"Do you have to make so much noise? Some of us are really trying to sleep around here. Maybe you need a little sleeping aid. I guess for you, counting sheep just doesn't cut it."
Good Night! Sleep Tight! And Don't Let the Bedbugs Bug Ya!

Rem (レム, Remu) is a character from the manga and anime series, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. She is the former D-Block leader of the Maruhage Empire's third era.

(レム, Remu)
Debut (Manga): Chapter 142
Debut (Anime): Episode 61
Appears in: Anime and Manga
Seiyū (Japanese): Ryoko Shiraishi
Voice actor:

Megan Hollingshead (English)
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Nickname(s): None
Aliases: None
Species: Human
Affiliation The Former Maruhage Empire
Classification: Former D-Block Leader (Third Era)
Birthday: August 23[1]
Gender: Female
Blood Type: AB[2]
Eye Color: Teal
Pink (Berserker Version)
Hair Color: White
Light-Purple (Berserker Version)
Fist Skill: Bakusui Shinken


  • Futon Parents
  • Futon Siblings (Anime)


Rem is a woman with short, white hair, with light blue tips on the ends of her follicles. She wears a burgundy bikini and light blue short leggings. In Rem's "Berserker Version", her hair becomes pink and she wears a white jacket.


In her first appearance, she seems rather cold, as she only cares about destroying her opponents. In reality, she is a nice girl suffering from a childhood trauma. Her evilness was defeated by Bo-bobo (through Fist of the Nosehair before being shoved down Don Patch's mouth).



Young Rem

As a child, Rem was the daughter of two futons (and four siblings in the anime), who disliked her because she wasn't good at putting people to sleep, and would often throw pillows at her. From this this experience, Rem vowed to become the world's greatest "futon", who would put people into a deeper sleep than any futon could.

The Former Maruhage Empire

Rem's first appearance is when Beauty is separated from the others in the Giant Coin Machine. She is trapped in another room with Rem who is just waking up... only to fall back asleep again. Bo-bobo, desperate to protect Beauty from harm, calls in Serviceman to fight off Rem until he can get there (but none of his attacks work on her, because you need to be awake in order to see him flashing you). By the time Bo-bobo and Tokoro Tennosuke finally break into the room, Rem has already woken up, and immediately puts everyone to sleep (including herself).

Within her sleep world, the rebels are each given a Sleep-meter, which determines how much longer they can stay awake. If the gauge on the meter fills up all the way, then the victim will fall asleep and never wake up! To make matters worse, Rem is twenty-times more powerful in the sleep world than she was in her physical form (her narcoleptic behavior also disappears). She assaults the rebels with her attacks, all of which are designed to fill up the gauge, and manages to put Serviceman to sleep! She eventually fills Bo-bobo's gauge as well, only to reveal that it was an anger-meter instead. In a fit of rage, the afro warrior destroys the dimension and wakes everyone up. Despite losing her greatest advantage, Rem still won't admit defeat, so Bo-bobo sends her to "Bo-bobo World Nightmare", where she is forced to face strange nightmarish visions as brought to life by Bo-bobo, Don Patch and Tokoro Tennosuke. Here, Rem is forced to face down weird events designed by the trio, all of which melt her icy heart.

When she can't take anymore, Rem collapses and her painful past is revealed to the rebels. Afterwards an evil soul living inside of her is released, only to be immediately exorcised by Bo-bobo. Afterward, Rem becomes good and surrenders, while consequently warning Bo-bobo and the others on the three most powerful of her era: Lambada, Hanpen and Tsuru Tsurulina III.

The Playoffs and the Reverse Maruhage Empire

Despite being thankful towards Bo-bobo's empathy, Rem is seen with Lambada during the fifth Maruhage New Emperor Playoffs. The two are there to compete, but end up being captured by Crimson and LOVE of the Reverse Maruhage Empire. They plan to sacrifice Rem and Lambada's powers to the "clock of sacrifices" and raise their fortress. Rem would have become a sacrifice, if it were not for Lambada, who held off the evil duo so that Rem could escape. Rem finds help from everyone's favorite afro wearing hajike warrior, Bo-bobo. However, the empire doesn't give up so easily, and sends The Three Sacks to retrieve her and Bo-bobo. Despite their power, the sacks don't stand a chance against the rebels, and they continue on to destroy the empire, while Rem waits behind.

After the evil new empire is destroyed, Lambada regains his old form. Rem and Lambada leave (along with Ujikin TOKIO), never to cause problems for Bo-bobo again.

Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

Rem does not truly appear in Shinsetsu. However, she is only seen in one panel sleeping (with Lambada nearby of course), while Tsurulina III declares on a nationwide basis that he will have ALL the former Maruhage soldiers hunted down.

Abilities & Powers

Rem's Berserker Version form

Rem has the power of "Bakusui Shinken" (爆睡真拳, True Fist of Crash-Sleeping; "Fist of Nighty-Night" in the dub) to send her opponents to a world of dreams known as "Rem Rest Realm", which they never wake up from. She also becomes twenty times stronger within this realm becoming "Rem Berserker Version" (レムバーサーカーver.).

Rem's powers sometimes get the better of her. As a result of having to be asleep in order to use her Shinken, Rem has become narcoleptic, and will pass out at the most awkward of times.


Image Technique Type Name
US Name
Bakusui Shinken - Snore.png
Secret Technique Snore
(イビキ, Ibiki)
Chapter 143
Episode 61
Rem attacks the opponent with powerful snores in the form of kanji. Used Against:
Bakusui Shinken - Sleeping Powder.png
Secret Technique Sleeping Powder
(ねむりん粉, Nemurin Kona)
Sweet Dreams, Everyone Chapter 145
Episode 62
Sleepy Dust
Rem emits a powder that puts her opponents to sleep. Used Against:
Rem Sleep World.png
Ultimate Technique Rem Sleep World
(レム・スリープワールド, Remu・Surīpu Wārudo)
Rem Rest Realm & R.V. Park Chapter 145
Episode 62
After Rem puts her opponents to sleep, they find themselves in a dream world where those who fall asleep there become dream inhabitants and unable to ever wake up again. Used Against:
Bakusui Shinken - Devil Sheep.png
Devil Sheep
(デビル羊, Debiru Hitsuji)
Cheap Sleep Sheep Chapter 145
Episode 62
Used Against:
Bakusui Shinken - Sleep Attack.png
Secret Technique Sleep Attack
(寝撃, Negeki)
Sleep Touch Chapter 146
Episode 62
Sleep Smash
Rem puts her opponents' body parts to sleep by jabbing them with her fingers. Used Against:
Bakusui Shinken - Evil Song Futon.png
Secret Technique Evil Song Futon
(魔歌布団, Ma Uta Futon)
Mattress Pad Chapter 146
Episode 62
Rem attacks the opponent with two futons that play lullaby music to make them fall asleep. Used Against:
Bakusui Shinken - Fast Sleep Kill Clock.png
Super Secret Technique Fast Sleep Kill Clock
(速睡殺時計, Sokusui Satsudo Kei)
Sped-Up Sleep Clock Chapter 146
Episode 62
Speedy Sleep Death Clock
Rem summons a giant clock that accelerates time in order to make her opponents fall asleep faster. Used Against:
Bakusui Shinken - Death Dark Field.png
Secret Technique Death Dark Field
(デス・ダークフィールド, Desu Dāku Fīrudo)
Super Fist of Darkness Chapter 146
Episode 62
Rem darkens the area around the opponent in order to make them drowsy. Used Against:
Bakusui Shinken - Dragon Sleep 1.png
Bakusui Shinken - Dragon Sleep 2.png
Secret Technique Dragon Sleep
(ドラゴンスリープ, Doragon Surīpu)
Dragon Sleep Powder Chapter 146
Episode 62
Rem accumulates sleeping powder into a big mass with a demonic face and fires it at the opponent. Used Against:


  • Episode Appearances: 61-64, 70, 72, 75-76
  • Manga Appearances: 145-147, 162, 176, 196, Shinsetsu 39, 46 (Hanpen's flashback)


  • Rem's name is an acronym for the sleeping condition "Rapid Eye Movement".
  • In her super form, Rem's hair becomes completely purple, and spikes up. This could be a parody of the Super Saiyan transformation from Dragon Ball.
  • Despite her name being used in Volume 4 of the English Viz manga, Rem was renamed Lem in Volume 5 of the English Viz manga with no explanation.
  • In Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Great Explosive Hajike Battle, Rem appears at the Set 22 Completion Card. In the game, she wears a black bikini and red short leggings.


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