Wandering Tofu (さすらいの豆腐, Sasurai no Tofū)is a character from the manga series, Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. He is the 3rd District General of the New Hair Kingdom's First Hair Lion's Resolve 16.


Wandering Tofu

Wandering Tofu

Wandering Tofu is a powerful martial arts warrior with a featureless head of soy. He is the leader of Hair Kingdom 3rd District, a teammate of Shigeki X and Goisu. He also plays the part of Tokoro Tennosuke's destined rival.




Wandering Tofu and other tofu once tried to petition the tennis association to make tofu the official ball used in tennis, believing that the "king of soybeans" was appropriate for a white ball. However, they were rejected, due to tofu crumbling easily, not being able to bounce, and going bad when left in the sun. Undeterred from this, Wandering Tofu tried to appeal to the tennis association again, telling them that the tofu balls can be eaten during matches as a selling point, only to be rejected again. Wandering Tofu eventually took his campaign Wimbeldon. However, he only received two signatures, ending the campaign in failure. From this, Wandering Tofu grew to hate and oppose humans.[1]

The Hair Kingdom

Wandering Tofu first comes into contact with one of the rebels after Tennosuke is through with some of his followers. Although he already has an immense hatred of tokoroten as well, he ends up releasing his full wrath after Tennosuke destroys an army of tofu cubes in his "Tofu Dojo" in the West area of the Hair Kingdom. In the first match-up, he obtains victory with the skills of "Purupuru Shinken" (Fist of the Wobble-Wobble), the same Shinken style as Tennosuke, and then sending him back to Bo-bobo with a hostage note tied to a tofu cube.

When Tennosuke rejoins the team, he is forced to face Wandering Tofu again in the "MechaShigekiTower Survival", where he and his teammates joined together in fighting against the hair warrior and his allies. In the pinball arena, Wandering Tofu helps his teammates by creating a cubic spider made from tofu, only to have it dispatched by Bo-bobo.

Wandering Tofu controls the second level: "Cube Tofu Cube Puzzle", where he used his "Purupuru Shinken" skills to control the tofu and attack everyone inside preventing them from solving it. He also tries to attack the rebels by turning himself into a gigantic, scalding-hot slab of tofu. During this attack, he reveals the source of his main anger; his failure to convince humans to use tofu as tennis balls. Bo-bobo finally stops the attack by slamming Tennosuke into the giant tofu, and then attacking it with a nosehair tornado. In the process, he manages to solve the puzzle, which allows them to go to the next stage.

The next stage is Goisu's three-legged race through an ancient Japanese city. Here, he is partnered up with Goisu, and they try to find the center of the arena. He and his teammates end up being blown up, but they still manage to get to the center before the rebels, only to find that Bububu-bu Bu-bubu has already beaten them to it.

By the time everyone reaches the final level, Wandering Tofu and Tokoro Tennosuke have their final showdown, just after villainous ally Shigeki X had dealt with every other member of the gelatin-man's team. In a blow-by-blow battle of Purupuru Shinken vs. Pururpuru Shinken, Tennosuke finally obtains victory with the power of the grief he spent of his many years unsold. Just when Wandering Tofu finally came to his senses about his enemy, though, Shigeki X kills him for being unneeded for their plans.

Shinsetsu Bo-bobo

Despite being thought dead, Wandering Tofu appeared alive and well near the end of Shinsetsu, without any indications of his death. This time, however, he serves under Bu-bubu, rather than Bi-bibi, who had died shortly after his defeat at Bo-bobo's hands. The tofu man is present at Bi-bibi's grave, the very moment that Bi-bibi is revived.

Abilities & Powers

Just like Tennosuke, Wandering Tofu is a master of "Purupuru shinken" (Fist of the Wobble Wobble). His style is a little different though; while Tennosuke can manipulate his entire body, Wandering Tofu can only manipulate his head (which sometimes makes his human body seemingly disappear). He also demonstrates the ability to control tofu that is not apart of his body.


Image Technique Type Name
US Name
Secret Technique Tofu Corner
Chapter 208
Wandering Tofu delivers a headbutt with his tofu head. Used Against:
Secret Technique Tofu Shuriken
Chapter 213
Wandering Tofu throws tofu at the opponent like shurikens. Used Against:
Secret Technique Ninja Art: Summon Tofu Spider "Ashura"
(秘伝忍法 豆腐グモ〝阿修羅〟召喚)
Chapter 214
Wandering Tofu summons a cubic spider made from tofu. Used Against:
Secret Technique Tofu Press
Chapter 214
Used Against:
Secret Technique Ninja Art: Tofu Snack Jutsu
(忍法 豆腐あやつりの術)
Chapter 215
Wandering Tofu manipulates tofu and uses it to attack the opponent. Used Against:
Secret Technique Super Soybean Typhoon
Chapter 215
Wandering Tofu creates a whirlwind made of tofu. Used Against:
Best Grade Secret Technique Huge Wall: Sesame Tofu
Chapter 215
Used Against:
Cooperative Secret Technique Tofu Bazooka
Chapter 215
Wandering Tofu is fired at the opponent by Goisu's regent. Used Against:
Greatest Secret Technique Super Strongest Cotton Tofu
Chapter 216
Used Against:


  • Manga Appearances:
    • Original Series: 200, 204, 208, 213-220
    • Shinsetsu Bo-bobo: 72


  • Tofu's skull is that of a Tyrannosaurus Rex's.
  • Wandering Tofu can be considered to be Tennosuke's rival and counterpart. They share the same fighting style, and they both cannot stand what the other is made out of.


  1. Chapter 216, Pages 119-121

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