The Three Prison-Murderer Brothers (獄殺3兄弟, Gokusatsu San-Kyōdai), also known as the Terrible Triplets in the English dub, the Super Hell Bros. in the English manga, are a group of characters from the manga and anime series, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo.

Three Prison-Murderer Brothers
Three Prison-Murderer Brothers.png
(獄殺3兄弟, Gokusatsu San-Kyōdai)
Debut (Manga): Chapter
Debut (Anime): Episode 38
Appears in: Anime and Manga
Seiyū (Japanese): Hisayoshi Suganuma (Beep)
Yasuyuki Kase (Megafan)
Yasuhiro Takato (Haou)
Voice Actors:

Anthony Pulcini (Beep)
Yuri Lowenthal (Megafan)
Michael Sorich (Haou)
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Nickname(s): The Wiggin Trio (by the Narrator)(Episode 71, English dub)
Affiliation Maruhage Empire
Hallelujah Land
Hell Killers
Classification: Hell Killers
Birthdates: October 31 (Beep)
January 11 (Megafan)
March 10 (Haoh)[1]
Blood Types: O (Beep)
A (Megafan)
AB (Haoh)[2]
Fist Skill: Kyodai Ougi


The last of the Hell Killers are three brothers who work together as one unit. All of them use "Fist of Brothers" (兄弟奥義: Kyodai Ōgi) to fight and Together, the brothers are the guardian of the "Climb High Tower" attraction of Hallelujah Land, and are able to fight their opponents either split apart or as a brotherly team. But none of them expect the teamwork (or lack of) that Bo-bobo and his allies bring when they face them down.




Beep (ビープ): The youngest brother, who is a muscular man wearing black pants and a white tank-top. Beep fights with huge cat gloves on his hands and wears a huge helmet on his head that protects his bishonenous looks (these looks can act as a distraction towards his enemies). He really hates poop, so defeating Softon is one of his number one priorities (In the English dub of the anime, he is lactose-intolerant, since Softon's head looks like ice cream).



(メガファン, Megafan): The middle brother. Megafan can manipulate chewing gum that will have dangerous effects towards anyone that gets hit by it (including one that kills his opponent with its smell 30 minutes after being hit by it). He also can attack with a pair of scimitars. Out of all the brothers he is the tallest, and looks the most like a human (Beep always hides behind his mask, and there's no telling what Haou is). His clothing has a pirate-look and he carries around two swords, but hardly ever uses them.


Haoh.PNGHaoh (true form).PNG

(覇王, Haō): The eldest brother, who is a small, green demon-like creature. Haou has frizzy black hair, and two small horns sticking out of his head. He doesn't say as much as his younger brothers and merely attacks with his fists. But his true abilities are unleashed whenever his two younger brothers transfer their power to him, allowing him to use the strength of all three at once.


Hallelujah Land

The Three-Prison Murderer Brothers first appear without warning to ambush Bo-bobo and the others. They mangage to capture Suzu and Beauty (and brutilize Tokoro Tennosuke and Dengakuman). They are rather cocky at first, but when Softon shows up, they realize that they must resort to dirtier tactics. Megafan drags the girls to the top of their tower and traps them in his "Hell Gum". The gum lets off a revolting stench, and if Bo-bobo can't save them within 30 minutes, then the girls will die! But saving them is no easy task, as the rebels won't just be climbing the booby-trapped tower, they'll be fighting the brothers as well.

While climbing the tower, the rebels fight off the attacking brothers, (with techniques that are heavily influenced by Softon), until Don Patch arrives to help. The fight then turns in the rebels favor, as they begin to assault the brothers with their hajike skills, forcing the brothers to give all their energy to Haou, making him extremely powerful. Despite this, the rebels are still not impressed. Bo-bobo decides to finish them with his "Bo-bobo Roulette", an attack so random, that not even Bo-bobo knows what will happen to them! The brothers face an onslaught of meteors, ninjas, gender-changing, and one final attack from Bo-bobo's Hanage Shinken. Even their attempt to at least finish of Beauty and Suzu fails as well, as Softon secretly rescued them during the roulette attack.

The Playoffs and the Reverse Maruhage Empire

The brothers later become participants in the fifth Maruhage New Emperor Playoffs, where only Haou manages to make it to the finals. He is later used as a sacrifice for the Reverse Maruhage Empire and his body takes a poorly drawn form. Haou returns to normal after the empire is defeated.

Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo

At the end of Shinsetsu Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo, all three brothers are seen next to Halekulani, while attending Tennosuke's Maruhage Reunion.

Video Games

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Seriously!!? Shinken Battle

Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo Gag Fusion of the Nine Ultimate Warriors

Abilities & Powers


Image Technique Type Name
US Name
Three-Prison Murderer Bros. - Hell's Gum.png
Hell's Gum Take Your Breath Away, Bad Breath Bubble Chapter 99
Episode 39
Megafan eats a stick of rancid-flavored gum, then blows a bubble on the opponent. Whoever the gum sticks to will die from the smell after 30 minutes. Used Against:
Three-Prison Murderer Bros. - Poison Bubble Flower.png
Brother Technique Poison Bubble Flower
Big Brother Barrage of Bad Breath Bubbles That Hurt Chapter 100
Episode 39
Beep grabs Megafan's feet and spins him while Megafan blows poison bubbles at the opponent. Used Against:
Three-Prison Murderer Bros. - Recover Stamina by Brotherly Love.png
Brother Technique Recover Stamina by Brotherly Love
Our Beautiful Plead Will Whoop Their Butts For Me Chapter 100
Episode 39
Brotherly Love Energy Recovery
Beep and Megafan restore their energy by kissing. In the anime, they gaze at each other, until they are tickled by Bo-bobo and Don Patch. Used On:
Three-Prison Murderer Bros. - Back Strike.png
Got Your Back Attack Chapter 100
Episode 39
Back Strike
(背承, Haishō)
Haoh strikes the opponent in the back with his fist. Used Against:
Three-Prison Murderer Bros. - Big Brother Cannon.png
Brother Technique Big Brother Cannon
Honorable Brother Cannon
(English Manga)
Chapter 100
Episode 39
Haou jumps onto Beep's shoulders, while Megafan pounds Haou's head to launch fireballs at the opponent. Used Against:
Don Patch
Three-Prison Murderer Bros. - Beautiful Appeal.png
Brother Technique Beautiful Appeal
Chapter 100
Episode 39
Doe-Eyed Teen
To surprise the opponent, Megafan reveals that Beep's face beneath his helmet is very angelic, under the assumption that no one would be able to harm him. Used Against:
Three-Prison Murderer Bros. - Rely On Machine Guns.png
Brother Technique Rely On Machine Guns
Fist of Brothers That Are Gonna Win One Chapter 100
Episode 39
Just Use Machine Guns
The Three Prison-Murderer Brothers fire machine guns at the opponent. In the anime, they shoot the opponent with lasers. Used Against:
Don Patch
Three-Prison Murderer Bros. - Power Union From Younger Brothers.png
Final Brother Technique Power Union From Younger Brothers
Band of Brothers Personality Change: Super Bad Bro Mind Meld Chapter 100
Episode 39
Conjoined Brotherly Energy
Beep and Megafan combine their energy to transform Haou into a stronger form. Used On:




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