Porusutoroi (ポルストロイ Porusutoroi) is a character from the manga Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.




Porusutoroi is one of Babuu's test subjects. He takes over Chairman Pepepebitch's position as Neo C-Block leader, but this doesn't settle well with the chairman and he tries to attack Porusutoroi. Porusutoroi defeats him by drinking his fluids with a straw.

He is later seen as a member of the IXEX, alongside his partner Jobus, where he immediately strikes down Pokomi. When Yononaka Namero yells at him for mistreating her, Porusutoroi proceeds to thrash him around. Luckily for Namero, Jobus roughly retrains Porusutoroi, and explains that the two of them are here to take Namero back to Tsuru Tsurulina III. However, the duo are challenged by Bo-bobo (who is currently in his Shinsetsu form). Porusutoroi tries to strike Bo-bobo down, but the afro warrior dodges it and toys with the demonic being. Eventually, Porusutoroi gets so aggravated, that he assumes his full demon form. He lands a direct hit on Bo-bobo and disrupts his powers, but Bo-bobo quickly defeats him with a powerful "Genaha Cannon". Porusutoroi is heavily injured, but is still conscious. Jobus, realizing that they have underestimated Bo-bobo, quickly teleports himself, Namero, and Porusutoroi out of the room, and into the Czar's headquarters.

Although he was easily defeated by Bo-bobo, Tsuru Tsurulina III gives him another chance, and he is sent (along with the rest of the Blue Squadren IXEX) directly to Cyber City in order to overthrow it. He makes short work out of both J and Wan Ronga. Later, he and the others are sent to overthrow the Reverse Maruhage Empire. He is never seen again afterward.


Porusutoroi DEMON FORM

Porusutoroi's demon form

Porusutoroi is a master of "Akuma Shinken" (悪魔真拳; "Fist of the Demon"), which grants him many demonic powers, including turning his nails into swords, and draining fluids out of people. His ultimate attack is actually becoming a demon (with a strange mask on his forehead, two large wings, and vampire-like teeth), but he must slash himself across the chest in order to activate it!


  • Vampire Saber:
  • Genocide Storm:
  • Suck-Blood Destruction:


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