Yep, I actually went and did it! After a long battle with figuring out how buying things from overseas places like Japan works, and then of course ordering it and waiting a week, it has arrived! I haven't had enough time to really begin mining the information out of it just yet since it is all in Japanese, but I'll start adding the info I find as soon as I can. The book also has an interview of Yoshio Sawai that looks pretty interesting, as well as Sawai's debut manga, Little Devil Koron. I'm wondering if I should try to scan that and translate it or something, since I haven't seen it anywhere else before... Anyways, that's about it.

Oh, and also I've started ripping some of the sprites for Bo-bobo Ougi 87.5; namely the battle ones. I haven't gotten very far since I'm doing it all manually via VBA, but I'll start adding those soon.