Shinken (真拳): This term is basically True Fist (but translated as "Super Fist" in the English dub of the anime), this is a reference to Fist of the North Star, where the main character Kenshiro uses "Hokuto Shinken" (北斗神拳; Divine Fist of the North Star). Hence, the "Shinken" (真拳) in Bo-bobo is a Japanese pun on "Shinken" (神拳) in Fist. Besides Bo-bobo with his Hanage Shinken (鼻毛真拳; True Fist of the Nose Hair) technique, many other characters also have some type of "Shinken" technique, each one using various attacks based upon the thing they have mastered. The Shinken mastery can vary towards a wide range of things, from body parts (Bo-bobo and his siblings use Shinken connected with hair on a certain part of their body, a villain who's Shinken is the mastery of the soles of his feet) or an attribute connected to them (Tennosuke using a "wobbling" Shinken, Heppokomaru using an ability based on farting) to mastery of an object (including keys, rice, bubbles, polygon constructs, etc), a specific Martial Arts style (including the styles of "Babylon" and "Black Sun") and even general concepts (including fists for murder and killing, "art", "sleeping", "stopping" and even acting like a Moé girl!).


Ōgi (奥義): One of the Japanese words for "Secret", it is used in conjunction with many of the special attacks, particularly in conjunction with the "Shinken" attacks, as a special fighting technique of the practiced art. In the Bo-bobo dub, these secret techniques are emphasized instead by the prefix word "Super" prior to the attacking style and the subsequent attack (e.g.: "Super Fist of Nose Hair", or "Super Snot Fo-You").

Types of Ougi

  • Reverse (Ura):
  • Ultimate (究極, Kyūkyoku):
  • Cooperation (協力, Kyōryoku):
  • Three Great Essentials (三大極意, Sandai Gokui):

Types of Shinken


(闇拳): Translating into Dark Fist (dub term: Shadow Fist), this is similar to Shinken, but used by warriors from the Reverse Maruhage Empire (dub: Shadow Chrome Dome Empire). Like Shinken, these techniques are a mastery of the object or concept of their choosing. But while Shinken are merely techniques, a Yamiken master can fuse with the element through a process that transforms them into a more powerful being!

List of Shinken

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List of Shinken specialists

Hair-style Shinken specialists

Fusion Shinken specialists

Dark Shinken specialists

Lesser-Known Shinken specialists