Pokomi (ポコミ) is a character from the manga series, Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. She is the younger sister of Heppokomaru, as well as one of the top three students ot the Neo Maruhage Empire Elite Training Academy, aside from Yononaka Namero and Tsurubinya.

Debut: Shinsetsu Chapter 15 (Unofficial)
Shinsetsu Chapter 23
Appears in: Manga
Aliases: None
Species: Human
Affiliation Neo Maruhage Empire (Former)
Neo F-Block (Former)
The Rebels
Classification: Rebel

Neo F-Block Leader (Former)

Birthdate: Unknown
Age: Part II: 10
Height: 132cm (4'4)
Weight: Unknown
Gender: Female
Blood type: Unknown
Eye Color: Sky Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Fist Skill: Lovely Magic Shinken


Background[edit | edit source]

Pokomi is a girl with blonde hair, tied up in two large pigtails. Her main costume is a red outfit with a bow on it. Pokomi's hair sometimes indicates her mood; whenever she is downhearted, her pigtails droop down. She is also Heppokomaru's little sister, as well as the leader of Neo F-Block.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Pokomi possesses the sweet, bubbly personality one would expect to find in any magical girl. Pokomi maintains this personality even when in he midst of combat, and unleashing incredibly vicious attacks. She acts as the new "Straight-man" of the series, though her tolerance for Hajike actions is far better than that of Beauty's or Heppokomaru's.

Relationships[edit | edit source]

Heppokomaru[edit | edit source]

Despite never getting to see Heppokomaru that much, it's obvious that Pokomi loves her brother very much. She is disappointed when he runs away from the hospital he was staying at, because she didn't even get to see him. She finally gets to see her brother again during the fight with Shiryuen Kamara.

Beauty[edit | edit source]

She becomes friends with Beauty over time, as she will sometimes turn to Beauty when unhappy.

Yononaka Namero[edit | edit source]

History[edit | edit source]

Past[edit | edit source]

Pokomi "getting along" with Namero

Sometime before meeting Bo-bobo, Pokomi spent her time in the Elite Training Academy, Pokomi became friends with Namero. She became attatched to him and began to follow him around, much to his dissmay. A while after leaving the accademy, Pokomi met Babuu, one of the three Daioh, who was nice to her and helped her improve her already impressive powers. However, at the same time, he turned her against Bo-bobo and the other rebels, creating conflict when she first meets him.

Neo F-Block[edit | edit source]

She is first introduced in the series as a captive of the Nagoya Brothers of Neo F-Block; this was the reason Heppokomaru was a hair hunter in the first part of Shinsetsu. But when Bo-bobo and the gang arrive to save her, it turns out to be a trap, as she attacks them as soon as she is rescued. As it turns out, Pokomi is the true F-Block leader. Under the impression that Bo-bobo is evil, she tries to destroy them using her Fist of Lovely Magic, an obvious pun on japanese magical girls. Though she gives them a hard time the gang finally manages to defeat her with the power of Shinsetsu Tenbobo. She then becomes a permanent member of Bo-bobo's group.

Traveling with Bo-bobo[edit | edit source]

On her first mission with Bo-bobo, she and the rest of the rebels arrive at the Elite Maruhage Academy. After Namero is captured by Tsurubinya, the rebels are challenged by the Academy's Big 4, who have the power to cancel out Shinken! With their greatest powers now useless, Pokomi is almost finished off by the leader of the Little 4, Zuno, but is saved by Don Patch's Super form. When they meet up with Namero, they find that an evil aura has been unlocked from within him (thanks to Tsurubinya), and that he has decided to rejoin the Neo Maruhage Empire as Czar V! Though she and Bo-bobo try to stop him, Namero brushes off all of their attacks, and continues to move on, until Bo-bobo gains a new form and start to beat on him! Pokomi eventually stops the assalt, thinking that Namero has had enough, only to be struck down by IXEX member Porusutoroi! Even though Bo-bobo beats up this new enemy, Namero still escapes, and is brought back to the empire.

Pokomi reunites with his brother

During the rest of Shinsetsu, Pokomi merely sits on the sidelines, much like Beauty does. During the battle with Princess Chinchiro, she gets turned into a dice block (with her face on every side), but turns back into herself when she is transported to Bo-bobo World. Her first major battle comes when she faces the power of GURA-san the punisher. At first, none of her attacks hurt him, or work to defend her, and GURA-san almost slices her in half (she manages to save herself by turning part of her body into bubbles)! She finally puts a stop to his powers by destroying his power source (a large demonic portal in the sky) with Tokoro Tennosuke and Don Patch's help, and then defeats him with a magical (but nonsensical) song!. At the end of the battle with Kamara,she finally reunites with his brother,but her emotional reunion gets ruined because Heppokomaru was still wearing the diaper which he got when he became a baby.She stays with the group until chapter 72.

The Final Battle[edit | edit source]

Eventually, the rebels defeat nearly all of the Neo Maruhage Empire's forces, and come face to face with Tsuru Tsurulina III and Namero. While the others are busy trying to defeat the duo, Pokomi tries reasoning with Namero to stop. However, he refuses to listen, until Bo-bobo gets him to stop by saying that he has improved. Without Namero, Tsurulina III is now alone in his fight against the rebels, and Bo-bobo finishes him with the weak armpit chop, ending the entire Maruhage Empire all together.

Abilities & Powers[edit | edit source]

  • Fist of Lovely Magic (ラブリーマジカル真拳, Raburi Magic Shinken) - Pokomi's standard ability, which grants her standard magical powers
  • Shadow Pokomi - A different version of Pokomi with a darker version of Fist of Lovely Magic

Attacks[edit | edit source]

Image Technique Type Name
US Name
Lovely Magic Shinken - Poppoko☆Hammer.png
Super Secret Technique Poppoko☆Hammer
Shinsetsu Chapter 24
Used Against:
Lovely Magic Shinken - Glitter-Glitter☆Dress Change.png
Super Secret Technique Glitter-Glitter☆Dress Change
Shinsetsu Chapter 24
Used Against:
Lovely Magic Shinken - Smile-Smile☆ - Mr. Weather's Sneeze.png
Super Secret Technique Smile-Smile☆: Mr. Weather's Sneeze
Shinsetsu Chapter 24
Used Against:
Lovely Magic Shinken - Super Spoiled Child Punch.png
Super Secret Technique Super Spoiled Child Punch
Shinsetsu Chapter 24
Used Against:
Lovely Magic Shinken - Sexy Lady Pokomi.png
Super Secret Technique Sexy Lady Pokomi
Shinsetsu Chapter 25
Used Against:
Lovely Magic Shinken - Angel-chan's Dreamy Kiss.png
Secret Technique Angel-chan's Dreamy Kiss
Shinsetsu Chapter 25
Used Against:
Little girls pokomi.png
Super Secret Technique Little Witch Girls☆Great March
Shinsetsu Chapter 25
Used Against:
Stardust pokomi.png
Super Secret Technique Stardust☆Memory
Shinsetsu Chapter 25
Used Against:
Pokomi drive.png
Pokomi Drive
Shinsetsu Chapter 26
Used Against:
Pokomi meteor.png
Pokomi meteor 2.png
Secret Technique Twinkle-Twinkle☆Meteor Swarm
Shinsetsu Chapter 26
Used Against:
Pokomi patch demon.png
Secret Technique Pokomi's Cute Manservant-chan
Shinsetsu Chapter 26
Used Against:
Pokomi carrot.png
Super Secret Technique High-Speed Mr. Carrot Rocket
Shinsetsu Chapter 29
Used Against:
Pokomi press.png
Super Secret Technique Dosukoi☆Press
Shinsetsu Chapter 30
Used Against:
Pokomi hammer bobobo.png
Super Secret Technique Rainbow☆Milky Way
Shinsetsu Chapter 34
Used Against:
Pokomi water dress.png
Super Secret Technique Pokomi☆Water Version Costume
Shinsetsu Chapter 52
Used Against:
Pokomi soap.png
Bubble Soap Flower
Shinsetsu Chapter 52
Used Against:
Pokomi flood.png
Secret Technique Mr. Angel's Tears☆: Giant Tsunami
Shinsetsu Chapter 52
Used Against:
Pokomi barrier soap.png
Soap☆Barrier Doughnut
Shinsetsu Chapter 53
Used Against:
Pokomi dog bubbles.png
Super Secret Technique Bubble Pet☆Wan-chans
Shinsetsu Chapter 53
Used Against:
Pokomi curtail bubbles.png
Super Secret Technique Foam-Foam Curtain
Shinsetsu Chapter 53
Used Against:
Pokomi explosive bubbles.png
Super Secret Technique Cute Red-Colored Wink
Shinsetsu Chapter 53
Used Against:
Lovely Magic Shinken - Pokomi's Mr. Foam-Foam Doll☆.png
Super Secret Technique Pokomi's Mr. Foam-Foam Doll☆
Shinsetsu Chapter 54
Used Against:
Lovely Magic Shinken - Splendid Pokomi-Balls☆.png
Super Secret Technique Splendid Pokomi-Balls☆
Shinsetsu Chapter 54
Used Against:
Lovely Magic Shinken - Magic Anime Song☆ - The Song Princess.png
Super Secret Technique Magic Anime Song☆: The Song Princess
Shinsetsu Chapter 55
Used Against:
Lovely Magic Shinken - Magical Hyakki Yakkou☆.png
Super Secret Technique Magical Hyakki Yakkou☆
Shinsetsu Chapter 55
Used Against:
Lovely Magic Shinken - Mr. Puff-Puff☆Porcupine Fish.png
Super Secret Technique Mr. Puff-Puff☆Porcupine Fish
Shinsetsu Chapter 60
Used Against:
Scribble pokomi.png
Super Secret Technique Pokomi's Scribble☆: Cannon Wave
Shinsetsu Chapter 71
Used Against:

Allied Attacks[edit | edit source]

Image Technique Type Name
US Name
Combined Super Secret Technique Firework Bees
Shinsetsu Chapter 54
Don Patch and Tennosuke. Used Against:

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Pokomi's name is actually derived from her brother, Heppokomaru's first name. It is shown in the middle of his name (ヘッポコ丸) whereas Pokomi's name is spelled as ポコミ, with the "ma" in maru and "mi" as the difference.
  • Pokomi came in 11th place in the last popularity contest.

References[edit | edit source]

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