"I am Softon, and I think you'll find I'm all you can handle. Now, shall we begin the dance of doom?"
Queen Chicken Level and the Video Store of Dumb

Softon (ソフトン, Sofuton) is a character from the manga and anime series Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.
(ソフトン, Sofuton)
Debut (Manga): Chapter 13
Debut (Anime): Episode 7
Appears in: Anime and Manga
Seiyū (Japanese): Hikaru Midorikawa
Voice actor:

Joe Ochman (English)
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Emilio García (Spanish) [1]

Nickname(s): Mr. Softon (by Beauty)
Aliases: None
Species: Human
Affiliation The Rebels
C-Block (Former)
Ice Cream Shop
Classification: Rebel
Guardian of Jet Black Room (Former)
Field Poop (Manga)
Ice Cream Shop Manager (Anime)
Birthdate: August 26 [2]
Age: Part I: 25 [3]

Part II: 26

Height: 185cm[4] (6'0)
Weight: 69kg[5] (153 lbs)
Gender: Male
Blood type: A[6]
Eye Color: White (Mask)
Blue (Without Mask)
Hair Color: Pink
Fist Skill: Babylon Shinken

Beauty (Younger Sister)



Softon in the anime

Softon wears a yellow and black jacket with an ice cream logo on the back, blue jeans, and brown shoes. His head resembles soft serve ice cream (hence his name). There are two different versions of the head however, the manga version (Brown poop-like head), and the anime version (Pink strawberry ice-cream head). He does have a human head underneath the mask; He has long pink hair and has a rather serious face.


In terms of personality, Softon remains cool and serious at most times, and is one of the few consistently sane beings in a series filled with reality-warping weirdos. Occasionally though, he is known to join in on certain hajikelist gags.


Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo


Torpedo Girl



Running Gag

Not coincidentally, the shape of his head also resembles the typical manga depiction of poop. In many episodes, Softon's "poop" jokes are directly copied from the manga, but put in the context of ice cream (although in one episode, Bo-bobo is shown dressed like Beauty, bent down as if to poop. Softon's head is in the right position to make it look like Bo-bobo pooped pink poop on a bush). In promotional color artwork for the manga, his head is colored brown, whereas in the anime, it is colored pink (which is not a U.S. TV edit). It is later revealed that this isn't his real face but a mask used to control his powers, similar to Heppokomaru's collar.


Early Story

Young Softon & Beauty

A locket with a picture of a younger Softon and Beauty

Softon was once apart of the Babylon Kingdom (though it is unknown if Beauty lived there with him). He was forced to escape during the "Babylon Slaughter" caused by Byakkyō 15 years ago. He became one of two survivors, the other being Icen.

At a later pint in his life, Softon became the guardian of the "Jet Black Room" of C-Block's "Aitsuhage Tower" (some fans think he was the vice commander). Although he willingly hands over the cure for Gechappi's "Hairloss Beam" to Beauty, Softon still tries to defeat Bo-bobo, but loses to him after a trip to "Bo-bobo World".

Since Bo-bobo had destroyed C-Block, Softon returned to his other job as the mascot of an ice cream shop. He allies with Bo-bobo's team after finding out that Beauty has been kidnapped, but doesn't get to do much other than send Bo-bobo to "Babylon World" (World of Blabs-a-lot Amusement Park in the anime dub) for some fast training. He later gets left behind after Bo-bobo defeats Gunkan. He reappears later in Z-Block... in the ladies restroom! After getting beaten by a plunger by female employee Hibi, but he is saved by Serviceman, who flashes her unconsciousness.

Life as a Rebel

Softon officially joins the rebels during the battle with Halekulani, where he helps them to defeat the Three Prison-Murderer Brothers. During the Cyber City arc, he helps Bo-bobo to defeat Carman. He later fights another Electric Brain Warrior named J to try and allow Bo-bobo to rest, but is defeated easily despite his best effort. After J's defeat he stays behind to stabilize the city, while Bo-bobo defeats Giga. After Giga's rule is overthrown, Softon is set free from his duty's after Bo-bobo replaces him with a being more powerful than himself; a pickled plum.

Black Sun Babylon

Black Sun Babylon

During the Former Maruhage Empire arc, Softon does not get to do much, as Torpedo Girl drags him onto some of the rides of the theme park base. Later, against Lambada, Softon reveals he was given the power of the "Black Sun" by J and combines it with Goddess Blabs-A-Lot, to create the Black Sun Goddess. He cannot maintain it for long however, and the form wears off.

Softon (true face)

Softon's true face

During the Hair Kingdom arc, Softon feels his powers slipping away from him, but cannot determine why until later; the reason comes in the form of Babylon assassin, Icen, whose Babylon power is even greater than Softon's! It is here that Softon is finally revealed as Beauty's older brother, explaining the connection he consistently has to her. With his powers hardly working, and the rule that there can only be one Babylon warrior currently existing, there is nothing Softon can do to help the rebels. Icen then throws him into a giant toilet, where (thanks to antics on the battlefield) he is surrounded by "fortune cats" while an oddly drawn horse chews on his head (yet he strangely remains calm)! After Icen is defeated by Bo-bobo, Softon regains his powers and his mask. After the downfall of Bi-bibi, Softon parties with Bo-bobo, but then leaves to undergo training.

Return of the Poop

During Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, Softon doesn't make an appearance until chapter 48, where he fights Usui of the Black Gambling Corp., one of the IXEX assassins who work under Tsuru Tsurulina III. He transports Usui to Babylon World, a world filled with ice cream that looks like fecal matter, and beats him up with a toilet plunger. He finishes this attack with a trial from a Babylonian god, but this isn't enough to beat him. Before Usui can land a sword attack on Softon, Bo-bobo's group interferes in the fight, turning it into a three-on three match between Bo-bobo, Don Patch, Softon versus Usui, Dragon Knight Alistoar, and Shirota Masakage (a guest villain from a series made by one of Sawai's assistants). After the group uses a Jump Ultimate Stars-themed attack, Usui grows into a giant, forcing Bo-bobo to fuse with Don Patch to become PatchBobo and eventually Papapa-pa Pa-papatch.

After this point, Softon stays in the background for most of the series, traveling with the main characters but not contributing much in battle. However, Softon single-handedly helps to defeat one of Shiruen Kamara's mutated henchmen. In the final battle against Tsuru Tsurulina III, he does contribute to a combo attack on the emperor and his protege with a toilet-themed technique, and he defends Bo-bobo from the crazed emperor's final attack.

Video Games

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo: Nosehair Technique - Explosive Hanage Shinken

Boss Stats:

Image Hajike Tsukkomi Boke Dash Mame Earned Location
GBA1 Softon 175 115 430 450 184, 500 C-Block 4th Floor

Ally Base Stats:

Image Hajike Tsukkomi Boke Dash Technique Rank
150 150 135 110 45 二級

Softon first appears as a mini-boss in C-Block, and later appears at Narikatagi Mountain where you recruit him as an ally before heading toward the Pomade Ring.

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Seriously!!? Shinken Battle

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Gag Fusion of the Nine Ultimate Warriors

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Explosive Battle Hajike Wars

Let's Train in the Tropics (南国で修行をしてこよう):

  • Vs. Don Patch:
  • Vs. Bo-bobo:
  • Vs. Heppokomaru:
  • Vs. Tokoro Tennosuke:
  • Vs. Dengakuman:
  • Vs. Serviceman:
  • Vs. Torpedo Girl:
  • Vs. Hatenko:
  • Vs. Gunkan:
  • Vs. OVER:
  • Vs. Denbo:
  • Vs. Halekulani:
  • Epilogue:

Battle Data:

Section Name Power Level
Small Skill: Genoa Men's Book
Big Skill: Black Forest's Seven Days
Hajike Skill: Thunder of Luxembourg C
Stream of Morocco C
Jamaica's Passion D
Secret Technique: Judgment of Babylon A
Black Sun Babylon A
MIX: Golden Phoenix D+C
Babyden God C
Hidden Combo: B B B A C
Speed: Walk: A
Dash: A
Jump: A
Throw Rate: Easiness: B
Difficulty: C

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Escape! Hajike Royale

Abilities & Powers


Softon uses "Babiron (Babylon) Shinken" (バビロン真拳; "Fist of Goddess Babylon"), where he fights by channeling the power of "The Goddess Babylon". In the American version, it was called "Fist of Blabs-A-Lot". Through this power, Softon can create energy-based structures, such as force-fields or a floating platform. His abilities also include the lightning fast movements of his hands (a possible parody of "Fist of the North Star"), which can easily slice through metallic objects and his opponents flesh!

It is implied that the "Babylon" that Softon is empowered by in Shinsetsu is actually just poop. Softon refers to poop as "Babylon" and that each separate poop is a unit of Babylon power.


Image Technique Type Name
US Name
Stream of Morocco
(モロッコの流れ, Morokko no Nagare)
Chapter 15
Episode 8
Softon dodges the opponents' attack by gracefully moving around. Used Against:
Babylon Sharp Fist of Blabs-A-Lot Chapter 15
Episode 8
Softon strikes the opponent with his index and baby fingers on both hands, which makes them confess their darkest secrets. In addition, this attack allows Softon to summon the Babylon God, whose judgement weakens the opponent. Used Against:
Lost Red Treasure
(失われし赤い秘宝, Ushinawareshi Akai Hihou)
The Vanilla Blaster Chapter 15
Episode 8
Softon charges at the opponent, while encased in green aura. Used Against:
Sorrow of Sweden
(スウェーデンの悲しみ, Suēden no Kanashimi)
The Hard Pack of Soft Swirl Chapter 38
Episode 18
Softon uses lots of high speed moves combined with DBZ type teleportation to beat up a large group of opponents. Used Against:
Gunkan's soldiers
Gate of Babylon
(バビロンの門, Babiron no Mon)
Bring Forth The Gate of Blabs-A-Lot Chapter 44
Episode 20
Softon summons a mans lavatory from the sky which contains a portal to the World of Babylon. Used Against:
Sunlight Through the Trees in Saint Lucia
(木漏れ日のサンタルチア Komurebi no Santa Ruchia)
Sunlight of Saint Lucia Through The Trees Chapter 98
Episode 38
Softon uses swift movement to slash the opponent. Used Against:
Jamaica's Passion
(ジャマイカの情熱, Jamaica no Jounetsu)
Chapter 99
Episode 39
Softon attacks the opponent with a barrage of fast punches. Used Against:
Judgment of Babylon
(バビロンの裁き, Babiron no Sabaki)
Judgement Time of Blabs-A-Lot Episode 39
Blabs-A-Lot judges the opponent and if the opponent is guilty, they get attacked. Used Against:
Muu's Inheritance
(ムーの遺産, Mu no Izan)
Magic Carpet Episode 39
Softon summons a flying carpet. Used Against:
Thunder of Luxembourg
(ルクセンブルクの雷鳴, Rukusenburuku no Raitei)
Rolling Thunder of Luxembourg Episode 52
Softon slashes the opponent's chest with a single strike from his hand. Used Against:
Ethiopian Sun Calendar
(エチオピアの太陽暦, Echiopia no Taiyou Reki)
Tear Him Asunder, Calendar's Thunder Episode 63
Softon nosedives on top of the opponent. Used Against:
True Judgment of Babylon
(真バビロンの裁き, Shin Babiron no Sabaki)
Super Fist of The Black Sun - Idol Episode 63
Softon summons a giant blabs-a-lot idol to hit the opponent (only in black sun goddess form). Used Against:
Used Against:
Used Against:
Used Against:
Used Against:
Used Against:
Used Against:
Used Against:
Used Against:
Used Against:
Used Against:
Used Against:
  • Red Demon Mirror of Kowloon (九龍の朱い魔鏡, Kyūryū no Shui Ma Kagami): Softon creates an aura to defend himself. Chapter 185.
  • BABYLON Shangri-La (BABIRON桃源郷, Babiron Tōgenkyō): Shinsetsu Chapter 48. Hidden Technique.
  • Golden Softon (ゴールデン・ソフトン): Shinsetsu Chapter 48. Ultimate Technique.
  • Sweden's Peerless Fight (スウェーデンの比類なき戦い): Shinsetsu Chapter 48. Super Technique.
  • Judgment of Babylon That Becomes Blank (虚ろなるバビロン裁き, Utsuronaru Babiron Sabaki): Shinsetsu Chapter 48. Super Technique.
  • A Present From Ethiopia (エチオピアからの贈り物, Echiopia Kara no Okurimono): Shinsetsu Chapter 49. Super Technique.
  • Jamaica's Passionate Continent (ジャマイカの情熱大陸, Jamaika no Jōnetsu Tairiku): Shinsetsu Chapter 57. Super Technique.
  • Flow of BABYLON (BABIRON流し, Babiron Nagare): Shinsetsu Chapter 58. Hidden Technique.
  • Judgement of Affection (慈愛の裁き, Jiai no Sabaki): Shinsetsu Chapter 58. Super Technique.
  • Babylon Doodlebug (バビロン蟻地獄, Babiron Arijigoku): Shinsetsu Chapter 70. Super Technique.

Allied Attacks

Image Technique Type Name
US Name
Used Against:
Used Against:
Used Against:
Used Against:
Used Against:
  • Double Super Fist of Babylon and Stink Wind: Stink-Babylon-Wind/Combined Fist Attack: Gas-A-Lot: Heppokomaru has Softon grab onto a tangible stream of gas (January) and catapults him into the opponent, where he strikes through them with a hand pose.
  • BabyLOCK (バビLOCK):

Video Game Attacks

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo: Nosehair Technique - Explosive Hanage Shinken

No. Level Technique Name Status
裁かせてもらうぞ Power: 125
Type: Single Attack
Babylon Shinken Technique:
Stream of Morocco
Power: 150
Type: Single Attack
Babylon Shinken Technique:
Blooming White Flowers in Switzerland
Power: 200
Effect: Can cause poison
Type: Single Attack
Babylon Shinken Technique:
Sorrow of Sweden
Power: 150
Type: Entire Attack
005 五級 Babylon Shinken Technique:
Gentle Wind of Norway
Power: 230
Type: Single Attack
006 二級 Babylon Shinken Technique:
Secret Legend of Spain
Power: 175
Type: Entire Attack
007 二段 Babylon Shinken Technique:
Sentiments to the Czech Republic
Power: 280
Type: Single Attack
008 四段 Babylon Shinken Technique:
Nostalgic Blue Spring
Power: 350
Effect: Can cause nervousness
Type: Single Attack
009 六段 Babylon Shinken Technique:
Lost Red Mystery
Power: 230
Type: Entire Attack
010 九段 Babylon Shinken Secret Technique:
Wandering Around Between Light and Shadow
Power: 300
Type: Entire Attack

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Seriously!!? Shinken Battle

Babylon Roulette (バビロンルーレット, Babiron Rūretto):

Card LV Technique Name Effect Combo List
1 (裁かせてもらうぞ) Single enemy attack 「↑ ↓ → A →」「← B L ↓」
Babylon Shinken Technique:
Stream of Morocco
Single enemy attack 「↑ ↓ A L R」「↓ → B R」
Babylon Shinken Technique:
Blooming White Flowers in Switzerland
Single enemy attack 「← → → ↓ ↑」「A B R L」
Babylon Shinken Technique:
Sorrow of Sweden
Single enemy attack 「A B B ↑ ↑」「L ↓ → A」
Babylon Shinken Technique:
Gentle Wind of Norway
Single enemy attack 「R L ← L ←」「↑ ↓ → A」
2 Babylon Shinken Technique:
Secret Legend of Spain
Single enemy attack 「R L ↑ ← →」「A ↑ ↓ →」「B R L ↑」
Babylon Shinken Technique:
Sentiments to the Czech Republic
Single enemy attack 「R L L B ←」「→ ↑ ← →」「A ← ↑ L」
Babylon Shinken Technique:
Nostalgic Blue Spring
Entire enemy attack 「↑ ↓ ↓ L R」「A B R L」「→ L R →」
Babylon Shinken Technique:
Lost Red Treasure
Single enemy attack 「→ ← R ← L」「↑ A ↓ B」「← ↓ → ↑」
Babylon Shinken Secret Technique:
Wandering Around Between Light and Shadow
Single enemy attack 「B A ← ↓ ↑」「A R L ↑」「↓ → B A」
3 Babylon Shinken Technique:
Sunlight Through the Trees in Saint Lucia
Single enemy attack 「B A A L ↓」「→ → ↑ ↓」「← ↑ B R」「↓ → R A」
(切なき思い) Single enemy attack 「← → B ↑ L」「→ B R ←」「↓ ↓ B L」「↑ ← A B」
Soul's Feast (魂の宴) Entire enemy attack 「→ ← A ↑ ↓」「↑ B A B」「B → A L」「→ ← BL」
Muu's Inheritence (ムーの遺産) Increases defense 「↓ ↑ ↑ ↓ ↑」「← B R ←」「← A B L」「← → ↑ B」
Pooop!!! (ウーンコ!!!) Increases attack 「→ ← ← AL」「→ BL ↑」「A ← → L」「AL ↑ L」
Miss HP 5% recovery

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Gag Fusion of the Nine Ultimate Warriors

Regular Attacks:

Technique Name Target Effect Action
Let's go!!
Single enemy Weak attack Strike
It's my turn...
Single enemy Weak attack Kick
Babylon Shinken
"Sorrow of Sweden"
Single enemy Weak attack Continuous punches
Spiritual Unity
Self HP recovery HP recovery in toilet bowl
Babylon God's Blessing
Self Defense UP Self-defense UP

Hajike Techniques:

Technique Name Level Attack Power Effect Range Description
Jamaica's Passion 1 Medium Single enemy Attack by hitting the A button.
Nazca 25 Weak to Strong All enemies Enter button commands as instructed onscreen. Ends prematurely after three mistakes.
Muu's Inheritance Obtain Card
0 to 3 allies Learn from a card. Stopping the cursor makes allies invincible for a short time.

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Explosive Battle Hajike Wars

Image Technique Name Default Input Description
A + B
(A A A)
→ + A + B
(B A A)
↓ + A + B
(B B A)
↓ ↘ → A
↓ ↘ → B
  • Black Sun Babylon (黒太陽バビロン):
  • Babitagami (バビ田神):
  • Golden Phoenix (ゴールデン フェニックソ):

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Escape! Hajike Royale

Forms & Transformations

Black Sun Goddess

Black Sun Softon

Black markings appear on Softon's arms and all over Goddess Babylon. In this form, Babylon's power increases, and he attacks his opponent with a flurry of punches. However, having little mastery over this form, his energies wear down too quickly, and he reverts back to his normal form.

Golden Softon


(ゴールデン・ソフトン, Goruden Softon): In his battle with Usui, Softon gains a new Babylon form[7]. His mask is now shiny, he has a toilet seat around his neck, two slippers protecting his thighs, dragon imprints now resides on his arms, and he is wielding a plunger! Babylon also gains MANY new arms when attacking.



  • Softon's hobby is doing yoga.[8]
  • Softon's special skill is making ice cream.[9]
  • Softon's least favorite things are video store stamps[10], as well as those without will or faith.[11]
  • Softon's anxiety is bad breath.[12]
  • Softon's foot size is 27.5cm (とぐろ含まず).[13]
  • アルバイト:山道で野グソ[14]
  • 心のつぶやき:ビュティを倣ておけない...[15]
  • In the English dub, the goddess is called "Blabs-A-Lot", a not-too-obvious pun: "Blabs-A-Lot = Babble on = Babylon."
  • Softon is one of the few main characters who did not make the top 10 in the last popularity contest. This is probably due to how little he appeared in Shinsetsu. He came in 14th place.
  • After Icen is defeated, he gets a fourth layer on his mask, and it remains that way throughout the rest of the series. His mask returns to it's original three-layer design in Shinsetsu.
  • Torpedo Girl falls in love with Softon the minute she sees him and his head. Her devotion is even to the point she can controlled or manipulated by simple images of Softon (Bo-bobo once avoided her wrath by putting a Softon cutout in front of his own face). It is said she married him, but it is unknown whether this was just a joke or actually serious. Ironically, when Softon's real face is revealed, Torpedo Girl is heartbroken and leaves in tears.
  • There seems to be a minor gag that every time the rebels encounter him prior to the Halekulani arc that he is holding a job such as working at C-Block's Aitsuhage tower (some say he was vice commander) imitating field poop (working at a ice cream stand in the anime) when Bo-bobo recruited him for the fight against Gunkan and when they met him again in Halekulani's park he mentioned having a job there. This pretty much implies the reason why he fought for the hair hunt troop in the first place was so he can have a job.
  • Most of the names of Softon's attacks are based off of real world locations.


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