TUYOSHI (ツヨシ; Often called TUYOSI in the manga) is a character of the anime and manga Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. He is called "Nappy Pappy" in the English anime dub.




TUYOSHI is the father of Bo-bobo and his four siblings. He is a living black wad of hair, with one large strand of hair sticking up on top of his head, and a human face (all original Hair Kingdom citizens look exactly like him).



TUYOSHI was only seen in a flashback during the first episode and again during the climax of the Hair Kingdom arc. There are two very different scenarios of what kind of a role he played during the Hair Kingdom's last day, 20 years ago:

Manga Version

In the first chapter of the manga, he and Bo-bobo had already launched the escape capsules of the other survivors of the Hair Kingdom during the invasion of the Maruhage Empire. It was Bo-bobo's turn to escape, but TUYOSHI couldn't press the buttons. Only Bo-bobo could do it, but they needed someone in the escape pod, in which they put in a random Hair Hunter who got inside the building, and had to been forced to play the part of Bo-bobo, Bo-bobo as TUYOSHI, and TUYOSHI as the Hair Hunter! Bo-bobo called this his "miraculous escape".

Anime Version

In this scenario, it seems as if TUYOSHI was unaware of the empire's attack on the kingdom. While at home with an 8 year old Bo-bobo, Hair Hunters barged into their house looking for something to shave. In order to save himself, TUYOSHI gave his son to Hair Hunters and made it sound like they just took him without hesitating (stupidly, Bo-bobo said that his father had a big heart and was always looking out for him)! However, he waits for the return of his son and the end of the Maruhage Empire.... for taking Bo-bobo.

The Hair Kingdom

Only momments after the manga scenario, TUYOSHI and Bo-bobo were attacked and almost killed by more Hair Hunters, only to be saved by none other than Don Patch! Their relief turns to horror only seconds afterwards, as another of TUYOSHI's sons, Bi-bibi, reveals that he was behind the whole Hair Kingdom attack!

20 years later, after Bo-bobo rises up and defeats the Maruhage Empire, he and his rebels immeadiatly marches back to the old kingdom to settle the score. TUYOSHI appears alive and well during the final battle to lend a hand to his youngest son. TUYOSHI gets very little respect though; Bo-bobo continually uses his father as a battering weapon, and at one point rips off the hair strand on TUYOSHI's head (the strand is revealed to be a secret sword)! After the climactic battle is over, TUYOSHI disappears, and it is unknown where he went off to (it is presumed that he remains in the liberated Hair Kingdom).


  • Episode appearances: 1, 54
  • Manga appearances: 1, 222-225


  • His birthday is December 20th, and his blood type is O.
  • He can be seen in the video game "Jump Ultimate Stars" as one of Bo-bobo's attacks.
  • The other scenario in the anime was originally a rejected idea for early Bo-bobo chapters. However, in this version, the Hair Hunters outright killed TUYOSHI! In his grief Bo-bobo ran over to his dying father,... and threw his body out a window!

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