainland, the team come across a platoon of Hair Hunters, all of whom from one-hundred years ago and all looking for warriors from the Hair Kingdom captured alive. Although initially tougher than the average Hair Hunter, Bo-bobo and his four allies (Don Patch, Tokoro Tennosuke, Heppokomaru and Softon) melee in a team effort, working together in various team attacks (and similar forms, in the case of Tennosuke turning into Softon at one point). After defeating most of the team (and sending one member on each side to an aquarium), one of the Hair Hunters chooses to run away, saying they'll live to regret fighting against them.

Former Maruhage Empire

Bo-bobo and Don Patch vs Rose-Lily Kikuojo

With the difficulty of defeating grunt soldiers from one hundred years ago, Bo-bobo and Softon realize the team must increase their abilities to face this new threat. Using Softon's car, the team head to the holy land of Eternal (a shopping mall), where various shops exist to power up each and every one of them. Heppokomaru, Tennosuke, Softon and Don Patch each perform various weird exercises to become stronger, while Bo-bobo merely seems to buy a special black jacket with flames on it (for 582 yen). These power-ups seem to be put to the test almost instantly as the escaped Hair Hunter returns with Rose-Lily Kikunojo, an arrogant man in sunglasses in search of the Hair Kingdom survivor and with the beautifully evil ability of the Fist of Blooming Flowers. Choosing to go ahead to find his enemies, he creates an army of roses which he uses to easily thrash the seemingly powered-up hajike team and even make easy work of the Fist of the Nosehair! Capturing four members of Bo-bobo's team in his roses and giving them ten minutes before being absorbed as nutrients, Rose-Lily Kikunojo appeared to have the heroes on edge...until Bo-bobo decides to try his new jacket and, with "Panty Hunter L" by his side, goes on the offense.

Bo-bobo and Rose-Lily Kikunojo continue to go at it against each other, with the weird attacks of the Hair fighter smashing into the flower attacks of his enemy. But as Bo-bobo continues to attack, he slowly comes to realize his typical attacks do not affect the abilities of the Former Hair Hunter and his flower fist. As the afro warrior begins to realize that he must fight to protect his friends, the back of his new jacket glows with the kanji of love, passed down from the workers and items on sale at the supermarket, making him awaken into Super Bo-bobo! With his new power activated, Bo-bobo goes on the offense against Rose-Lily Kikunojo, making him face not only his upgraded abilities but also the realization of the true power of the Hair Kingdom. As the match quickly is taken over by the nose-hair fighter, he weakens his opponent from one-hundred years ago to the point of smashing him down in the desert with his "Fist of the Nosehair", finally putting an end to the former G-Block commander and freeing his allies from their flowery doom.

Neo Hair-Hunt Land MAX

Meanwhile, Tsurulina IV approaches the formerly sealed chamber of the Former Maruhage warriors, where he is immediately ambushed by two of them who show him the chamber of the most powerful warriors. Although the leader, Tsuru Tsurulina III, remains locked away in his cryogenic slumber, the Maruhage leader is forced to witness the awakening of five of the remaining six top leaders. (one remains asleep for some reason)At their instruction, the setup of a Sangaria was made, where most of the team would have two subordinates on their team for their Hair Hunting purposes. At the same time, Bo-bobo's team decides to go where these Hair Hunters are located after defeating Rose-Lily Kikunojo, even if clueless on where to go.But it is at this point that Hatenko reappears, choosing to lead them towards where the leaders were just as they find themselves ambushed. As an entire platoon of lower-rank Hair Hunters rush in to take them on, the team of hajikelists and normal humans run into the onslaught, where they team together to take out hundreds of subordinates and make their way to their ultimate destination: Tokoro Tennosuke's former A-Block base. But on the instruction of Tsurulina IV and the fishcake-headed Hanpen of Former A-Block, it is immediately replaced by an even bigger amusement park: Neo Hair-Hunt Land MAX, filled with ninety-nine attractions and the leaders of a hundred years ago.

Bolting their way into the park, the team first arrive at the Running Wild Gadget attraction run by Not Nice Cream, the shaved ice commander of Former F-Block. Instructing them of the 3x3 nature of the Sangaria, his team ends up facing Bo-bobo, Hatenko and Tennosuke in a match on an arena where they can be hit around on the track of a runaway machine that can be changed at any time to hit whoever desired.While avoiding the gadget, Bo-bobo's team also must watch out for Not Nice Cream's team abilities, including his own icy Fist of Summer, a vampire and a computer that can change things to a sci-fi environment. After facing an assault from their opponent, particularly Not Nice Cream who had become a space fortress, the trio defeat the sci-fi forms and the shaved ice man.As punishment of the power of teamwork, Bo-bobo forces Not Nice Cream and allies to go on a trip of their own, forced into a chaotic seven-nation world tour riding in Tennosuke before throwing them into a burning typhoon that takes them out. Moving along to the next attraction, the team finds themselves at an immense water slide, controlled by the military man Combat Blues of Former-E Block...and his two cute swimsuit girl companions. Using his duplicious abilities of the Fist of Traps, he captures Beauty (and Don Patch) in his ride, forcing Bo-bobo to take a dip into "Battlefield Requiem", a rapid-flowing battleground and avoid the skilled (yet perverted) Hair Hunter.After being attacked by his opponent, Combat Blues transports in a box filled with his heavy artiliry to use for victory, which he opens to find...Torpedo Girl. With Bo-bobo taking the pity route in showing how he had been bossed around by the enemy, the torpedo flies into action, nullifying all of the military man's traps and forcing her to show the love and care of her motherly nature...before she and Bo-bobo put an end to the pervert soldier.

The next fighting arena the group ends up at is the "Ice Mecha Ring", an ice field controlled by Former C-Block's Jeda the Wind God where he and his two Sangaria partners fight in mechs on a frozen field.After choosing their own robots, Bo-bobo (who uses a weird creature), Tennosuke (a bug swatter) and Don Patch (a box) go forth in a skating showdown filled with weird attacks and mechanical transformations of the bizarre kind. After taking out his two partners with nosehairs from his mech, Bo-bobo heads forth to take on Jeda, but the Hair Hunt leader has changed his strategy, using the abilities of his Fist of the Wind Scythe to slash and blow his opponents away. However, these attacks end up connecting on Tokoro Tennosuke, making him face the punishment of sinking into the ice below.

After witnessing Tennosuke's unexpected sacrifice, Bo-bobo and Don Patch see no other option but to go all out on Jeda by using fusion. But things take an unexpected turn when Don Patch knocks out Bo-bobo's controllers and egotistically makes himself the lead component. Instead of becoming BoboPatch, the duo end up transforming into the powerful and short-fused Patchbobo. In this new form, the yellow-haired warrior takes control using the strange Material Hajike Fusion to fuse two objects into a weapon to attack Jeda, such as a lotus root gun that fires konnyaku, a sword fusing a leek (the Don Patch Sword) and a radish (Tennosuke's Magical Blade of the Radish), even fusing Tennosuke with the ice rink he had sunk into. Eventually the fusions take their toll on Jeda, even to the point of being fused with one of his assistants by the fusion warrior. In the end, PatchBobo finishes the wind warrior and his companions through a double nosehair fusion attacking them with King Nosehair himself.

At the same time as the strongest Former Leaders were being taken out, Torpedo Girl was spending time on the merry go round with her former lover Hatenko...and her wannabe lover Softon. (Heppokomaru was there too for good measure)In the midst of the strange love triangle, the team are approached by three weaker Former Leaders: a swordsman, a ramen fighter and...a male model. Forced unexpectedly to fight on the "Mega-Satan Go Round", the three allies end up fighting one another while being charged at, thrown bowls of ramen and forced to witness a fashion show.But after Softon manipulates the merry-go-round with the power of Blabs-a-Lot, Torpedo Girl and Hatenko finally put aside former difficulties to smash and lock the Hair Hunters.

Life And Death Triple

Former Maruhage Empire 2

The rebels against the three most powerful members of the Third Maruhage Empire

After finding Dengakuman while wandering around the park, Bo-bobo's team makes their way to the next attraction: the "Life and Death Triple", a token pushing game. However, the first guardian they encounter at the site, Former Z-Block's Rububa the Bubble, informs them that this attraction is a Double Sangaria, a match of six on six. Sucking in the first four participants (as well as Dengakuman, who doesn't count), Bo-bobo and Don Patch face Rububa in the "Present Area" while Tokoro Tennosuke goes to the "Hell Area" and Beauty is sent by the guardian into the "Heaven Area". Alone with Bo-bobo, Rububa uses his Fist of Bubbles to fight against the hajikelists while summoning for three more fighters with his bubble abilities. (although its a Double Sangaria, only three of the Former Maruhage Empire participants are actually inside)In a pinch, Bo-bobo uses Don Patch to contact two more warriors for the battle...where upon it is instantly responded by former "King of Hajikelist" Rice. With three hajikelists in the same zone, the trio are able to manage Rububa's bubble abilities much easier. However, the bubble signal was able to gain contact with the mysterious Lambada, leader of the Former B-Block, who ends up ignoring the lower Hair Leader allowing the Hajike Trio to blast him with a combined Hajike Cannon attack. At the same time as their battle, Tokoro Tennosuke encountered a strange creature in the Hell Area, who immediately defeats him while Beauty encounters the mysterious sleeping chamber in the Heaven Area, which finally opens to reveal the sleeping Rem of Former D-Block.

Within moments of one victory, the sixth member of Bo-bobo's Double Sangaria team arrives: Serviceman.Entering into the Heaven Area, he finally seems to awaken Rem, who immediately starts a counter-attack with her Fist of Crash-Sleeping and ignoring all of the powerful service attacks of the cloaked warrior. With one warrior down, Rem goes toward Beauty, forcing Bo-bobo to try and find a way in there even though the Present Area still had the threat of Lambada.With Rice choosing to take on the current enemy, Bo-bobo uses Don Patch to try and break into Heaven Area..but he ends up in Hell Area where he meets the true guardian: the mysterious Roman Kikō of Former R-Block. Using a boost from Rice, Bo-bobo finally slips in to Heaven Area to fight Rem and save Beauty. (but while all this is happening, Ujikin TOKIO tries to become a member of the Double Sangaria...and loses instantly)

Back inside Hell Area, Don Patch immediately faces the abilities of Roman Kikō and his Fist of Strange Animals, but somehow the orange hajikelist is able to easily get along with these creatures while summoning another one of his own, bringing Tokoro Tennosuke back inside the game. Furthermore, Don Patch begins to peeve his opponent as he begins to call him by another name. As he further confuses his opponent, he slowly reveals that this man really is the ancient thief Ishikawa Goemon. Rallying the creatures summoned by his opponent against him and even becoming a house for the famed thief to steal from, the orange hajikelist is able to make easy work of Goemon. Meanwhile, Tennosuke unknowingly faces against the last of the Former Team: the small commander of Former Y-Block Kancho-kun, who sticks his fingers upwards to stab the jelly man throwing him into Heaven Area.When Bo-bobo removes the creature from Tennosuke's behind, it admits defeat. But the disturbance ends up waking Rem again, making her throw sand on all of her opponents making everyone in the room (including herself) instantly fall asleep.

While Bo-bobo and the others are asleep, they find themselves transported into Rem Sleep World, the ultimate ability of the female's Fist of Crash-Sleeping where they enter a world which they may not escape if they fall asleep there.With sleep meters running and Rem twenty times more powerful than in the real world, Bo-bobo and Tennosuke fight against Rem while being pummeled by her sleep fists. With their meters approaching maximum (and with Don Patch cooking boots), Rem appears to finally have defeated Bo-bobo.However, he reveals that his meter was not collecting her sleep abilities but his own anger, since he hasn't even been asleep during this fight. With his anger at max, Bo-bobo finally wakes Rem up escaping from her sleep world.With his anger not abated even after waking up, Bo-bobo sends the female fighter into a world of his own: Bo-bobo World Nightmare, where he, Don Patch and Tennosuke force Rem to experience strange and scary events of their own choosing. Witnessing one weird thing after another, the female slowly feels a pulse pounding in her own body as she starts to realize that her entire life was ruined because of her parents desire to make her the world's greatest futon. Realizing these turmoils, Rem reveals an evil spirit locked within her, which Bo-bobo ultimately exorcises saving her from her true nightmares.

Although most of the Life or Death Triple leaders had been stopped, there still remained the problem of Lambada. Although Rice tried to stop him, the fighter used the abilities of the Fist of Polygon to break free of his Fist of Rice and transform him into primary polygons to break him apart. After Rem reveals him as one of the Three Most Powerful of the Former Maruhage Empire (alongside Tsuru Tsurulina III and Hanpen), the main Hajike Trio head off to face him on...until Softon decides to crash the party. Showing himself as able to resist the aura of Polygons that even Bo-bobo's team ends up having a difficult time with, Softon reveals that he has increased his Fist of Blabs-a-Lot through training with J, upgrading it to its ultimate potential.With the combined power of and the Black Sun, Softon is able to resist Lambada...until J's upgrade wears out, returning the power to normal and forcing the quartet to use their traditional powers to stop him.

Even facing the entire team remaining in the arena, Lambada continues to use the power of his polygon fist to its true potential, reshaping Bo-bobo and his team and forming various objects to attack them with. But each time they get hit by the polygon aura, the Hajike Trio continue to resist and fight against it even though they keep turning into rectangular slabs.Both sides continue to use the power of three dimensions to their advantage in reforming and transforming to attack each other. But Bo-bobo finally figures out a means to stop the power of the polygons: the world of Retro Game Playing, where everything is pixels and two-dimensional, making Lambada's polygons worthless. With his opponent at his mercy, Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Tokoro Tennosuke throw him through one old-style video game after another...until ultimately transported into their own GBA game where they finish him off as Bobopatchnosuke.

The Fishcake Warrior

With one of the most powerful Former Maruhage Empire defeated, Bo-bobo heads off to try and find the remaining two. However, he doesn't get too far before he discovers Hanpen, who immediately knocks everyone out. Summoning Hanpen Castle (pretty much a pile of fishcake), the fishcake head chooses to challenge Bo-bobo's team to an Oden Deathmatch (a match where they use various oden ingredients as part of their attacks) for his Sangaria match. After Torpedo Girl returns Hatenko to the group (while keeping Heppokomaru), Bo-bobo uses him and Don Patch for the Deathmatch, where they end up having to avoid falling in while also avoiding Hanpen's own partners (Guy Bo and Chikuwan). But while Bo-bobo makes an early attack at his main opponent, Hanpen reveals that he can absorb any and all attacks, making him invincible. But even amidst the battle, Tokoro Tennosuke realizes a greater cause: with both of them food items and both (former) A-Block Commanders, the two of them should have a "Food Battle" to determine who the real edible warrior is.

As the battle continues on, Bo-bobo's side continues to fling various oden ingredients towards Hanpen and his team, using eggs and seaweed as weapons and konyakku as guard.But Hanpen soon shows his true abilities in both his invincibility and the power of his Hanpen Palm, which has the same force and power as a Fist technique. All the while, Tennosuke continues to yell out towards the fishcake for a Food Battle, but consistently keeps getting knocked away by both sides.Although Hanpen continues to tout his invincibility, Bo-bobo's side keeps wearing away at him, using guns and biting attacks to try and scar his head. However, when the fishcake uses a double powered Hanpen Reception, the main Hajike Trio use their own reception in a star shape...but only make the center of his head become a star that can attack them.

The battle becomes more chaotic with Hanpen seeming to weaken and hit by various attacks of Bo-bobo's Sangaria, but the fishcake's resolve to survive and never become eaten after his wilderness raising makes him upgrade to his ultimate power. But Tennosuke disagrees with Hanpen's philosophy, thinking that its the ultimate goal of a food product to be eaten.Trying one last time for a Food Battle, Hanpen instantly stops him and sends him into the depths of the oden pool. Bo-bobo sympathizes with Tennosuke's struggle and dives in, letting the two of them fuse into a new warrior: the "peaceful" (well so he claims) Tenbobo. After instantly showing off his power and "intentions" to Hanpen, he unleashes his ultimate technique: 7 Peaceful Desires Pact, which he tests the fishcake and his friends to their true peaceful measures..and beats them up if they're not. After shooting them, blasting them and breaking their bones in the name of pacifism, Bojiggler uses a Fist of the Nosehair attack to finally put a stop to the fishcake..and give Tennosuke victory in his Food Battle.

The Third Era Emperor

With the last former block leader defeated and with Torpedo Girl and Heppokomaru reuniting with the team, the team discovers a powerful light emerging from an arena, where Hanpen reveals that Tsuru Tsurulina III is finally awakening. Discovering that the leader is finally breaking out of his slumber, Bo-bobo's team decides to tie up his chamber and put it through various tortures such as knocking it down steps, dipping it in curry and dragging it around before finally destroying it. But when the chamber is destroyed, it is revealed to be empty, with the Third emerging from another box in the sky as if in a magic trick. Tsuru Tsurulina III thus uses another set of tricks from his Fist of Red Magic to show his destructive power, speaking disdain for humanity in the process. But Bo-bobo chooses to face him regardless of his power or his evil intentions, using his Fist of the Nosehair against the Third, making the emperor realize that the still exists. But even with Bo-bobo as his main opponent, he decides to eliminate all of the allies, using a dartboard to decide the order he'll kill them in. But even though Bo-bobo is successful in protecting Beauty, he isn't enough to stop the Third from sending Don Patch and Hatenko away with a handkerchief trick.

Tsuru Tsurulina III reveals that the main reason for his interest in Bo-bobo and the Hair Kingdom is their possession of the Hair Ball, an orb within the citizens that contains the source of their power. Although Bo-bobo tries to pass it off as a trick, the former emperor continues to attack him with his magic tricks but consistently one step behind the Hair Warrior. Unfortunately, neither of them expect that Torpedo Girl would run out of her anger energy at this very moment, turning her back into the chaotic OVER. Even with another unpredictable warrior in the midst, the male white-haired warrior becomes insulted by the Third's arrogance and chooses to fight alongside Bo-bobo for once...when he's not attacking him or Tennosuke. However, just when it seemed like this alliance may work, Tsuru Tsurulina III uses the same handkerchief trick against everyone against him, teleporting them into his Illusion Blue World, the source of his second Fist technique: Fist of Blue Magic. Whereas the Red Magic abilities had physically attacked them, Tsuru Tsurulina III uses Blue Magic to take them spiritually on the inside. While the abilities are consistently avoided by Bo-bobo and the others, an attack on his afro ends up allowing Bo-bobo to create an army of clones from his hair, which pin the Third allowing for the afro warrior and OVER to smash him down and return everyone to the real world.

After the previous attack, Tsuru Tsurulina III begins to reveal himself breaking down, going insane over his desire to have a Hair Ball at all costs. Lashing out his tongue, he surrounds Bo-bobo to eat him, but the afro warrior decides to bring Don Patch with. Eating both of them, Tsuru Tsurulina III begins to transform, believing he will be restored to his true form and power. But because he took Bo-bobo and Don Patch along with the Hair Ball, he ends up turning into an extremely strange creature. With the Third trying to figure out where he went wrong (and with Tennosuke and OVER killing each other), Bo-bobo and Don Patch begin to attack the emperor from the inside, using nosehair and hajike skills until they finally escape from his mouth. With Bo-bobo and the Hair Ball gone, Tsuru Tsurulina III goes insane, spouting his hatred for humanity...but Bo-bobo chooses to respond by showing him how wonderful humanity really is. Thus begins the source of his Nosehair Human Express, an attack that forces the Third to see the good of the human life, from birth to space school, shark infested exam prep and the dangers of the workplace and travel. Once his attack is complete, Bo-bobo reveals to the Third the key of humanity: the strength gained from being with other humans, unleashing the ultimate nosehair of humanity (even if all of his examples...aren't human themselves). And with the final blow, Bo-bobo finally puts an end to Tsuru Tsurulina III and the Former Maruhage Empire threat.

The Playoff and the Reverse Maruhage Empire

Episodes: 71-76
Chapters: 162-195

The Fifth Maruhage Empire New Emperor Playoff

With the end of Tsuru Tsurulina III and the Former Maruhage Empire, Bo-bobo's team begins to journey once again, taking their crazy weirdness into the skies.But before long, they are approached by a strange, long-nose messenger flying around in search of them. Immediately using his Fist of Parachutes to cause drag for the hajike warriors, but Bo-bobo makes quick work of him by tying him down with weights.But although one Hair Hunter was defeated, a mole who had been traveling with him reveals the true intention for the encounter: to offer a ticket to the Maruhage Empire New Emperor Playoff, a special tournament held every fifty years for block leaders and management to determine the next emperor. Seeing this as an opportunity to deal a huge blow to the Hair Hunters, Bo-bobo and his allies accept the invitation.However, the call for the tournament had been accepted by many in the empire, from lowly servants to the Four Heavenly Kings and even the Former Hair Hunt commander. But the news also made its way to a mysterious figure, who himself desired to be the next emperor. But as all prepared for the tourney, Tsuru Tsurulina IV had ideas of his own: to gather everyone and crush them in one shot.

After finally arriving at the entrance to the tournament in Egypt, Bo-bobo and his entire team make their way down into the giant hole to begin their battles. After depositing in, everyone becomes separated into different routes used to narrow the initial field.Beauty and Don Patch become trapped with Ujikin TOKIO in a running waterway where they come faced-to-faced with Higusari Seijūrō, a chained guardian. After her allies are easily taken out, Beauty becomes determined to take this man on by herself...before Don Patch and TOKIO's arrogance get the best of them and come to her aid. However, the group becomes saved when Halekulani easily clears the way by turning the guardian into a coin. Meanwhile, Bo-bobo and Heppokomaru come face-to-face with a guardian of their own: Menma, a Chinese waitress who has already defeated J and now working on the Civilization Ninja Squad.Facing off in an eating contest against her Fist of Ramen, Bo-bobo and the ninjas chew their way through the guardian before the afro warrior abandons them and moves on. Ultimately, all of Bo-bobo's side makes it pass the qualifiers, where they are soon greeted by enemies both old and new as well as their master of ceremonies: Tsuru Tsurulina IV.

With all combatants gathered at the start of the tourney, the emperor administers the rules of the match: the collection of medallions from defeating opponents, starting with one medallion determined by their strength as seen by the empire. Without any medallions of his own (due to never working for the Maruhage Empire), Bo-bobo decides to win one from the strongest group by challenging Nenchaku, the leader of the assassination squad.But he, Don Patch and Tennosuke have their works cut out for them avoiding the assassin's Fist style: the usage of duct tape to slow them down. After using Nenchaku's abilities against him, they defeat him by way of their very own non-stop TV channel, nullifying his Fist and confusing him to defeat.

With one medallion of his own, Bo-bobo enters the tourney with the object of collecting ten of any medallions as well as a few for his allies.Yet inside the first stage, he immediately finds himself facing another powerful opponent: Dark Yasha, known as the strongest executive of the empire. With the assistance of the other hajikelists, he holds off the enemy, who uses a skull-themed Fist style.Dark Yasha is force to power himself up to the point of finally revealing his true form to them: the enigmatic dance-crazed Sambaman. The hajikelists boss around the energetic being to the point of defeating him, upon which they throw him into space just to get rid of him.Yet unknown to Bo-bobo and his team, several intruders from the enigmatic Reverse Maruhage Empire invade the battles, taking out opponents one by one to assist their master Hydrate of his own desire to become emperor of the Maruhage Empire.

As Bo-bobo's team makes their way to their next battle location, one of the Reverse Maruhage Empire warriors makes his move towards them: blowing up their next stage and transforming Heppokomaru into a giant, making him the stage of battle. With no choice but to fight, the hajikelists face the mysterious Halon Oni on his own battle turf, climbing all over Heppokomaru while avoiding the ruthless enemy and his Dark Fist of Swords. Hanpen eventually reveals himself around the giant, allying with them to take on the invader. Eventually, the team use the giant Heppokomaru to their advantage, releasing his belt buckle and allowing his baby form to blow the senses away from Halon Oni, but the Reverse warrior wipes away his seeming defeat and reveals his true power: upgrading to a new form and attempting to attack the hajikelists...before slashing apart Hanpen's head. The shock of the sacrifice forces Don Patch's sorrow to transform into anger, changing him into the more powerful Ikarin Patch. With his anger (and a platoon of KoPatches) guiding him, the transformed hajikelist crushes Halon Oni, who ends up becoming a KoPatch himself as a result.


The assult on the Reverse Empire and the third-to-last scene in the anime

After defeating Halon Oni, the hajikelist team quickly bursts up to the castle at the top while seizing all the medallions left behind. Although they desire entrance into the castle to take part in the main battle royal, they are forced to witness the arrival of three more Reverse Maruhage Empire minions ready to do their master's bidding. As the duo of Crimson and LOVE enter the castle, The Three Sacks set up a special summoning clock to gather the energy needed to bring their master to the surface. Bo-bobo's side battles the sacks by taking them out while avoiding their contents, while the other two crush everyone inside for the summoning board. Bo-bobo is forced first to use Super Bo-bobo to stop the Sacks, then fuses into a more powerful Denbo after they attempt they power themselves up. Yet their efforts are in vain, as they merely use a pig to save Captain Battleship..yet raise Hydrate and his castle fortress Yamiking to the surface. After easily getting crushed by the Reverse emperor (who now declares himself Tsuru Tsurulina V), Bo-bobo's allies are forced to ally with the remainder of the depleted forces (which now includes OVER, Halekulani, the Unknown Sad Sack and Kancho-kun) in an all-out siege of the Yamiking to stop the ambitions of the Reverse Maruhage Empire.

The anime is cancelled from this point, but the manga is continued

The Reverse Maruhage Empire

Breaking inside the flying fortress, Bo-bobo's side immediately find themselves in a Sangaria against Crimson in a movie-set stage. Bo-bobo and Tennosuke make a tenuous alliance with Halekulani for the battle, which sees them all blasted around by the enemy's three-eye fist and thrown into various cinematic turmoils...while trying to take advantage of the money from the gold-plated warrior's Fist.Although they appear to turn the battle to their advantage, Halekulani nearly goes insane working with them, releasing his money all over the place which Bo-bobo absorbs with Tokoro Tennosuke to create a new triple fusion: the high-risk Kintenbo. The fusion warrior forces Crimson and his team into various gambling scenarios before blasting them and sending them back to "their home dimension".

The next floor forces them against the female LOVE, revealed to be a dominatrix obsessed with muscle men. Don Patch, Hatenko and OVER take her on, but the female tries to manipulate the men on the team into becoming her love slaves and process them through her muscle-building machines. The chaos of battle drives one of OVER's anger balls to light up...made worse when Tennosuke accidentally releases the other five. However, OVER becoming Torpedo Girl gives her a resistance against LOVE's seduction attacks, driving her away and forcing her to transform. But Hatenko counters by releasing his own cool world where he and Torpedo Girl unlock their true potential and defeating LOVE.

Continuing their journey into the Yamiking, they next find themselves against the mad Byakkyō, Hydrate's "right hand man" known by Softon as a warrior who wiped out the strongest forces of Blabs-a-lot fifteen years ago. He, Don Patch and Tennosuke take on the mad doctor, who quickly reveals a surgery-style Fist using voodoo dolls to attack and inflict pain on his opponents. Unable to break through the damage-inflicting fist, Don Patch fuses once again into Patchbobo, which nearly works against Byakkō until the duo run out of ideas before their minute together expires.But their time together does work against the enemy, fusing several of Don Patch's dolls into Byakkyō preventing him from conducting anymore surgery. With no means to attack, all of Bo-bobo's team finish him off.

The fourth floor opponent turns out to be a shockingly familiar face: Bebebe-be Be-bebe, Bo-bobo's older brother. Although they did have a history together, Be-bebe shows who's side he's truly on by capturing Beauty and Heppokomaru with his Fist of the Leghair while blocking Bo-bobo's own attacks with his counter hair style. The elder brother attempts to further increase his advantages, but Bo-bobo stops it by using a counter with taiyaki and forcing the duo into a stalemate, yet Torpedo Girl chooses to use this to her advantage, going inside Bo-bobo's body and breaking his sense of reason to make him stronger. Through her work, Torpedo Girl unleashes a super-powerup within Bo-bobo...caused by turning his glasses upside down and making him use a super-powerful minute-long ability to change history at will and stop his brother Be-bebe, yet the shame of what happens makes the older brother jump out of the Yamiking, believing he'll never see his younger brother again.

With all forces stopped, the invading squadron teleports to the throne of the fortress, where they encounter Hydrate once again. But the villain shows off his seemingly unbeatable power through the use of his powerful Fist of the Foot Sole as well as the unbreakable defense of his Nyan-Nyan Armor. (a set of cat pajamas)But while the largest of warriors could not find a way to fight against him, the combination of the two smallest warriors (Dengakuman and Kancho-kun) wear him down bit by bit before the other allies take him apart. His loses make him lose his own grip over all he worked for in order to take control of his birthright as the Maruhage Empire emperor (over his older brother, Tsuru Tsurulina IV). Yet even as he reaches the height of his power, Hydrate is forced to fight the combined effort of Bo-bobo (who invokes various laws to release a new ultimate power) and Don Patch before finally falling completely. With his defeat (and the unexpected abdication of Tsuru Tsurulina IV due to his brother), the Maruhage Empire was finally destroyed once and for all, with all warriors, allies and enemies alike, free to do what they desire.

Hair Kingdom

Chapters: 196-230

With the Maruhage Empire dead, Bo-bobo's team finally decides to relax and celebrate their accomplishments.But suddenly and unexpectedly, Hatenko flies to attack Bo-bobo with the unsealed powers of the Fist of the Key. Bo-bobo defeats him without too much trouble, but Hatenko was testing Bo-bobo in order to give him the message he had been trying to reach him for since he met him: he had to return to the to stop his two eldest brothers. Bo-bobo himself knew all too well about the evil and danger of the eldest siblings, both of the eldest Bababa-ba Ba-baba and the second eldest Bibibi-bi Bi-bibi and agrees to return to the Hair Kingdom to liberate it alongside Hatenko and the other seven allies of his adventures in the Maruhage Empire. But the Hair Kingdom had vastly changed from when Bo-bobo lived there: under the rule of Bi-bibi (Ba-baba is a known adviser, but unseen by anyone), the country advanced a thousand years in a matter of twenty becoming the New Hair Kingdom in the process.

On their way into the Hair Kingdom, Bo-bobo's team becomes blocked by the Bi-bibi Dokkyun Suicide Corp, a group of sentai guardians forcing new arrivals to wear a special tattoo to pledge their allegiance to king Bi-bibi.In order to get in, Bo-bobo is forced to fight in a five-on-five match (including Don Patch, Tennosuke, Heppokomaru and Hatenko) in a strange cube game while avoiding their group attacks. But while they are surprised at how easily Bo-bobo takes their attacks, he reveals that he could because he is originally from the Hair Kingdom. Choosing to punish the entire Sentai Corp for refusing one of the five hair masters in, he forces them through a horror-themed punishment before they let him into his home.

Continuing their journey into the Hair Kingdom, they soon find themselves confronted by the one who sent Hatenko to bring the afro warrior home: Bo-bobo's older sister (and Denbo look-alike) Bububu-bu Bu-bubu. While criticizing her brother for being so late, she reveals that they can't pay Bi-bibi their regards until they can unlock the core of the Hair Kingdom by defeating the four security towers protecting the inner Adelas Zone. But when they reach the initial stop of the , they discover that Bi-bibi sent out his main guard, The First Hair Lion Resolve 16 to protect him. Forced to fight a team of lower leaders lead by 7th District's Fine, the heroic team takes part in a Keshī Keshi Keshi match (similar to a Sangaria only with four players instead of three) thrown together by Bu-bubu with her brother, Don Patch and Heppokomaru. Bu-bubu soon eliminates one leader by showing off the power of her Fist of Armpit Hair, while Don Patch is forced to overcome the charms of two moe-style girls to crush them. Unfortunately, the match is forced to go into a sudden-death match, where Bo-bobo gains the ability to imitate other attack styles, including his sister's arm hair technique, to put an end to the particle controlling Fine.

Traveling forwards to reach their next destination, Dengakuman becomes abducted by the enigmatic assassin Bird of Paradise, who takes him off to the West Shampoo Tower. But while that isn't enough to make Bo-bobo pursue the duo, the return of his brother Be-bebe to the leads to him chasing towards the tower. Bo-bobo, Be-bebe and Don Patch find themselves facing Bird of Paradise in a Sangaria elevator battle...until Bi-bibi suddenly intervenes by stabbing the assassin with hair and taking over his body. Demonstrating his great power and the dominance of his own Fist of Head Hair, he is able to squash both the nosehair and leg hair styles rendering the brothers useless and even forcing Bo-bobo to use King Nosehair to help him. But just as Bi-bibi forces his victim to perform his ultimate attack, he discovers that his hair has been sealed off, entangled with the nosehairs and leg hairs of his brothers sealing his power.Bo-bobo and Be-bebe put a stop to Bi-bibi, but Bird of Paradise ends up committing suicide for failure, turning back into his true form of a hair follicle.

At the same time as Bo-bobo and Be-bebe's first battle against their brother, Tokoro Tennosuke accidentally gets knocked off Bu-bubu's transport where he discovers a dojo filled with his ultimate hated enemy: tofu cubes. Crushing the cubes with his jelly abilities, he soon is forced to face their leader: 3rd District's Wandering Tofu, who crushes his wobbly foe with his own style of the Fist of the Wobble-Wobble before sending him back to his peers defeated.

In the midst of all the other battles, Bu-bubu's team finally arrive at where they face several mysterious opponents of their own. The first, contest winner Hell Dolphin of 6th District, easily crushes most of the team until Bo-bobo and Don Patch return from their own battle. The matter becomes worse as Tennosuke returns from his failed tofu campaign, but soon takes an even worse twist when the female general reveals herself to be Icen, an assassin from the land of Babylon. And because of a special provision that two people can not use the seal of Babylon at the same time in the same place, Icen's appearance forces Softon to reveal his true identity as Beauty's older brother. With another of their teammates taken out, the hajike squad are forced to fight in a series of dance maneuvers and Babylon techniques until Softon is captured by Icen's toilet trap. With time running out until Softon's suffocation, Bo-bobo is forced to send Icen, Hell Dolphin and their allies to a special summer-game world, where they fall to the mercy of the hajikelists' attacks until knocked out, likewise restoring Softon's swirly-headed seal.

With three of the four towers stopped, Bo-bobo's gang immediately head off to the final guard of the East Bodysoap Tower. But immediately upon arrival, most of their team is captured within the tower by a squad that includes Wandering Tofu, 2nd District's leader Goisu (AKA: Gunkan's brother) and the idol/1st District Leader/Don Patch clone Shigeki X.

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